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Despite the many zigzags in this journey of life, there is one thing that will always remain constant: our soul. Through transcendental meditation, one can reconnect with their inner self and everything that revolves around their life. Tesa Baum explores this deep spiritual exercise with award-winning author, songwriter, and philanthropist Ann Purcell. Together, they discuss how this kind of meditation can help in gaining clarity and building self-esteem, especially among children. Ann explains how ego  blocks your spiritual growth and she talks about pure consciousness.    Tesa and Ann dive into ideas about  different states of consciousness and Ann shares her songwriting work that focuses on the experience of transcendence. Ann allows us to experience the essence of her work which is all about effortless meditation.   You walk away feeling an ease about life. 

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Delving Into A Deeper Consciousness Through Transcendental Meditation With Ann Purcell

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Ann Purcell. Ann is an award-winning author songwriter, photographer, and philanthropist. Her latest publication is a book of short poems called Droplets of Reflection. Ann has been a full-time teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1973, teaching Transcendental Meditation and advanced courses in many countries around the world. She’s also an international leader of the TM Women Organization, and oversees the teaching of Transcendental Meditation in girls’ schools and communities in several countries in Africa. She donates all proceeds from her photography, books, and music to its educational programs. I’m thrilled for you to hear from her.

Ann, how are you?

Great, Tesa. Thank you. How are you?

Great. Thank you so much for coming on. I’m looking forward to our conversation.

Me too. I’ve been looking forward to it.

You have so much to share so I know everyone is going to love to know what you have to offer and the wisdom and any stories. We touched on that idea of the zig-zagof life. Let’s start with that. If there’s any story you want to share, the concept itself or how you feel about it.

I love the concept that we do zig-zag through life, and sometimes we think we’re on a path. Something comes in unexpectedly. It can be the death of someone or some opportunity comes along that you dare to take, and your life can go in another direction. There’s one dimension that maybe we need to add to the zig-zag of life. When we think of life zig-zagging, it’s from this event to this event. As you say, it’s linear but sometimes things come in the way of that linear trajectory. The dimension that’s been missing is vertical. It is transcending and going within.

That will be a great support to all the outer changes. Life is always zig-zagging. It’s the nature of life to change. That’s evolution. Life is always growing, changing, and evolving. There’s a non-changing level of life, and that’s the pure being, pure stillness, and pure silence. The outer zig-zag of life will become more stable within. We’ll still have those zig-zags but we’ll be stronger within either to jump into the opportunities or withstand some change that might be challenging that suddenly comes our way if we’re anchored to that inner state of being or inner silence. That’s what I would say we’d want to add.

It’s so smart because I do see it vertically like a lightning or even the first moon expedition that was going. They say it’s 97% or 98% off course to get there. In our life, maybe we feel it zig-zag but our soul is constant. It’s a story that we see in our human form that it’s zig-zagging but in reality, if you turn it over, it’s saying, “You are here. These are all different ways that we are transforming or experiencing.”

That’s so beautiful to look at it that way. It’s a calming force to be because a lot of times, our emotions and egos come into play with the zig-zag. A lot of people probably do see it as vertical or they’re going down versus up. We always want to be moving forward or moving up. The downward look on the graph alarms people. Their adrenaline starts to act up. Hormonally, we get fearful.

It’s like a ship on the sea. Some days, it’s stormy. It’s natural that the wind will blow and take you in another direction. Unless you’re anchored to the depth of the ocean, you’ll always be tossed about by the waves on the sea, unless it’s a very calm day.

Life is like being a ship on sea. It’s natural that the wind will blow you in another direction. But if you’re anchored to the depth of the oceans, you’ll just be tossed around by the waves on the sea.

I want to stop you right here because you’re speaking about anchored. I love the word anchored. When things happen outwardly or you don’t feel you have the support, you don’t feel anchored. A lot of people feel off-kilter. We always want to find ways to know that we do have grounding. It’s mostly in our minds. Whether or not it’s financial upset or relationship upset, people feel they lose their grounding. I want to ask you about your work and how you help yourself to feel more anchored and grounded. The word grounding is so beautiful in itself.

