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There is a lot in life that we cannot control, but saying that doesn’t minimize the immensity of what we do have control over. The laws of the universe may be immutable, but understanding our place as co-creators means we can see them not as constraints, but as tools that we can use to live life on our own terms (to a certain extent, at least).

It is this great paradox of life that Hans Wilhelm tries to explain through his videos at LIFEexplained.com. A successful illustrator of over 200 books and creator of over 100 YouTube videos, Hans knows what it’s like to follow his passion, but he understands that passion is not everything. Instead, he understands that love is what binds us with the universe. It is the universe. Indeed, it is us.

In this short but informative conversation with Tesa Baum, he goes deep into some of the most relevant universal laws that affect our lives every day. From the Law of Projection to the Law of Attraction, from karmic forces to the Akashic Field, everything Hans explains in this episode will allow you to connect the dots of this seemingly chaotic and uncoordinated puzzle that we call life.

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On Life And The Laws Of The Universe With Hans Wilhelm

In this episode, I’m going to be speaking with Hans Wilhelm. He is the author and illustrator of over 200 books for all ages, including some together with Byron Katie. His books have sold over 40 million copies and are translated into 30 languages. As a mystic, Hans has created over 100 short YouTube videos in which he visually explains the spiritual laws of the universe. In these videos, you can watch him trawling the dynamics of these laws and see how all the dots connect.

This absolutely unique visual presentation has made his videos so successful that they have been watched by over fourteen million viewers. The videos are also available for free on www.LifeExplained.com. Hans says, “My mission is to inspire viewers to explore spirituality and to look at the bigger picture perspective of their life. When we see how everything fits together and there are no mistakes, we will begin to grasp the perfection and the love that is the foundation of everything.” I’m excited for you to meet him.

Hans, how are you?

Tesa, how are you doing?

It’s such a pleasure. I know you may not remember, but I was in the audience at one of your events, so I’m honored that you’re on.

I’m honored to be on your program. I hear from my friend and teacher, Penny Cohen, that you are doing fantastically and so is your podcast. I’m delighted to be part of it.

Thank you, Hans. Penny is absolutely wonderful and she was on as well, so it’s perfect timing for you to be on. I was curious, where are you? I’m in Connecticut.

I’m in Western Connecticut.

We’re close. Hans, I know we talked a little bit about the theme of The Zig-Zag of Life. I love looking at your work and your perspective, so I want to learn what you have to say. I know we discussed some topics ahead of time. I definitely want to touch on some ideas that you’ve already shown the world. Do you have an impactful zig-zag story that you would like to share or just your philosophy on life?

If you take the zig-zag as the up and down of life, I have a wonderful story, which I put onto my website and my YouTube channel, Hans Wilhelm. It is called All for the Best, which is a story that I had published several years ago, and now, I illustrated it and threaded it. It’s a simple story about a carpet weaver who has got a constant up and constant down. Every time he is up, the whole village comes and says, “How wonderful,” and then when something bad happens to him, everybody comes and says, “How terrible.” He always says it will be for the best and eventually, the people are so fed up with this because he is neither elated nor down.

His grandson at the end asked him, “Grandfather, tell me, why do you always say it’s for the best even if bad things happen to us?” He says, “Grandson, I will tell you a secret. I always see the best in everything. We seldom know why bad things or good things happen to us. Life is the wrong side of a carpet where you see all the threads going every which way like a zig-zag pattern. They make no sense whatsoever. In this lifetime or thereafter, the carpet will be turned around, we will show the right side of the carpet, and then we will see that everything has made a perfect pattern, so it is.” That’s why I see the message and that’s what I feel as well. I’m sure you too, that in the end, it all makes sense.

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As we go along life, the older we get, the more the picture comes a little bit clearer. We begin to understand what the pattern is as we go along. I have the same philosophy. It is all for the greater good and we are going in that direction, so I trust.

Age necessarily does not make us wiser. Some people get stuck in their victimhood and they get worse as they get older. It’s great to believe that when we get older, we get more understanding, but it doesn’t happen always, unfortunately. That’s what I have observed. Unfortunately, people get stuck in their programs and their limitations.

I feel most people, unfortunately, get stuck and they also have cynicalness. They become cynical and they begin to feel that life is against them versus for them. You could always be young. You can always have that youthfulness in you even at 100. It depends upon your spirit if we can keep that spirit intact. We see the youngest people having that fear about them. It doesn’t matter what the age is. It is your viewpoint. In my life, I see it coming. I see the pattern in a positive way. I’m understanding why things that happened to me when I was younger make sense now. I understand what I learned from it and it only has made me stronger.

