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Experience the wisdom of Stacy Geisinger, the trailblazing influencer known as Stacy Knows, as she imparts invaluable tips on embracing a fulfilling lifestyle.  Tune in to this episode and be enlightened by her insights!

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Stacy Knows: The Original Influencer – Your BFF To Go To For Everything

You are going to love our guest. Known as the original influencer, Stacy Knows was first on the social media scene in Westchester County. Women love to shop, eat, stay healthy, and laugh. They want to find places where they can do all those things. Her blog is like that fun and trusted girlfriend who’s always sharing a deal and cheering you up. You may not get skinny, sane, and smart by reading it but it sure can’t hurt. Stacy Knows is your one BFF to go to for everything.

Stacy Geisinger is the personality and blogger behind Stacy Knows, a lifestyle blogzine about who she knows, what she knows, and where she wants to go. Her blog is the go-to guide for all things hip and trendy in the suburbs of Westchester County. In 2007, Stacy’s passion for sharing what she knew exploded with the launch of her blog. Within months, local community members kept asking Stacy to share news about their businesses with her reader base. Quickly, she expanded and became one of the leading lifestyle blogzines in Westchester County. Stacy Geisinger is a master connector. She resides in Bedford, New York, and summers in East Hampton. Enjoy the show.

Stacy, how are you?

I’m good. How are you?

I’m good. I’m so thrilled to talk to you. We’re going to have so many interesting topics to go over but I want to feel how you are in life because you offer so much wisdom to everybody. You’re a source of information.

I offer a lot of wisdom. I can’t say that anyone listens to me. I’m here for the taking but not everybody listens to me. They’re like, “You know nothing.” There are a few people, and I won’t mention their names. I might. They’re always like, “Stacy knows crap.” I hate to use the word shit. I know what I know. I don’t know everything. There’s Google for that. We have ChatGPT. They know everything.

I wanted to talk about that as well. I know that we discussed that zigzag of life theme. It came to me. I love hearing everyone’s story. Do you relate to the idea that life goes in many different directions, and we get an a-ha moment to follow our passion? I want to see if that is exactly what happened to you or something.

I had that moment. The whole Stacy Knows thing was an a-ha moment but before that, I was on the path of how you go to college. You have a career. I majored in Accounting because, in four years, you’re a professional. My parents felt that this would be a good spot for me to have a job and a reliable income. They didn’t know, and I didn’t know that I would hate it. I was good at math. I thought, “Accounting is great. It’s going to be amazing.”

It’s boring.

It’s the worst. I worked in a CPA firm. I was with this girl. We were sitting there. I must have been 25 or 26 years old. I threw down my pencil and said, “I’ve got to marry well because I’m not doing this for the rest of my life.” The funny thing is that was in the city. Twenty-two years after that, I was at the Saw Mill Club in Mount Kisco, and there the girl was. She said, “Do you remember when you told me you would marry well? What happened?” I said, “I’m doing okay.” Stacy Knows had already started.

You came up with this idea. Blogging was a thing at that point.

When I started my blog years ago and told people I had a blog, everyone said the same thing, “What’s a blog?” There was a girl who would say she was a blogger. I was ahead of the game at the time. Years ago, I was ahead of the trend. I always knew a lot of things. I didn’t want to have a website or a blog. It wasn’t a thing, and then someone said, “You should have a website.”

I was at the Saw Mill Club because, in those days, I worked out every day, not so much anymore. We were in this class. There was an instructor named Herman Walker, a very good-looking human being. It was called Power Groove. It was his version of a kickboxing class. People would go, “You’re doing Herman.” I’m like, “I’m taking this class.” It’s April 15th. Our arms are out, and we’re lunging.

He goes, “Summer is coming. You’re going to want to tone up your arms.” I gave him that look. He looked at me, and I looked at him. For the three-minute song while we’re lunging with our arms out, he goes, “Stacy knows.” He kept going, “Stacy knows,” for three full minutes. After the class, my girlfriend said, “That’s the name of the website.” I came home and saved StacyKnows.com. I had no idea. Remember, it was years ago. How do you get the information from your head onto the screen?

