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Group Circles & Retreats

We are all part of the web of life. Everything in our world is alive and possesses both a physical and energetic aspect.  Very often we all inhibit our natural energies, creativity, and our spirit.  Let's gather together to call, awaken, and anchor our full creative potential. The classes will inspire you to use new methods to ignite your creativity, transform energy and integrate these practices into your every day life. These classes often bring in the Andean Mystical Q'ero tribe's  nature wisdom practices,  heart centered meditations, and Akashic Field Connections. You can expect transformation on a deep level. 

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*Most conditions have developed over time, so it may take time to heal those issues and imbalances. Although one session will likely leave you feeling relaxed and can start to resolve underlying issues, additional sessions are often necessary to maintain the healing process and encourage overall balance, healing and individual growth. Monthly maintenance is recommended.

** Chronic physical ailments may require more time to promote recovery. Tesa will consult with each client to determine the best schedule for them.

*** Cancellation policy: A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation is required. Otherwise, there will be a charge of $25.

Akashic Field Healing

Distance Healing

Discover Your True Authentic Self &  Remove blocks that are limiting your future potential

60 minute virtual session - $125 

Is there a career and relationship quantum physics connection?  Yes, there is one.  What is quantum physics?  Simply put, we are energy.  

Akashic Field Healing is a profound modality where we access the quantum field or Akashic Records.  Akashic Record means "ether" and the 5th element in Sanskrit. The Akashic Records, or "Book of Life", is the 'place' (in energetic terms), where every deed, word, thought, feeling, intention, and action from any life - past, present, and  possible futures are stored.  The records are likened to a spiritual library.  Through Akashic Field Healing, we have the ability to access any stuck experience or emotion that is stored there and that is directly impacting your life and limiting your access to your future potential.  

Working with clients and tapping into the Akashic Field helps clients realize that reality can exist in infinite possibilities. What we believe we know about time is very limited.  It is not linear but expands for eternity. Imagine knowing on a deep cellular level that you have the power to create whatever you want in your life.  As long as your intentions come from the heart and is for the highest good then we can live up to our greatest potential.

 During this Sacred work together, we demystify the confusing patterns and experiences that cloud your path and that hold you back from experiencing the joy you seek. What's beautiful is that the records will only give you the information you can tolerate and integrate at the time.  It's a very loving space.  Full of unconditional love and acceptance. You will get in touch with your Higher Self, the soul version of you.  By doing so, you will gain more appreciation, understanding, and love for yourself. Your Higher Self holds so much wisdom that can often not come through when we are blocked by our human conditioning and resistance. Accessing the Records includes releasing blocks, healing them and clearing space for more wisdom to flow to you.   After a session, you see the experiences of your life from a new perspective and you will learn your lessons faster.  Your world expands as you become aware of the many choices and opportunities always available to you.  You'll have recommendations and suggestions based on what we discover. 

Book a 15 minute call with me to talk about how this session can help you realign with your true nature.  

Energy Healing 

Reiki Session - 60 Minute session ($125) 

These Comprehensive Healing Therapy Treatments are tailored to your needs and offered "in Person" and via "Remote" by appointment. A Japanese- Tibetan energy balancing technique using our body and Qi, or universal life force.  Tesa places her hands lightly on the body to facilitate the healing process bringing the physical , emotional, and spiritual planes back to a state of well-being.  This connection helps the body innately heal itself and transform back to it's abundant natural self. People sense a feeling of openness, enlightenment, calm, and peace. 

Past Life Regression 90 minutes - 120 minutes ($200)

Call for a 15 minute consultation

The term Past life Regression refers to a distinct type of hypnosis and is a procedure for remembering a past lifetime. Past Life Regression is an effective method to discover the reasons for current fears, recurring dreams, and personality dispositions - understanding them, and then releasing them. Clients are taken into a deep state of relaxation using guided imagery to view other lifetimes. Numerous people find answers to many issues on the mind, body, and soul level when receiving the knowledge of their past lives.   A connection is then made from the past life to this life and the information is integrated to take forward into the future. 

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