From that understanding, you can do what we all have to do. We have to forgive and ask for forgiveness when we have done something wrong. That is the only way how we solve our karma of a soul burden. When we have the understanding that every bad that happened to us, even imposed by other people or circumstances, after having the understanding, we can now eliminate this karma and truly ask for forgiveness or forgive the person, whoever has hurt us, and that’s the important step. Only understanding it doesn’t do as much further, but there may be still something else to be done to solve this problem. That could be the forgiveness so that every binding, which we had to that person or that situation is finally a cut-off and we are totally free again. With understanding also comes in some action, which is either to repent or ask for forgiveness, or to forgive how or to make amends.

It brings me to another question because I was looking at many of your videos. I was planning on asking you about another title. Since you brought this karma up, I would like to go a little further into that. I know you mentioned reincarnation and our soul family, the bonds, and the ties that we have with each other. A lot of people do feel that they come into families and they don’t feel familiar with them. They feel like, “Why am I in this family? Why was I born with these people that I may not have anything in common with?”

There’s a wonderful example of which I show in one of my videos, Life Before Birth. For instance, if we as a soul want to grow in love and we are not loving enough, helping other people, then we are attracted to another family who also has the same vibration because the entire universe works on like attracts like. The mother and the father has also got some problems with lack of expressing love. We are coming into this loveless kind of environment where nobody shows any love or affection. We feel totally alienated and isolated.

We feel terrible. “How could I pick these parents? They’re unloving, cold, and like a fish that doesn’t care for me much,” and so on. We grew up with this idea that our parents are not like us at all and yet, on a deeper level, they are on the same vibration. They are as loveless as you used to be. Only the difference is you incarnated purposely into that family so that you now can feel how it is to be involved or be in part of a loveless environment like your parents. Out of this deep longing for love, you are now creating the love yourself.

Sometimes, you need this vertical ground around you, which is not necessarily to your liking just to let some energy and aspect of your characteristic flourish. When we grow up in a totally loveless family, we can either turn sour-bitter, that’s possible, but we can also say, “I’m going to change that I’m now going to be opposite from my parents and I will develop love and care for other people.” We need that rather rigid and difficult environment for us to prosper. In the end, it’s all good. It’s a zig-zag, but we can forgive them once we understand that purpose in our lives and in our growth.

What came to my mind is that we are co-creating. We are creators. Sometimes, if you’re given many gifts all the time, how do you know that you can create on your own? Is that the essence of what you’re saying?

Yes. We all have the divine will, a free will. That is important. We do have moments in our life which are usually karmic events, we have set into motion in previous lifetimes, and are now coming back to us for us to learn and grow. We may lose a job, lose some money, lose health, or whatever it is. These are karmic events to which we have agreed prior to our incarnation so that we can overcome them. We face those and we can’t do much about it. These are fate situations, but we always have the free will of how we deal with them. Do we see that as an obstacle? Do we see that as a stumbling stone or a stepping stone? Our free will can make out of every lemonade or we can sit there with a sour face. We have a choice always. We are totally free beings wherever we are.

In many regards, it has already been written. You have written your story before you came to this planet and it’s up to the person that has been incarnated. You’re incarnating into a personality or DNA. We are in this 3D reality. Since your higher self created this whole storyline for you, what you’re learning in this Earth school is to learn how to deal with it.

LFL 86 | Laws Of The Universe
Laws Of The Universe: Love is our default setting. It is our true essence. Love is what we are. It is what the whole universe is made of.


The only thing you have to do is to love. Every situation is an opportunity to learn to love. Even the worst, illness, loss of job, loss of friends, death of a loved one is always for us to learn how to love again because that is our default setting, where we come from, and our true essence. It’s love. It’s selfless, unconditional, unlimited, and all-inclusive love. That is what you are, what I am, and what the whole universe is made of.

As we started talking, I was imagining a video game since we’re holograms. If we can have a headset on because sometimes, you have a lot of haters around you. You have the people that may be testing you. I know on one of your videos, it’s the mirror. Whatever we’re giving out, it’s mirroring back to you, so if it’s your own self-doubt, many times, that’s what’s coming back to you. If we could keep that remembrance and idea that love expands love, that’s the best little gem you have in your pocket to deal with life.

That’s what it’s about, learning to love. Love and nothing else. One of the major teaching from one of my spirit teachers was love and nothing else. That is a key element and that’s why the ho’oponopono teaching of how I always said, “I love you. Please forgive me,” etc., is the same thing. It’s best comes back to love.

Hans, we’ve talked about ho’oponopono for so many years with Penny. Would you like to recite the prayer for us?

It’s simple. Whenever you meet a person or a situation, you don’t speak it out loud, but in your mind, you believe and it says, “Please forgive me. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.” These four sentences. When we’ve meant it, that means that every person we interact with is not by chance. It’s there for us to clean up some old stuff, even if the person doesn’t rub us the wrong way. There’s a reason why that person is in our life. If we take the opportunity to say these four things and also mean them, then it helps to clear up any kind of binding.

The reason why we are here is not only just to become love or to become free again because love and freedom is one and the same. We want to come free of anything that binds us like a shackle but shackles hold us back to this Earth, which can be our passions, vices, relatives, love, drugs, or whatever, and also people. We want to become free of them because freedom is who we are and love is who we are. God is freedom. God is love. God is now.

