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Let's begin the journey in your self discovery of your own Divine Energy and Internal Medicine.

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Tesa is a talented, loving and compassionate healer who gave me a great session which helped me to feel more grounded, secure and confident in my life -- I highly recommend seeing her for overall wellness or specific challenges that are coming up in your life.....

 Mara Sussman

I went to Tesa with the hope that she could help me manage and relieve stress, anxiety and to envision my personal path forward. The difference after one session is simply immeasurable.... I felt like a different person when I walked out that door, and still do. Feelings of stress and anxiety are now replaced with confidence and calmness.... I am forever grateful and look forward to working with her again.

Robin Musicant

Tesa Baum is the real deal when it comes to energy work and positive thinking. Not only is she warm and caring and intelligent, but she is thorough.I recall the last workshop session with her, in a beautiful room of a healing shop, where Tesa brought chumpi stones for each of the participants to pick. I am quite astute in energy work and alternative healing, but I had never heard of chumpi stones. Tesa explained then, and in an email later on that evening, that chumpi stones bring ancient wisdom from the Andean culture in Peru. Tesa also explained that I had just picked a stone of birth. It awakened creativity and inspired a shift from "old, worn-out patterns to embrace revitalizing new ways of being." Tesa went on to explain the benefits of these stones and how they would affect my relationships, my work, my body, my soul and my heart.About three weeks after this workshop, I found a full-time job in a bookkeeping firm. I had not worked regularly in nearly two years. It was not a coincidence that this energy work led me to feeling whole and inspired to jump back in and feel productive again. I'm thankful to know Tesa, having been touched by her guidance and goodness.

Angela Pascopella

Tesa’s energy healing helped me connect with spirit and left me feeling peaceful after each session. Tesa offers great advice and insight and truly puts you on a path to deep healing

Maria Galarza

Tesa is an amazingly intuitive energy healer. Her various techniques, including guided meditations and shamanic journeying, are extremely powerful and meaningful. I have grown and learned so much about myself and the mind-body connection through these experiences working with Tesa. She listens and feels, and truly connects with you as both an individual and in group settings. She is wonderful with sharing her insight and energy healing, as well as tapping into a variety of additional resources and following up with you. It is a true blessing to work with Tesa!

Jacqueline K

Tesa is a patient, loving, intuitive, gifted healer who genuinely cares about those she works with.

 J Bernstein

I had the honor of attending my first shamanic journeying class with Tesa. I entered open, yet hesitant to try a new style of meditation and relaxation. I was not disappointed. I not only fully enjoyed the class, but continued to receive benefits and messages for weeks after. It is truly an experience and worth attending. I appreciate it being offered close to my home and I can’t wait to attend more. Thank you!

 Jessica Mancini

Tesa is beyond good. She’s extremely gifted and intelligent. I highly recommend her.

 Kara Wong