About Tesa

"You do not teach and lead your soul. Your soul leads and teaches you." 

Most of my skills were born through connecting with my own internal GPS system & the Divine. My first word was 'light' and that has been the ongoing theme in my life.

I seek out light teachings, light people, lightheartedness and I've relied on my intuition since I was a child.

Luckily,  my path and the multiple healing modalities I've explored have only led to a strengthening of this sense inside me.

In the western world, most people lose this side to them. They become disconnected, internally contaminated and have a sense that something's missing.

When we start to connect with the energy in nature and in the cosmos we begin to re-open a field of energy within us.

I love opening these doors for people. They start to get access to a power that they previously had no awareness of. Having an embodied experience of the medicine that lays dormant in them can create profound transformation. A spiritual force starts to activate in our lives. As it did in mine.

My History 

  • 1993

  • 1993-2011

  • 1995

  • 2005-2019

  • 2018

  • 2019

  • 2020

Tulane University - Cultural Anthropology

My academic background sparked my interest when I minored in Cultural Anthropology at Tulane University. Cultural Anthropology's method of "participant observation" which is a practice of living and participating within a community and having a deep understanding of their cultural system by active firsthand experience and participation in their daily life showed me it is the best way to learn. 

My Background

I am known to meet strangers wherever I go and after a few minutes know their entire life story. I seem to be like truth serum and am always engaging in “soul talk”.

I have had many Amelia Bedilia moments.

My mind sometimes goes somewhere else and the typical daily tasks go in the wrong direction. You may find me putting an electric kettle on the stove, tipping the UPS person, exploding my favorite kombucha bottle.

I am technically challenged and often experience funny things happening with electrical devices. Lights often flicker around my house and my phone turns off and words like luminary pop up. 

The most interesting experience was when I had an Akashic reading and was told that I lived in Egypt in a past life and the phone literally rang the next day and Egypt came up on the caller ID.

I started talking gibberish when I was a kid and loved teaching other kids. My kids are now having fun talking gibberish. We all need a little “Ludagite” light these days!

Nothing makes me happier than helping women feel energized on their best path and be their authentic self. You can have direct access to all of the love, power, wisdom, and knowledge to live your best life. 

Are you ready to begin? I'm here to make your soul work fun!