Speaking of zig-zag, when I was eighteen, I was in college in England. I’d like to say at Oxford but I wasn’t at Oxford. I was outside Oxford. People think, “You were at Oxford.” I arrived at the small liberal arts college. I looked at it as a year abroad. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. It was the ‘60s and there was a lot going on in the world. I was directionless but I was up for an adventure.

I was in a situation where I didn’t know anyone or felt like I was connecting with anyone. I was looking for something to get involved with. I happened to see in the Oxford News what goes on in Oxford, the Shakespeare plays, the Magicals, and all the different events. There was an ad for Transcendental Meditation. I decided to take that course and my life zig-zagged instantly in a different direction.

That was my first experience of that anchoring or grounding. I felt so connected to something so deep. For me, I found what I’d been looking for without even knowing I’d been looking for something. Even in my first meditation, I experienced this deep settledness yet this alertness to everything around me. I felt my life start to wake up. The tree became more vibrant and colorful. Yet, I started to feel more of myself, at ease with myself and at home with myself because I was experiencing the depth of my being in that silent, settled state.

It’s so beautiful and wonderful that you found it at that age. It has a pivotal age to have that support. Talking about support, you found it within.

I often thought, “I wish I’d found it at fourteen. I would’ve saved my right.”

We need to start it for the children as early as possible. It’s a similar feeling I had when I discovered Reiki in my twenties. Whenever I went to a yoga class and they had Shavasana for five minutes of meditation, I couldn’t get there. I was like, “I want to feel this relaxation or stillness that people are talking about but I needed more time.” The energy healing helped me. Whether it’s that feeling, I then understood the sense of release in a sauna.

For women especially, it’s our nature to give and nourish. Often, we do it at the cost of our well-being. We get tired and run down. Those things that you say come into play ego, snapping at people, and fatigue. Rested physiology in a balanced routine is so important to being grounded, but adding that dimension of transcendence and experiencing that most silent level of yourself in an effortless way also helps. It’s like planting the roots of a tree deep into the ground. Any wind that comes along doesn’t faze you.

ZZL 1 | Transcendental Meditation
Transcendental Meditation: Women tend to give and nourish other people at the cost of their own well-being. They need a restive physiology, a balanced routine, and the dimension of transcendence to keep themselves grounded.

That is key because a lot of times, we think the word transcendence means to escape the body. Other people that aren’t looking into meditation would think, “The word to me sounds that way.” We’re transcending or moving away from, but you’re more coming home to yourself. You’re not distracted by outside influences.

It’s the opposite because we’ve taught TM. Speaking of Connecticut, do you know who Ray Dalio is? His office is in Connecticut.

Is he in Weston, by any chance? I had one orientation. I went to somebody’s home that did it.

I don’t know where he is in Connecticut. He’s one of the most successful hedge fund owners in the world. He’s taught the whole company those who want to learn. It’s a very practical thing in any aspect of life. I’m bringing him up and the point that it’s the opposite of escape. When you’re rested and fresh in that state of transcendence, it is also a state of coherence of the mind. There’s research showing where the left and right hemisphere of the brain becomes more integrated. When we come out of meditation, we’re clearer. We have more energy and focus so we’re more successful in the activity.

It’s beautiful. Any form of meditation does help that balance. That’s wonderful. I was reading some of your work, and I wanted to touch on Enlightenment For Everyone.

That’s my website, Enlightenment For Everyone. The book is called The Transcendental Meditation Technique and The Journey of Enlightenment. Enlightenment was thought to be reserved for monks in a cave or you had to go away and live in the Himalayas or something. Growing up, like in my church, there was no concept of enlightenment or education. It should be the main concept in education because it’s unfolding one’s full potential. It’s unfolding the fullness of who you are inside.

ZZL 1 | Transcendental Meditation
The Power of Transcendence: Growing in Love, Creativity, Health, and Happiness

There’s more integration between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. There’s a lot of research on schoolchildren that they become more focused and alert in class. They grow in field independence, meaning they’re less influenced by their friends. They have more self-esteem because of the essence of who they are. They’re more at home with themselves.

