Our energy signature is what makes us unique and that is what you sense when you meet a person. Animals have a very strong connection to feeling energy. I always say my little puppy knows when any of us are coming home 5 minutes before we drive into the driveway. He is tuned into our energy and reacts differently to different presences. The term “energy signatures” originated from the field of physics and scientific research. It refers to a characteristic pattern or representation of energy emitted or detected by a particular entity, system, or phenomenon.  The concept of energy signatures is based on the understanding that all objects and processes in the universe generate and interact with various forms of energy. These energy forms can include electromagnetic radiation, thermal energy, sound waves, gravitational fields, and human connection. Each type of energy has its unique properties and can be described by specific parameters such as frequency, intensity, wavelength, or amplitude.

Let’s look at this in human terms. Do you ever notice that you can talk to someone and they understand everything you are saying even before you say the next word vs other people that can’t process your words. You can tell when someone is on a different frequency. It is the reason why we clash with certain people and are completely in sync with others. If a person is feeling low and you are in a very high elated mood, the energy doesn’t match. Something has to give if you spend an extended about of time together. The down person is usually at a slower speed & may look at the elated person as being at hyper-speed. The happy person may feel that the sad person is slowing them down. There are other times when we just don’t “feel it” with a person. Your energy frequency may be unrecognizable to one another. Subconsciously, you decide that your energy signatures aren’t matching so you may continue on disgruntled or you move on to a similar frequency.

We distinguish and categorize people by their vibe. Wouldn’t it be an interesting party if everyone couldn’t visually see anyone, but can just feel other’s energy and decide to stay or move on based on how we feel around each other. Complementing a good outfut wouldn’t be necessary. I’m guessing this is what it is like after we pass on. Let’s look at a medium for example. They are connecting to a frequency that exists outside of a physical body. They are connecting to our relative’s energy signature. Our energy signature is felt. When you think of someone and feel their presence they are usually thinking of you. This is not physical, but you know it to be true. Especially our relative’s that have passed on. I know when my parents that are not currently alive are showing me their presence. It is a feeling and I know it to be true. My dreams are a lot clearer. I love the visits because I get to see the images again and have a deeper connection. Feeling their energy again gives me peace and comfort. In various scientific disciplines, including astronomy, physics, and even certain branches of alternative medicine, the concept of energy signatures is employed to study and identify different phenomena, substances, or states of matter. It allows scientists to distinguish and categorize various energy sources and understand their behavior and interactions in the natural world. Isn’t this what we are doing when we socialize with different people. Unfortunately, our ego often gets in the way and we get offended when people blow us off or don’t take enough time hearing us out. 

These emotions are always getting in the way when it comes to human connection and it causes unnecessary turmoil. Break it down and really notice if a person’s energy is helping and not hindering you. If you feel you learned something and enjoy it then stay. Move on from the rest and the stories won’t be as amplified for you. When it all comes down to it you are your energy signature and we either vibe or we don’t. 


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