I was with my husband waiting for our table in East Hampton. He started talking to these people. I said, “What do you do?” He said, “I used to work for Google.” I go, “I have this idea for a website.” I told him what it was. He goes, “It’s a good idea.” I’m like, “It is. How do I do it?” He goes, “Go on Blogger. com and watch the video.” We would think now to watch YouTube or a video but years ago, we didn’t think that way. I went home, and the next morning, I turned it on. Within two hours, I was up and running. I’ve been doing it every day ever since.

You do it every day. It’s part of your life.

It’s pretty much every day because even if I’m not writing or publishing, I’m researching. I’m chatting. I’m at the event. I’m meeting another person. I’m connecting. I’m doing all those things that you need to do when you consider yourself a connector.

Many people have that desire. You took action and made this happen.

It’s a happy place. I don’t think of it as work. It makes a little money. It wouldn’t pay a mortgage but you get a lot of good perks.

You think of Zagat or any space where people want to find where to go and what to do. In your life, you have so many different categories. You are open to every category. I read about the AI article, which was so interesting.

It’s interesting because now AI is here. We can all use a little content improvement. I could say, “Write me an article about reiki because I know nothing about reiki. Write me a blog post about reiki, how often you should do it, and what you should feel about it.” They will write the whole article.

It’s interesting but then it’s not considered plagiarism.

However, you should only put it through Copyscape because it only thinks but it learns your way of writing and thinking quickly. What I like to use it for is improving my content. Instead of an editor, I will write something when I write and then say, “Rewrite the article about reiki.”

You send the attachment.

I copy and paste it right in there. They make it sound a little better.

It’s incredible to see where that’s going to go for kids in college at this point. It’s wild.

How do you compete? Will we even need college anymore?

It is wild where it’s going. You have to understand and work with it. Not everybody knows exactly what steps to take because it is new. You are on top.

It will improve. There’s so much to it that I have not even delved into. I’ve used it a handful of times. I’ll use it even for anything like a caption on an Instagram post. I usually write it and then ask them to rewrite it.

I have the chills because I realized the serendipitous thing that happened to you. You needed the information, so you met the guy at Google. That is exactly what I’m talking about. Often, we want to lay out the plan ahead of time and write it all out. We don’t always need to. You ask the question, and then it provides, which is so cool to me.

There was a life coach. I’m not a life coach. None of these things are my thing. I don’t like a life coach but she kept saying she wanted me as a client. She’s like, “Do you have any goals?” I’m like, “I’m not that goal-oriented.” I know a lot of things and people. She goes, “What are you going to do with all that?” I had no idea but there are no coincidences. Things happen for a reason. That is why I am here.

I love that you’re humble about it. A lot of people would be that know-it-all personality. You’re always open to learning more.

I’m far from a know-it-all but sometimes when they go, “I couldn’t figure it out,” I’m like, “Why didn’t you ask me?” I might know the answer. Before everybody was googling everything, I was googling everything. Think about when your mother said, “Look it up,” and you had to go into the encyclopedia. I didn’t do it then. This is all right here. I barely put the phone down. My friends, my calls, my games, and my information are here. Instagram and TikTok are all right here. AI is on here.

The whole concept is so interesting to me because I do think you have amazing insight and foresight into where things tick. You are on the cross of everything new that’s happening.

I’m an early adapter. I can’t code. I’m too old to code but I understand tech. I’m willing to read or watch a video and find the answer because I know that I don’t have the most original thoughts. I haven’t thought of something that hasn’t been thought of before. The answer usually is online somewhere.

I love that you’re bringing this up because I was talking about that with somebody who wrote a journal called The Big Idea, a therapist. We were discussing innovation. I do believe that a lot of times, people feel that they’re copycatting. They don’t want to do something because they feel it’s not innovative but the information is out there. I do believe that a lot of times, people have creative ideas simultaneously. It’s interesting regardless if you are afraid that it’s not original.

I’m a blogger. There are other bloggers. I call them the bloggerati. There are a lot of social media influencers up here in Westchester County. We all get invited to a lot of the same events. It’s interesting. There are 12, 30, or 50 of us all at the same event. We all put out a reel, an Instagram post, or a blog post. None of them are the same. We’re all at the same place but it’s all interpreted differently. Some people see other things that others don’t. It’s whatever they see at the moment that they capture. We all capture different things even though we all are looking at the same thing.