The word itself has always felt enlightening to me. I love the word light. I like everything that gives us that a-ha moment. It’s interesting because I did mention the quote to you. One of my teachers, her name is Penny Cohen. Her line has always been, “Enlightenment is not a result but a daily process of transformation to love and wisdom.” That always stayed with me. I do agree that it’s not okay. We’re striving to get to the state of enlightenment. It is an everyday process of getting to that peaceful place and receiving wisdom, I believe, from a higher place. Do you agree it’s transforming to love and wisdom, or are there any other words that come to your mind?

Enlightenment is within everyone. It’s a state of being, unfolding transcendent. It’s stress or stress and strain covers that state. When we can transcend, we go beyond the surface level of our mind and experience that silent level of mind. Subjectively, that experience grows to be full of light and love because it’s also the state of pure love. It’s an endless journey because it’s a state of infinity but it’s something we enjoy the unfoldment of little by little every day. It’s within every one of us. It’s unfolding itself to itself by itself.

Enlightenment is within everyone. It’s just the state of being unfolding that transcendent.

I do see the same image of clearing our lens when we can step out of the ego and understanding who we are. All of us have this similar essence but many times, we all feel the reason for competition. Not to feel that we are giving and kind to others. It is the feeling of comparison that we all have a sense of lack. We’re competing for the thing that we already have within. It’s interesting how we all tick and if we all could come to that understanding. Transcending is transcending the ego and being in a state of love.

That’s beautiful. There are two aspects to the ego. There’s the individual ego, which is our pride, pettiness or insecurity. We try to inflate ourselves to deal with that insecurity. We try to think we’re better than others or competitive. It’s all because we’re not grounded in what’s called the Universal Ego. It’s the universal egos that expanded hugely. It’s so big that all these smallness have no significance. We want to experience that universal ego, which is the cosmic ego. It’s the difference between a child and an adult.

An adult sees little children getting upset about playing with toys. “That’s my toy.” “No, that’s my toy.” For adults, they’re angled with a wider lens. Other people might see in a business situation the competitiveness. In the corporation, he’s wiser. He has a bigger awareness. He sees this pettiness going on in this organization and that smallness. It’s due to either lack of education or some insecurity. There are many reasons.

That’s what makes me see God. Call it what you want, the universe, God or the divine. The goal is to look in the groovy eyes of this grander viewpoint and not get stuck in the small stuff because we all have it. We touched on this before we went live but I do feel our dreams help us process the small self so we’re able to step away from these daily occurrences. I believe internally, as deep as we can go, we all want peace. We all want that universal mind and be in this state. Other things get in the way so our lens gets a little dusty.

I do feel we could always use that dream state to go higher and look at it from a new perspective. I’m making a point to remember everything. It’s helping me by setting the intention that I’ll remember the dream. I’m like, “My dream has been assisting me on a daily basis.” Some are more elusive than others but in an emotional way, it’s giving me these true messages. I don’t know anything you want to say about the dream state.

There’s a beautiful quote from the Upanishads, which are from the Vedas. It says, “There is no joy in smallness. Joy is in the infinite. Joy is in wholeness.” I always love that quote. Back to the dreams, I can only say what I’ve learned from Maharishi about dreams. There are two aspects to dreams. He says that when we go to bed at night, we dream and the dreams often get rid of the stress of the day. People who do EEG can tell whether we’re sleeping, dreaming or even awake. Even transcending, there are very poor distinct states of consciousness. We need dreams to get rid of the stress of the day. If we’re dream deprived, then that can cause some imbalances. I understand it.

ZZL 1 | Transcendental Meditation
Transcendental Meditation: Dreams are needed to get rid of the stress of the day. If we are dream deprived, it can cause a lot of imbalances.

I’m not an expert on that. Maharishi has said that when pure consciousness grows in one life, that experience of transcendence underlies the waking, dreaming and sleep state of consciousness. Even when we’re sleeping, we can be aware that we’re sleeping. Even in dreaming, we can have that pure consciousness there. When we have some degree of pure consciousness, we can have these insights or our dreams become more lucid or vivid. They have more light or cosmic value to them.

