You do not teach and lead your soul.  Your soul leads and teaches you. 

Tesa Baum helps people unleash their own power, wisdom, and knowledge to live their best life through one-on-one sessions & group gatherings. The goal is to take care of your soul and help you to reconnect with your true self.
It's time to treat your soul right.

Energy is power waiting to be activated. 

Do You Want Access to More Connection, High Vibration And Life Enhancing Tools?

Connect to your own inner medicine and healing with our heart centered breathing meditation

There is so much beauty in this world

 We can communicate with nature

There is a divine plan and design

Believe in magic

There is communication

beyond language

We can connect with the unseen

There is more than meets the eye in life

we can live our highest potential

Life is very funny & we shouldn't take everything so seriously

Connect to your Spirituality

Notice the Synchronicity in your life

We can gain clarity from Past Lives

We have an innate sense 

beyond our  5 senses called




When We Connect With Our Own Energy

we find our own Medicine

“During my 13 Octave La Ho Chi session with Tesa I experienced sensations of stress reduction and full body relaxation. After my session, I at once felt “lighter”, centered, energized and could reaffirm that I’m exactly where I should be spiritually.” 

Beverly Kleiman Leighton

Shamanic Journeying - Since my experience with this form of meditation a few weeks ago, I continue to become aware of so much. While I sleep, my dreams have become clearer. While awake, the messages I am receiving are profound. So you may be reading this and thinking, “Jessica has gone off the deep end.” However, I still want to share, because one day this type of meditation may be right for you and you will remember this post. Maybe make that ‘one day’, is TODAY.

Jessica Mancini

I just attended a beautiful cacao ceremony led by Tesa and it was remarkable. Her knowledge of traditional , native rituals is deep and her ability to make the journey apply to current times and current obstacles is wonderful. All of us gained our own powerful insight while also connecting with each others’ energy fields. I would eagerly attend another event led by Tesa.

Madeleine Polemeni

I knew very little about Reiki before my session and I trusted Tesa completely and felt very safe in her hands. I fell into a light sleep during it and had an incredibly specific and powerful dream. After the session, Tesa reveled what she felt and saw and it turns out we saw the same thing(a cathedral where I was royalty). I was pleasantly surprised and was happy. That night I took the train back into the city to meet a friend who was taking me to a concert but I had no idea where it was. When we got off the train in Harlem, it was dark outside and we began to walk up a hill to an enormous cathedral(St. john the Divine) It was just like the vision from the session earlier that day. Incredible!

Cat Adami