ZZL 3 | Stacy Knows
Stacy Knows: We all capture different things even though we look at the same thing.

It’s so beautifully said. You are a journalist. There are many people writing a story about whatever topic is going on in the world. Often, that is the competitive edge. They got to the event first. They’re going to cover it.

Someone comes to the event and goes, “You always get your reel out first.” I’m like, “I go home, immediately edit the photos, and put them in a reel because I want to be first.” It’s funny. You’re talking about copycatting. I am influenced by what they do. If I wait too long, I always think they may be a little better than me. I want to steal a frame or two. We were brought up in the newspaper scoop. I want to get it out first. They wait for it all to be perfect, and that’s not my thing. I’m okay with not being perfect.

That’s the authenticity. That is exactly what the world needs. We feel relaxed because you’re not trying to put up a different face. You are you. That’s the beauty of it.

Magazines have time to make it perfect, glossy, and shiny. I want to get it out there. When other people say, “I’m not ready to put my website out there,” I’m like, “Do it. You can fix it along the way. It doesn’t have to be perfect. If you wait for it to be perfect, it’s never going out there.”

I love every philosophy you have on everything. That’s why you took off. You exploded with this. Where do you see it going? Are you happy with where it is now? You have a lot of followers.

Would I like my television show? Sure. Would I like to be reporting from everywhere on TV? Sure. Ageism might be in my way. Do I want to be on the cover with Martha on Sports Illustrated? No one will put me on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Let’s talk about aging because a lot of people slow down and get tired. That is part of what makes people get more tired of things. It becomes a little monotonous. I love that women nowadays are starting things at 40. We have a different outlook on everything in terms of working and being out in the world. I do think it’s changed. What’s your feeling on women and seeing how people feel about themselves?

Look at all the new tools we have. We have good tools. We have better packaging. Look at our daughters. Our daughters look so much better than we did because their packaging is better. There are better hair products. There’s fast fashion. The kids are smarter. They don’t buy their clothes and go poor. They rent the season. Their packaging is better. Everything about this generation is a little smarter than we were.

Everything about this generation is a little smarter than we were.

They know what to do. They watch the tutorials. They know how to do their makeup. They know what clothes to wear. They get their ideas. I never go with my kids shopping anymore.

They don’t need you.

They know what’s up. They give me tips constantly.

Hopefully, you’re all the same size.

It’s getting there.

You can buy some expensive things and go, “They will wear it. It’s okay.”

It’s so interesting but that’s the younger generation. What’s your feeling on these girls in their twenties that are starting to get Botox? I feel it’s so silly. What they’re doing is an interesting concept. They’re trying to be perfect at that age. They look great naturally.

It’s sad. We didn’t have that option in our twenties because Botox wasn’t FDA-approved at the time. It might not have even been a thought when I was twenty. I’m a few years older than you. Is it a waste of money? I don’t know.

You’re open.

We could talk about the pros and cons of Botox all day long.

It’s everything in terms of the natural progression. I do think it’s something for us to look at as women. You deliver in a natural or authentic way. You’re not trying to make everything so shiny in your work. That goes for how we are on the outside.

It’s not realistic. I’m not a shiny, flashy, and glossy publication. If someone is paying me, then I work at it harder and try and make it as perfect as possible. When I’m putting it out there and I’m putting myself on the line, I’m not perfect. It does not have to be perfect. Young girls getting Botox seems silly. It seems like a waste of money but if you don’t develop the wrinkles, you will have fewer wrinkles going forward.

It is preventative.

I call it a gateway drug. Botox is the beginning, and then it goes on.

Even hair colors are interesting because so many celebrities now are going gray. I don’t think I’m ever going to get there. I’m okay not going in that direction but they’re so beautiful in embracing themselves. It’s wonderful but everyone picks and chooses how they want to sustain this idea of youth at all times, for example.

Use moisturizer. All the cosmetics are pretty much the same. You like the packaging and the smell but they’re all the same. The same eyeshadow you’re buying at CVS is not that much different than Charlotte Tilbury. You think it’s better but it does the same thing. I like Charlotte a lot.

I don’t. I break out but I have to tell you that I love Molly Sims’ new line, YSE. It’s incredible. I am sensitive. Some of them are too oily. Some of them don’t hydrate as much. You pick and choose.