Talk about cosmic value. What is your opinion? Not necessarily anything you’ve read, but your heart connection to meeting and visiting from those that have passed? I get visits from my loved ones that have passed and I feel so fulfilled.

I’ve thought about that because I’ve lost my brother, my mother and my father over the years.

Have you connected with them?

With my father, sometimes. I don’t know what to make of it if it’s a memory because dreams are hard to understand. They’re a whole different state of consciousness.

I do believe that we are at a higher state of consciousness in those dream states. As we know, here on Earth, we’re denser. I believe that once we pass, our energy is free and we are meeting at this higher state. A lot of times, it’s fleeting but I do tell all of my clients that it’s a great exercise to be open to a meeting because it’s better than a typical dream to release stress. You know there’s a spiritual connection to it.

I know lots of people who have had flashes of intuition in their dream. I’ve even heard people had dreams of the numbers in a lottery. That’s rare but I did read that once in the newspaper.

It’s true. We don’t quite understand the concept of time. It’s past, present and future. I believe when you’re at this high state, you can also see future possibilities.

The difference between what I believe and experience is that the dream state is transitory. What’s real in the dream state is not real in the waking state necessarily. You can see a tiger in the dream state jump at you. It’s an analogy. That is more real and we also can have very profound flashes of intuition going deep into the transcendent because that underlies the dream state. It’s that all-pervasive. I’ve heard millions of experiences from my years of teaching it all around the world that people have very profound flashes of intuition, even in the waking state through experiences of transcendence. Even while they’re meditating, there’s some flash of intuition.

It’s whatever tool you’re looking for. I do believe that the dream could also be when we are present in an everyday situation. It doesn’t only have to be when we’re sleeping at night. That’s imagination and creativity. It’s streaming that in any way it works for you. For some, I love the idea that we can do it at night when we sleep so we don’t have to work so hard. In your work, you’re teaching people in that beautiful meditation to get there.

Effortless meditations are effortless in that as well.

People by doing that work can feel more at peace when they sleep. I’m sure that helps with restlessness and insomnia. You could be enriched at both times during the day and at night. I find all this to be so interesting having the conversation from your perspective with all of this. There are certain words that I can talk about all day. One of them is enlightenment and the other one is consciousness. I love exploring and discussing consciousness and what that means. As an energy healer, I help and assist people to get to that relaxed state so they can have that open viewpoint. They could then begin to feel that presence.

It’s that point I wanted to bring up about consciousness, enlightenment and transcendence because it’s within everyone. That’s what my book is about. In my book, I quoted many experiences of poets or Einstein, athletes and artists who have had this flash of transcendence. They fell upon it in a very unexpected, natural way because it’s within everyone. It’s natural that people throughout time have had this experience. Sometimes they’ve spent the rest of their life trying to recapture it. I wanted to bring up that point.

Eight billion people on this planet have an active level of their mind. We know when our minds are overactive, we’re not as coherent. We’re less efficient. When we’re anxious, things don’t go right. We snap at people. We then have quieter levels of our mind and then that still silent level of the mind. That’s associated with more coherence, inner light, bliss and fullness. You’ve heard this I’m sure. Mystics and writers throughout the ages, many times, have described a state of pure love. They describe it as the unbounded sea or 1,000 stars. They’re not metaphors. They’re literal experiences of that state of pure transcendence.

I have never done Transcendental Meditation. I tapped into it. I went to an orientation and I’ve gone in different directions. I’m always intrigued and I see that people love and have such benefits from working this way. I did a meditation many years ago around the early 2000s that helped me when my mom passed away. It’s another type of Transcendental Meditation. It’s listening to music and there are sounds. It’s like keto exercises in the beginning. It’s certain imagery that you have that is associated with the light centers in your body. I loved it. It was taped that I listened to. I believe in spiritual awakening or an experience in that I felt I was transformed.

That felt very interesting to me. Maybe it was the sounds that I was making, hearing the sounds but all of a sudden, I felt that my face was in slow motion moving. My inner ear started to feel like it was moving. I said to my husband at that time, “We’re energy and malleable beings.” We feel we’re so solid. I don’t know but that information that came to me and feeling myself in slow motion moving was so interesting to me. I felt that I understood so much in that experience.

