Lasting Connections Retreat

*Featured Event*

Lasting Connections Retreat

May 2 - 5, 2024

Catskill Mountains

somewhere in time farm

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Healing: You need to do a life for you. Live a life that you love.

Finding Inner Peace: We’re capable of reaching a state of peace within ourselves by transforming our thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions to truth, peace, and love.

Lasting Connections Spring Retreat

Join us in the Catskill Mountains  

*Limited Space Available

May 2nd - May 5th, 2024

Looking for a reset?

Sometimes ordinary relaxation just won't cut it which is why we created this retreat~

Are you looking to take a break from the daily grind?  Are you seeking clarity and empowerment?  Do you have an adventurous spirit?  Are you open to reconnecting to yourself, others and nature? Are you craving self-care and soul nourishment?

Join us for our Lasting Connections adventure in the Catskill mountains at Somewhere in Time Farm. 

Connect with nature, hike in the woods, build sacred fires, water blessing, practice yoga, experience your heart connection, eat nourishing farm fresh foods and hit the reset button on your mind and body.  Come enjoy the fresh mountain air, spectacular views and soulful nourishment. 

Our retreat will include Yoga led by @ Kyle Goldstein (, Guided Meditation, Akashic Field Connection, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Journaling, a Burning and Releasing Ceremony, hiking,  and three daily healthy farm to fork meals prepared by @Kyle Goldstein ( 

We promise growth, connection and love!

Love, Amy & Tesa

$1410 (single occupancy)

$1110 (double occupancy)

$500 deposit due 1/1/24

May 2 - 5, 2024

“Being able to see my true self.” - D

“This weekend was a lovely experience of self-reflection,
soul searching, and peacefulness.”
- Martha

“This was mind opening and soul searching -
It was more than I expected. Thank you!”
- Lori

“ This was a loving and trusting retreat. I learned so much and left intellectualizing
for connecting with spirituality. This experience definitely lifted my spirit!”  
- Blair H

“ A very eye opening and rewarding experience.
A much needed exposure to the mind and spirit. “
- Melissa B

“ Thank you for such a relaxing, deep afternoons I felt that I went very deep
inside and learned about myself. “  - A

“Thank you for giving us the gift of time and space to go within and to listen to the inner voice. “ - A

“ What an amazing day of finding peace.” 

"A wonderful experience. I really needed it. A way to disconnect from the
busy work day and the daily routine. Warm, lovely, and very good energy." -  B

 "Amazing women's connection." - Darlene 

"I learned how how to meditate, something that was much needed in my life,
and recommended by others for a more fulfilling, spiritual life." - L 

"It was a lovely day of self discovery with lovely ladies. It was a gift to myself."
- Melissa B

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