About Tesa

Even when we are challenged on a physical level, everything makes sense from a soul perspective. 

It's my mission to assist you to be happy, healthy and peaceful inside and out.  The logo above is a Chinese symbol for double happiness. That feeling of happiness and well-being isn't an achievement that is acquired by goal setting. That feeling of satisfaction with our life can only be found from within.  Sometimes we need a helping hand to be seen and understood completely.  

 My first word was 'light' and that has been the ongoing theme in my life.

I seek out light teachings, light people, lightheartedness and I've relied on my intuition since I was a child.

I've always trusted receiving information outside of my five senses. I like to call it my first sense.  As a young child, I was able to connect with my mother and notice what she was thinking.  She often tested it out by waking up at certain times and noticed that I would wake up at exactly the same time. She always had an intuitive gift and I was happy to learn this way of communicating as well. She lost her parents before I was born and would talk to them and ask for signs.  I always seemed to pick up on that and she believed I gave her the signs.  At 12 years old I developed mini regression hypnosis sessions for other kids at sleepaway camp.  I described meditative scenes and told the kids to count down while I lulled them into a light trance.  Most of my friends began recalling earlier times in their young lives and felt a connection to these earlier years that were lost in their conscious memories.  I helped all my friends feel more connected to those innocent years and they all felt more confident after the session.  It was always fun and natural for me.

Fast forward to my 25 year-old-self living in New York City after graduating Tulane University....I was seeking spiritual support, focus, direction, and a release from my hectic life working in sales and executive recruiting.  While most went the traditional route of seeking therapy for support, I pursued what were considered "alternative" healing techniques and practices.  My inner explorer hopped on a train to Brooklyn (and not the trendy part at that time) for my first Reiki session.  Immediately, I entered a meditative state, something I was unable to easily achieve before.  I felt uplifted, expanded, and transformed. Following my lifelong passion for the unknown and my innate intuitive ability, I became certified as a Reiki Master Healer , 13th Octave LaHoChi Energy Healing Practitioner, Akashic Field Healing Practitioner, & Past Life Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Contemporary Shamanic Practitioner, and have been practicing for close to two decades. I work primarily with women of all ages privately and in group gatherings.  

I love my work and helping people feel connected to that light within. When I'm not working in the spirit world, my every day life in CT is filled with my husband, two teenage daughters & two adorable golden doodle boys. I love pilates, hiking, cooking, talking with friends and spending time reading.  Many people don't understand how much magic there is in the world. We are able to bring in new refined energy at any time. 

My philosophy:

In the western world, most people lose a spiritual side to them. They become disconnected, internally contaminated and have a sense that something's missing.

When we start to connect with energy in nature and draw from a divine light force around us we begin to re-open a field of inspiration, true wisdom, and vitality. Whether it's hands on energy healing or connecting to your own  blueprint to understand your soul's true nature, life starts to flow easier. 

I love opening these doors for people. They start to get access to a power that they previously had no awareness of. Having an embodied experience of the medicine that lays dormant in them can create profound transformation. A spiritual force starts to activate in our lives.  As it did in mine. Join me to have a practice of presence and learn how to tap into your own life force.

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Tulane University - Cultural Anthropology

My academic background sparked my interest when I minored in Cultural Anthropology at Tulane University. Cultural Anthropology's method of "participant observation" which is a practice of living and participating within a community and having a deep understanding of their cultural system by active firsthand experience and participation in their daily life showed me it is the best way to learn. 

My History 

Nothing makes me happier than helping women feel energized on their best path and be their authentic self. You can have direct access to all of the love, power, wisdom, and knowledge to live your best life. 

Are you ready to begin? I'm here to make your soul work fun!