I’ve heard many people describe that experience because consciousness is an unbounded state. It’s not bound. It’s like the wave settling down on the ocean and it becomes that huge ocean. It can be molded into any form and shape from that platform of unboundedness. When I say molded into any shape, any thought we have will move in that direction. Any feeling we have will flow in bliss and fullness.

Consciousness is an unbounded state. It is like waves settling down on the ocean that can be molded into any form and shape.

Also, our body is ultimately made of consciousness of physics. More and more are coming to that understanding with unified field theories that consciousness is the unified field. That means our body is ultimately made of consciousness. When we transcend common experiences, people don’t feel their bodies. It’s not like they’re out of their body or anything. It takes on that quality of consciousness.

I feel like it’s an expanded form. We’re not necessarily in the boundaries of the human form but 360 degrees, arm’s length around, up and above, you feel your aura is expanding out to the world. We are all connected.

It’s connected on that level of the unified field. It’s a field of infinite correlation, which means everything and everyone is connected on that level. It’s a state of infinite expansion. When we meditate daily, it’s not that we experience that huge expansion every time.

That experience stood out for me. Certain dreams stand out for me. Certain energy healings and teach another level and it doesn’t happen every time. Most of it is the peace. It is the state of everything you’re saying, the state of being. There are moments when we pretty much understand that we’re just energy. I love that we are connecting in this thought in different ways because everyone finds their path and way of getting to that beautiful state. I would love to hear about your music.

I started writing music in the ‘70s and ‘80s. I would try to take some aspect of Maharishi’s knowledge and put it to music. I didn’t consider myself a musician or a singer but that creativity started flowing. That was my outlet for it. I started writing songs about my experiences in meditation. I have a YouTube channel that has lots of songs and videos on it.

I did two albums called Songs to the Full Moon. That’s a metaphor for the fullness of consciousness, the fullness and the light within. O Mother Earth, some of those songs are metaphors. Our inner nature is the same as our outer nature or there’s that connection but they’re also songs about the sea in the ocean. My new album, which is coming up, is called Many Shades of Love.

I have the whole reign from the people who experience the heartbreak and anxiety of love to that sublime, transcendent experience of love. That’s why it’s called Many Shades because there is that whole range of the experience of love. I’m hoping for the ultimate experience of love. One song goes, “What union can be more blessed and union with our own silence, fulfilled love and supreme quest by gaining this universal alliance? In love dwells God’s true power, its strength lies in unity. Abiding in him, his love showers.”

You can share the song itself and we could all look on your site or any place where we can start listening to this. The songs that you are singing feel like a form of prayer. It sounds so beautiful. It’s an expression. That is a vibration. There is one person that I have been reading for the last couple of years. His name is Dr. David Hawkins. He has written The Map of Consciousness, and talks about levels of consciousness.

It’s all a vibration. He pretty much gave a graph. He passed away in 2012 but his latest book was published after he passed, The Map of Consciousness. It was so life-changing reading it because as we’re talking about love, he mentioned it was pretty much a number system but the lowest form of consciousness or energy is shame. He didn’t look at it as a hierarchy but it’s a way for us to understand how certain people’s lenses are sucked it’s certain emotions.

ZZL 1 | Transcendental Meditation
The Map of Consciousness Explained: A Proven Energy Scale to Actualize Your Ultimate Potential

Apathy is over. Shame and anger are over. Even though a lot of times, we look at it as a negative, it could be a way for you to get out of that stuck feeling. He does bring up love at around 500 and most of us can’t be in that state. I’m imagining that when we are in that meditation, that’s another way of reaching that level of consciousness. What goes up to 1,000, I don’t think any human has gotten to that level of consciousness because it’s pure light and formlessness the way you’re wording it, unboundedness in that state. It’s difficult to exist on this planet and function.

It’s been very wise to have mapped up. He must have had some taste of that experience.

