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In Person Sessions

Remote Sessions or 15 Minute Consultation

*** Cancellation policy: A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation is required. Otherwise, there will be a charge of $25. ***

Akashic Field Healing

Identify and Shift Subconscious Beliefs

In Person or Remote ($125)

A Powerful Quantum Healing Tool 


Akashic Field Healing (created by CJ Martes) releases unwanted patterns from your soul by shifting them at the core level. It is tool where we access the quantum field or Akashic Records to heal past traumas.  Akashic Record means "ether" or "that which holds all" in Sanskrit. The Akashic Records, or "Book of Life", is the 'place' (in energetic terms), where every choice, word, thought, feeling, intention, and action from any life - past, present, and  possible futures are stored.  The records are likened to a massive spiritual library or an energetic database.  

(AFT) takes an in depth look into any unresolved core traumatic experiences that can create repeating patterns of limiting behavior, emotional blocks, irrational fears or negative beliefs that limit your access to your future potential and release it. Traumatic memories arising from the Akashic Field create our subconscious blocks & AFT can help you discover what is holding you back from your authentic self.  Your Records are accessed  by utilizing a simple muscle testing technique that helps us identify these subconscious feelings, heal them and clear space for more wisdom to flow to you.   

After our initial session, you see the experiences of your life from a new perspective and you will start learning your lessons faster. You will quickly notice and understand your reactions to people, places, and experiences.   Your world expands as you become aware of so many choices and opportunities always available to you.  You'll have recommendations and suggestions based on what we discover. 

Each time we meet we determine how this new information can benefit your current life goals. 

Who would benefit from this session?

A session is best for anyone who would like more out of their life than is currently possible. Anyone that  currently feels stuck in a relationship, job, or feels unable to move forward in their life. A person may desire to clear current obstacles.  Ultimately, these sessions help people feel a new sense of purpose and higher possibilities in their life. 

60 minute session - $125 

*I recommend monthly sessions to stay connected to your larger vision and purpose. 

Reiki Energy Healing 

All sessions are customized for each client by tuning into the energy that the individual needs at the time. 

Reiki Session - 60 Minute session ($125) 

Soulful Sessions

A Reiki Session is for anyone who seeks healing. Reiki translates to spiritually guided life force energy.  These sessions are meant to provide you with a magical mind, body, and soul nurturing experience. These Comprehensive Healing Therapy Treatments are tailored to your needs and offered "in Person" and via "Remote" by appointment. A Japanese energy balancing technique that has been used to for centuries, which connects your body to a universal life force.

  I place my hands lightly on your body from head to toe to facilitate the healing process bringing the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes back to a state of well-being.  This connection helps the body innately heal itself and transform back to it's abundant natural self. People sense a feeling of openness, enlightenment, calm, and peace. 

Past Life Regression / Soul Remembering Hypnosis Session 

3 - 4 Hours  ($250)

Call for a 15 minute consultation

The term Past life Regression refers to a distinct type of hypnosis and is a procedure for remembering a past lifetime. For some people they can't wrap their head around that concept and they prefer the idea that they are exploring their consciousness. It's important to understand that each session is different and each person is different. Look at each session as a Soul Remembering Session that focuses on connecting to a part of your consciousness that empowers you. It is an effective method to discover the reasons for current fears, self limitations, recurring dreams, and personality dispositions - understanding them, and then releasing them forever. Clients are taken into a deep state of relaxation using guided imagery to view other lifetimes. These lifetimes aren't necessarily past lives they may be happening simultaneous to this current experience.  Numerous people find answers to many issues on the mind, body, and soul level when receiving this sacred knowledge.   A connection is then made from this life and the information is integrated to take forward into the future. 

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