As long as I remember to use it, I’m ahead of the game. In my nighttime routine, I get in bed. I take a bath. I don’t wash my face.

It’s funny how we have certain habits.

I can take a bath but I don’t wash my face.

That is interesting that you don’t because I’m big on the facial stuff.

I said to my dermatologist, “How come you didn’t tell me I could have a laser for rosacea?” She goes, “You told me you don’t wash your face. There’s only so much I can throw at you before you walk out of the office.”

You’re not very high-maintenance.

I’m good at things that people could do for me. I haven’t worn shampoo in years. I don’t wash my hair.

I love talking about these things because I do feel like there are so many ways to improve ourselves. It is a fun conversation. I keep on discovering new things because there’s a lot we can do.

You’re a Reiki master, or even if you’re interested in it, I feel like you’re looking for a higher being. I might take the steps that you take to look for it.

I love that you brought this up because are we happy being where we are, enjoying the moment versus always trying to improve? It is an interesting concept. We’re constantly looking for the line. People say it’s connecting to your higher consciousness, improving, evolving, transforming, transmuting, and all that stuff.

That’s why I don’t do yoga.

You’re not interested in that.

With the things they say during class, I’m like, “Let it end.”

That also becomes a trend and a buzzword. That’s why I don’t love all these words but in terms of feeling your best, it could become an addiction. We all get stuck in each and every day finding new ways to improve.

How much water do we need to drink? How many greens do we need to eat? Should we be gluten-free? There’s always something. It changes. It seems like there are so many more food allergies yet I don’t remember anyone having a nut allergy or all these mental health issues. There were some crazy kids in my fifth-grade class that they always made me sit next to because I was the good one. You sit next to Tommy Wilson. It’s okay.

I love everything but that’s also part of the hype in our society now. All the social media influences. We all want to catch the feeling that we see or the image, whether or not it’s an outfit. It’s spirituality. It’s all becoming like, “We have to jump on the bandwagon. We have to be part of the group.”

I was at a be chic and be glam event. A media company sent a myriad of influencers to this event. They were all different. It was a diversified group. Older, younger, Black, Asian, purple, green, fat, or thin, they wanted to cover the lot. Why am I telling you this story? We will come back to that. When I went to make the all-important reel, I had taken a lot of pictures of myself getting makeup put on.

I’m like, “That’s not what anyone wants to see.” I feel like no one shows you the raw. They show you the finished. As I was going through the reel, and you can only put in so many clips in it before you bore people to death, I was like, “There’s too many of me not looking so good. Let me take them out.” I’ve learned sometimes we do like a post with a face mask on. People are like, “Why would you post that?”

ZZL 3 | Stacy Knows
Stacy Knows: No one shows you the raw, only the finished.

That’s what the direction is. People love this. They eat it up.

I understand that but I’m going to post that. I heard it when I was making the latest reel. I have one looking not so good as opposed to seven of them. I put in one.

I don’t understand the reality stars. Everything is taken and cut as life goes.

With the reality stars, we’re talking about The Real Housewives or Bravo in particular. Bravo is not scripted. It’s more like it suggests. I was once on a couple of episodes of a Bravo show.

Which one?

It was called Friends to Lovers. The concept was that if you already had a friend, maybe you should be lovers. A young girlfriend of mine was on as one of the people. I was in a couple of episodes. The producers would talk, cheer me on, and go, “Get her to say this.” It’s not like this conversation that you and I are having. It’s revolting. That show wasn’t an alcohol-infused show like Real Housewives of New Jersey or New York. They pick the people they think will flip the table. They’re looking for table flippers.

It’s entertainment. We know that there’s going to be something going on like conflict and fire.

It is interesting. The backstory to all of them is the interesting story. Why did they pick X, Y, or Z?

It’s a guilty pleasure.

Would they have gotten divorced anyway? Was it because of the show? They probably would have gotten divorced anyway.

To have your life out on display is to pick and choose at this point when you want to post something. I love that you’re a little more raw. You are looking at everything. It’s important to show everything.

It’s what you look like. They don’t need 100 pictures of me like, “I woke up like this.” That might not be my thing.

With all these new restaurants that are opening up or different events that are going on, do you have a structure to it all, or whatever sounds exciting to you?