He was. He was a psychiatrist and was very experienced and well-read. I’m sure he had a lot of spirituality and it was all about getting out of our ego state. He mentions that a lot. He had spiritual experiences that came through. We’re saying that we all can’t be in those states at all times. He had moments where he was in a state of peace. Wherever he went, he was healing and helping. It couldn’t last there. He had a 5 or 7-year span where he was in this unbelievable state of pure love and healing.

There are several points you bring out. One, it reminds me of Brené Brown. Her last book was about all the different emotions one can experience. Maharishi talks of seven states of consciousness. The first we know is waking, dreaming, and sleeping. That has its distinct brain. If you take EEG, you can tell. The fourth is transcendental consciousness. That has its EEG. It’s more coherence between the left and right hemispheres. The breath rate and the oxygen output drop and there are many measurements to show if you’re in the transcendent state.

He says the transcendent is the gateway to the next three states of consciousness. The transcendent is the 4th state and the 5th state is what he calls Cosmic Consciousness. That’s when you live the transcendent along with the activity. It’s like you’re permanently anchored to the ocean within. Research on the brain shows that coherence grows in activity. In 3, 4, or 5 years of meditating that EEG coherence that was experienced during the TM spills over into activity. It’s not some fanciable idea. You can measure the growth of enlightenment.

Maharishi was always into science and measuring changes. He said, “If enlightenment is impossible and it’s a reality, it has to be measured by science. It has to be shown more potential, growth of coherence, energy and efficiency.” Those are all outward signs of the inner state of enlightenment. The sixth state of consciousness is called Glorified Cosmic Consciousness or God-consciousness. God-consciousness is a very big word. It doesn’t mean we’re God’s consciousness. It means we have that complete appreciation of refined perception of the outer world. We see more of the celestial value or the more refined perception in the outer world. Life takes on more of a glow and more refined perception.

I see a similarity in the writing in terms of this being clear and joyful. He talks about when we reached these higher states, it is a sense of bliss. He mentioned Mother Teresa. A lot of the way he was determining what state you are in was muscle testing. It’s like working with a pendulum. That is showing the truth versus the subjective. It was beautiful to look at it in this way. When he brought up Mothers Teresa, he was reading her. This was his testing of her. Her energy was at a 700, not necessarily because of the charity work she did but because she brought everyone she worked with and spoke to. She gave them their humanity. She recognized their humanity. I thought that was so beautiful.

Maharishi has said that the sixth state is also a state of heart-opening and pure love. The transcendent starts to flow throughout the heart and all the senses. The seventh state, the ultimate state, is Unity Consciousness, where that transcendent is perceived in every aspect of life. Love is everywhere. You’re seeing yourself in everything. You’re connected in one with everything and creation.

Love is everywhere. You’re seeing yourself in everything. You’re connected and one with everything in creation.

It is a possible experience and people are living it more and more. It’s a matter of stabilizing the transcendent, being rested, fresh and having a good balance routine. That unfoldment of pure consciousness grows more and more until ultimately it spills out through all the senses. Everything we see, hear and taste is that experience of pure love and oneness with everything. Life is in a continuous flow and everything becomes effortless. Enlightenment is a possibility in this life

A lot of times, as I’m explaining this philosophy, it’s like, “We can’t get there.” You’re saying that in this life, we can in a very grounded way.

Especially if we can start teaching the children at a young age so they don’t grow up with that taking on stress. When we see young children, they’re so open, unbounded and expanded. Somehow, our education narrows their mind in a way. Some education programs are better than others certainly if we can allow that expansion to keep growing. We have a university in Iowa plus a school from kindergarten through twelfth grade winning all sorts of awards. It’s recognized as the top one of the top private schools in Iowa.

I’ve met some of the students there. They’re so creative and they’re winning all the destinations. There’s a Destination Imagination Award. The school is one of the top schools and they take in everybody. They’re not top students. If we can teach students at a very young age, we can have these objective measures in schools. Not only are we testing how they are doing in Math, English and Science but we can measure their brainwaves and see the coherence growing in the brainwaves.

