About Tesa

Even when we are challenged on a physical level, everything makes sense from a soul perspective. 

I'm interested in every day magic. When we realize that life is happening for the greater good and when we can reflect back at the past and have it all make sense. It's my mission to assist you to feel joyful, healthy and peaceful, inside and out. I love watching how life unfolds and I believe in the intelligence of love. I believe in the LOVE in this world that  wraps us all in an inclusive hug. The Love that, as A Course in Miracles puts it, "wants to join out of mutual abundance." We are here to learn through experience and it's not always easy and many times feels traumatic.  We have many zig-zag turns along the way. It is not meant to be linear and you are not always supposed to know where you're going and that's ok!  It's part of the magic.  That feeling of satisfaction with our life can only be found from within.  It's my mission to offer you a sense of inspiration & reconnect you to the awe, wonder, and mystery of this thing called life. Sometimes you need a helping hand to meet your challenges & hone your inner wisdom.

 My first word was 'light' and that has been the ongoing theme in my life.

I seek out light teachings, light people, lightheartedness and light eating. I am not fully vegan, but I am drawn to clean food. I hate putting garbage in my mouth & out.  I like to keep life simple and clean. Intuition has always been my gps. I never had a 5 year goal planned out, but looked  ahead a decade or two.  My vision goes along with my feelings.  If it feels right in my gut I go for it. I'm here to be a refuge and a light source wherever I can.  

My professional bookends: My undergraduate degree at Tulane University was in history and cultural anthropology. I continued my learning through independent courses and learning from bright lights along the way.   I've always trusted receiving information outside of my five senses. I like to call it my first sense.  

I was always drawn to work with people and was an Executive Recruiter in NYC for many years and worked as a Business Developer at Specialty Food companies in NYC. It wasn't easy carrying tons of food all over for chefs to taste, but it was fun meeting different creative and artistic personalities and I just LOVE the excitement that the food business brings. During that time I discovered energy healing and it helped me connect with myself and my spirituality.  As hard as I worked, I loved expanding my circle and learning how to connect to that higher part of myself. 

Fast forward to now, I love seeing how you can connect to your own well-being through energy healing, learning to be a practitioner, & discovering wisdom about yourself through our sessions.  I work with primarily women, privately and in group classes and gatherings. 

I love my work and helping people feel connected to that light within. When I'm not working in the spirit world, my every day life in CT is filled with my husband, two teenage daughters & two adorable golden doodle boys. I love pilates, hiking, cooking, talking with friends and spending time reading.  Many people don't understand how much magic there is in the world. We are able to bring in new refined energy at any time. 

My philosophy:

In the western world, most people lose a spiritual side to them. They become disconnected, internally contaminated and have a sense that something's missing.

When we start to connect with energy in nature and draw from a divine light force around us we begin to re-open a field of inspiration, true wisdom, and vitality. Whether it's hands on energy healing or connecting to your own  blueprint to understand your soul's true nature, life starts to flow easier. 

I love opening these doors for people. Join me to have a practice of presence and learn how to tap into your own life force.

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies". - Albert Einstein 

 Nothing makes me happier than helping women feel energized on their best path and leave with clarity & fuel for the journey ahead.  You can have direct access to all of the love, power, and wisdom to live your best life by tuning into a higher frequency. 

Are you ready to begin? I'm here to make your soul work fun!