Normally, I go where I’m invited. I don’t usually seek out an invitation. I don’t send out my media kit and say, “I’m Stacy Knows. You should work with me.” I like it when people come to me because there’s less expected of me when they invite me. They already made the choice. I also do some video content creation with a friend of mine, Rebecca Berman who is known as Stand-Up Foodie. We created a new Instagram called Almost Famous Foodeez.

Sometimes we get invited, and sometimes we want to go somewhere. We’re not necessarily getting paid but we always have our camera because we carry it. In our bags, there’s always a tripod and a light. Most food bloggers will show pretty food. We ask them for the most popular things on the menu, show them the food that we eat, and have a funny conversation. You get maybe 90 seconds for a reel but there’s always something funny. She’s good at capturing it. She’s good at logistics. She’s my producer. We have a great time doing it. We go to a lot of things. It’s not always food. It’s a fashion show, food, shopping, makeup, or a walk on the street. It doesn’t matter where it is.

That is so awesome. It is nice to bounce off of a friend, especially one that’s very creative.

Me eating would be boring. It’s much better to have a conversation with someone. There are plenty of podcasts where people come on all day and read you the news or tell you what they’re thinking. You’re a very lovely girl and interesting as could be.

I feel that way about Facebook Live. That is one of the reasons why I started doing this. It is odd to talk to yourself. I enjoy the stimulation to talk to somebody. We each learn something from one another. I was thinking of the food critic. When you come into a restaurant, I’m sure they don’t look at it that way. They look at it like, “This is fun. Stacy Knows this here.” You don’t critique negatively.

I want to find the good. You want to say, “Sit up front.” Don’t say, “Don’t get stuck in the back.” Get a table in the front. Sit at a bar. If I go somewhere and it’s so noisy up front me, I might be happier sitting a little further back but I don’t want to go in and say, “The meatballs were too spicy.” I want to go and say, “This is delicious. You should come and eat the spaghetti. You should have the taco or whatever the food is.” I’ll give you a reason to go somewhere, not a reason not to go.

It’s the ambiance. Maybe you’re catching something about whatever the event is or the space. You got something personally out of it.

I want to find the good. I don’t want to go, “Would you look at this soup? It’s disgusting.”

I love sitting at a bar. Do you do that with your friend?

Not as much as I used to.

It’s such a great conversation with everyone also.

If I go out with my husband, we will sit at a bar.

I love going out.

The two of us at a table lead to a lot of fights.

That is so funny.

When people tell me they’re going out for their anniversary alone, I go, “Why would you do that?” You’re alone. You have a first drink and probably a second. If you have a first drink, everything is going fine. The second drink comes, and you’re like, “Our kids are stupid because of you.” The fighting ensues. It’s not worth it.

I know that you’re in Bedford. You are writing about what’s happening and everything in that area, also in the Hamptons. Are there any other places? Are you all over the country?

I am not all over the country. I am here in Westchester. That’s my main beat. People from here go to the Hamptons. I love Palm Beach.

I’m excited. I am spending a week in East Hampton. I have to pick your brain and your writing.

You will be busy every week.

There’s also Pound Ridge in Bedford.

It’s interesting. I’ve lived in Bedford for years. Since COVID, Bedford and Pound Ridge have become much more exciting.

That’s good because driving through, I don’t see that many restaurants.

The food is tricky because there aren’t a lot of restaurants but we don’t have a lot of population. When you don’t have a lot of population, it’s hard for a restaurant to survive. People in Bedford and Pound Ridge go out on Friday and Saturday. If it’s raining in Scarsdale, it’s snowing here. They don’t go out. It’s hard for the restaurants to make it. We complain that there’s not enough but are we supporting them? You have to support the places near you. The new owners are paying too much in rent but the people who have moved in the last few years are younger, hipper, and much more involved than I felt we were.

That’s great. It was a little bit more of a sleeper.

There are a lot of celebrities. There’s a lot going on. There are more events and more people that are interested in the area and keeping the area the way it is.

That’s beautiful. It’s not becoming Westport.

It never will. The zoning gods will keep us the way we are, and we want that.

Everyone cherishes it so much. That’s what’s so beautiful about it.

There are a lot of very wealthy people here. They could live anywhere they want but they choose to live here.

