May 26, 2021

Hi everyone,

How are you feeling?

I love the warmer days and I’m happy that summer is on the horizon. The shift is helping us feel we are returning to “normal” soon. For many, just the thought may cause anxiety. But even if you feel ready to jump back into the world with both feet, don’t try to take on too much at once. The world’s a changed place, and you’ve probably changed a bit, too.

Let’s discuss how to hack back into your life & bring back the laughter.


Start with gratitude

What’s in your life that you’re really grateful for? (Sometimes it’s as simple as breath, a comfy bed, clothes to wear, food to eat, and one person or animal that you love).


Don’t force laughter

Don’t force it. Pushing through bumps or resisting them doesn’t get you anywhere. Better to accept: I’m in a funk now, that’s OK. Welcome the funk, have a chat with it, let it know it’s welcome to stay and then just get on with your day. Accepting what is is the quickest route to transforming it.


Force yourself to laugh

Ha! I know it’s a direct contradiction to my last point, but listen to the reasoning. It may be as simple as smiling, even if it feels fake for a while. Force yourself to laugh at something, but do it in a big, forced laugh and make it as weird as possible. IT WORKS


Practice a silent giggle

Use the silent giggle by holding on to your thought that makes you giggle. Don’t let it go. You will express absolute joy with your eyes. The trick to it is to be sincere with your level of joy from the silent giggle. Don’t force it. Just be in that place of joy that comes from the giggle.


People watching

Get off social media & watch people in real life. I love going to a coffee shop or park alone & just sit and watch the joy in other people.


Reading & writing

Take some time this season to read a new book & get out a new journal and just start the process.


Go after the funny

My answer is not to take yourself or anyone else too seriously. Step back and see the ridiculous in it all. Then go after the funny. I find whenever I find the silly in life everything gets lighter.
No need to be the class clown, but we must step out of the daily survival mode & start seeing how life can be hysterical.


Remove negativity in your environment

I stop watching the news, hide people in my news-feed who you don’t resonate with or who are chronically negative. Turning down the volume on all of these helps amplify the great things in life that bring me laughter.


Create something

Craft something beautiful or something that makes you laugh, or something to give to a friend or loved one. We are not looking for perfection here, just pleasure. Do something creative that you are really bad at. Can’t sing or dance? Go for it!


Get outside & do something

Exercise…it really helps! Get out and walk in nature, run, or dance.


Listen to music

The one thing can make us all smile.


Need more?

Check out my upcoming offerings to give you the boost and support you may need.

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