It should be part of the curriculum. It’s also a way of processing. If you’re learning at ten, then it becomes part of you. We weren’t brought up with having the right tools and understanding how to process our emotions because we are human. In life, things happen. We come across a lot of obstacles and challenges. We are not living in a perfect world, unfortunately. If more of us can understand how to tap into this, then we can be functioning at a much better level and in a clearer way. It’s so beautiful that you offer this.

Be a better influence in our environment as well. I don’t know if you know who David Lynch is but he started a foundation, The David Lynch Foundation. The motto of that foundation is, “Change begins within.” You can try to make all the leaves of the tree green but unless you water the root and give nourishment to the tree from within, that’s the only way the tree is going to grow to be a vibrant, healthy tree. It’s the same with the world. We have to have that influence of coherence spilling out into the world from within our being.

It’s a daily practice. It is important to have a ritual and routine and make any form of meditation. Even walking outside in nature. I wish I could be walking around barefoot more often. It’s so cold here in the Northeast. Any way we can get out of our normal stressful environment, take a break from that.

The news is a vicious cycle. We listen to the news that creates fears or anxieties, then we omit that anxiety and that puts more fear into the environment. We have to break that cycle of fear and create that cycle of positivity.

Listening to the news creates fear and anxiety, and these are emitted into the environment. We have to break that cycle and create a cycle of positivity.

What I am getting from this whole conversation is that coherent vibration. Whether or not it comes through in the silent meditation, music, or any way that you can begin to feel this vibration, it blasts off to the world.

Your show is helping to do that, which is so wonderful. The interviews you do and that positivity.

We need it. Thank you so much, Ann. This has been such a pleasure. Before we close up, is there anything you would like the audience to know? Anything you want to share that you’re working on now that will be coming out soon? Anything you want to highlight?

If they want to go to my website, it’s EnlightenmentForEveryone.com. My YouTube channel is Ann Purcell if they want to hear the songs. I have four books that I’ve written. Two books of poetry. My recent one is called Droplets of Reflection. They’re little short poems. The other one is The Transcendental Meditation Technique and The Journey of Enlightenment. The other book is The Power of Transcendence: Growing In Love, Creativity, Health and Happiness.

ZZL 1 | Transcendental Meditation
Droplets of Reflection

Thank you. In any of these books, are there any exercises in it or any way somebody could start getting involved in this meditation?

To learn Transcendental Meditation, it does require a teacher. You can’t learn it from a book. We have a website, TM-Women.org. We started a women’s organization a couple of years ago. The main website is TM.org and you can find a teacher near you. It’s a four-day course and about an hour and a half a day. I did also want to say we’re building a women’s center near you called The Center for Peace and Enlightenment. I’m inviting a woman there to take the basic TM course or once they’ve learned TM to come on residence courses and longer courses. We hope this will be a centered coherence, especially for the New York Tri-State area for the world in women coming together to create. When they’re in an environment together, there’s this softness and they feel a little more free.

I agree. I co-host women’s retreats, and I have a group. It’s called Global Soul Sisterhood. I do believe in this so much as well. It is a feeling of sisterhood because we are all in it together and it’s a support system. We have seasonal retreats, and it’s been local in Katonah, New York, but we are planning on a retreat next spring in Ojai. We’re very excited about that. I’ll keep you posted. The name of the organization that will be in the tri-state area, we may have broken up a little bit, what is it called?

The place we’re building is called The Global Women’s Center for Peace and Enlightenment. We’ve almost raised the funds to have some of the buildings go up.

Where will it be?

In Manor, New York. Do you know where Middleton is or the Stewart Airport? That’s an hour Northwest of there. It’s on an 88-acre lake. It’s very beautiful.

That’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see it. When do you think it will be okay?

We’re starting now the building. We’ve raised 90% of the money. We hope to break ground in the spring and then it will take about a year. We’ve put our building plans in with the State of New York. We’re waiting to get permission to build. It’s all in process.

I’ll keep an eye out. Thank you. This has been such a pleasure, Ann. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Enjoy the sun in Florida. We can’t wait for it to be here in the Northeast.

If you go to Livingston Manor, maybe we can meet in person sometime.

I would love it. Take care. Thank you for all of this.

Thank you. I appreciate being able to be on your show.

It’s such a pleasure. Take care.

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