It isn’t so close to the city. You are out in the country, which is the reason why everyone loves to be out here. I love this. I feel that it is wonderful that it’s becoming a little more energized because you need a balance between having this tranquility, privacy, density of nature, and country. It could also be a little bit of a sleeper if there’s not a lot going on.

You need balance in tranquility, privacy, dense nature, and country.

You have to go out. The Playhouse has a gazillion things going on but I miss it all. I’m like, “There’s a trivia night. There’s a comedy night.” I forget. You have to buy your ticket right away so you will go. If you like Bedford & New Canaan Magazine, they’ve got cars and a lot of events going on. Westchester Magazine’s got their whole Wine & Food coming up. Bedford Magazine’s got their Coffee & Cars coming up. There are a lot of things if you want to get involved. In 2030, they care about climate change. I was at the Katonah Museum. There’s a lot going on if you want to do it.

What about the different seasons? Do you feel that more people are spending time here in the colder weather because they’re going to the Hamptons or they’re traveling a lot, or there is a lot to do in the summer?

Westchester shines the most in the fall. It’s the most beautiful place from September to December. The spring is great with the daffodils and the tulips. It’s all beautiful but it’s so chilly and a little muddy. You’re waiting for it to be warm, and it’s not quite that warm yet. In summer, people travel. The fall is always the best.

ZZL 3 | Stacy Knows
Stacy Knows: Westchester shines the most in the fall.

We’re not near the ocean but people also love to hike. There’s so much here.

I have a very good friend who’s a hiker, a jappy girl from Long Island. She’s a stylist and a hiker. I don’t hike. During COVID, her husband came up to Connecticut. They said, “We’re going to go on a hike. Meet us.” I knew I was meeting this jappy girl and her plastic surgeon husband. I blew out my hair. I had on a cute vest with a little faux fur trim. She’s like, “Where are you going?”

This is hysterical.

I’m like, “I was seeing you. I got dressed.” I failed that hike. She went on another hike and fell. She had hurt her shoulder. I had called them while she was leaving the hike. She’s like, “I’m bleeding. My husband has to stitch me up.” I go, “Are you free for lunch tomorrow? I’m so happy. You don’t have to hike tomorrow. I’m in.” I can’t see her because she’s hiking every minute.

There are people that have completely different lifestyles.

They can’t wait to take a hike. A walk around the block is far enough for me. I’ve seen the Pound Ridge Reservation. It’s foggy. I can’t find the green from the blue and the red.

It’s very complicated.

I’m afraid I’m going to be lost.

I will not go alone. I need a friend to guide those that know. It is cool when you don’t have to think about it.

I went on a few hikes during COVID.

That’s enough.

I tried it. I get it. You go up the hill and down the hill.

It’s not necessarily what you’re blogging about.

I would much rather walk from Grand Central up Madison all the way.

I can walk for hours in the city. There is something different.

I can walk in a lot of places. I like a city because there’s something to look at. Here, it’s a lot of shrubbery. We get into the house with the goats, the dog, and the horses.

Visually, it could be boring for some but other people would rather get away from the city.

I want to see an interesting-looking person. I want to see what’s in the store. I don’t necessarily have to go in but I want to see what’s in the window.

I get you. There’s more going on. I love all of this. I wanted to finish off. Is there anything that you want to share? Is there any big thing that’s coming up that you think we should know or we should read about on your blog?

The big thing that’s coming up is that I’m donating my kidney to my husband. It is a big deal. It is much easier to find the kidney here than to go out and look for it. If you have two and they’re viable, and someone you know and you love needs one, I wouldn’t hesitate to give it. I’m saying that now. I haven’t had the operation but from everyone that I have spoken to, no one ever regrets donating part of their body to another.

No one ever regrets donating part of their body to another.

That’s incredible. You are an amazing wife. I’m sure he’s appreciating it.

That remains to be seen.

After this, you own it all regardless of whatever you say.

The good thing is that if I miss my kidney, it will be on the other side of the bed. I’m like, “Where is it, over here on your right or the left?”

I am wishing you the best for that. Lots of healing vibes are going your way now. I appreciate you coming on. I’m glad that we did this.

I’m so glad that you asked me to be on. I feel like I made a new friend.

I feel the same way. You are so awesome. Best of luck with all of this.

Thank you so much.

I’m sending lots of love.

Thank you.

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