What stops me when I do perseverate on something that has happened in my life that isn’t going well then it could be hating somebody at a certain moment. There are certain people that come along our path that we would prefer not being around. It’s that hate like, “Why does that have to happen? Why is that person in my way? Why couldn’t I have someone else?” That stops us. When that happens, have that wonderful prayer to clear it. It is that binding because what keeps us up at night are things we hate. Love, we can just rest and we’re at peace. There are some people that you can’t force the love and happy, but it’s nice to clear it. Is that what you’re saying?

No, we can’t change another person and we’re not entitled. We’re not supposed to do it. We have to leave them to free will. The moment we change, the outside world would change. The key is to always ask, “If I change, then the other person will have no need to be in my life anymore.” I’ll give you the typical example of a spouse beating, which I also have in my videos on LifeExplained.com, where the person is the victimizer and the victim. Why are they attracted to each other? Because the victim itself sent out a continuous message, “I’m not good enough. I don’t deserve this.” It’s a low self-esteem.

Finally, somebody comes into our life and beats her or him and expresses physically what the victim has done mentally for years. To wake up, once the victim changes about her or his own beliefs about themselves, has more self-confidence, and knows who she is, the victimizer is no longer needed. They either change their behavior or disappears. It is as simple as that. Whoever is in our life who gives us a hard time is nothing else than somebody who reflects something in us. If we change, the outside world will change. The outside world is only a projection of what goes on in ourselves.

There are a lot of people that could get angry at these statements. The idea of the war and the Holocaust. We don’t want to blame the victim for the abuse, but there is something to be said for what you’re saying in an internal dialogue. The person that is getting raped and the person that is in this mass violence. You’re sitting in a movie theater and somebody is coming in and shooting you. Is that your fault? It’s a different way to express this in a bigger way. It’s difficult to understand. Most people may find these examples difficult to swallow.

It’s true, but we are not here to speculate why certain things on a karmic level happen to other people. That is only between the person and God. It’s not us. We are only here to help, love, and serve. If what appears on our television screen upsets us, then we can do something about it. Even if we send some money to Dr. Siegel of Frontier or anything small that we can do, then go for it. If somebody is abused and we can interfere and stop it, then we do that. This is what love would do. We can’t just sit there and be like, “I wonder why this happened to this person.”

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If there is an action that we can do to stop this injustice, we have to do it. This is part of our growth cycle, but we’re also here to look at the whole victim idea. I made a video called Stop Being A Victim. This was interesting. There was Megyn Kelly, a reporter from Fox, on Bill Maher’s show and she said about being the #MeToo movement. She was good about it. She says, “I never saw myself as a victim. I was a target, but not a victim.” That’s a powerful statement. “I was a target and we changed it and we do something about it. If I see myself as a victim, I give all my energies away and make the other person strong.” It was clever and wise.

That is profound and empowering for people. That is a perfect way to think of it. “I was a target.” That stops the pattern and the cycle to continually be a victim. It’s the survivors. Those that were victims of the Holocaust are a perfect example. You hear these people and their stories and how they could share what they overcame, it’s empowering for others to hear that.

There’s an interesting development as well. The people who were in the Holocaust often don’t even want to talk about it. They don’t want to think about it, etc. What is interesting is after the next generation, they suddenly take this victimhood. They themselves have never born well after the Holocaust. They suddenly take it on and make it a personal issue. Their ego uses that kind of situation to build it up. It’s an interesting thing how victimhood, even if you never were a victim, you can still adopt other people’s victimhood and give your ego certain importance like, “Look what I stand for,” etc. It’s presumptuous to take on what other people went through and believe it. We can feel for it as much as we can and we stop it, but to go on publicly and say, “I know exactly how they went through and fight for that,” are presumptions that our ego does, but not our higher self.

I understand what you’re saying because that’s how we have generational hate. I remember I was in Israel and we went to meet with a small community of Arabs. We were trying to talk in a peaceful way and it was impossible. Both sides have their own opinion from their parents and it was entrenched in who they were, who the enemy was that they weren’t even seeing each other at that moment. People are trying to come to terms with like, “How can we fix the irrigation? How can we fix the water problem together?” It was an interesting thing to witness as a teenager.

They adopted that from their parents instead of having been re-victim themselves. If they will have re-victim themselves, you could deal with them, ask them, and move about it. If you cannot move something which our ego has taken on from our environment from the past, that’s difficult to change.

That’s why that clearing prayer is important. I love to think of every day as new. Who I was yesterday is dead. I am a new person each and every morning. You were saying in one of your videos about reincarnation, it’s better not to remember all the stories because we’re in the here and now. I have done past life regression. I am a facilitator. I do that for people as well. What I do like about it is there are moments of awareness. The main thing that I love about it is understanding that we’re an endless soul, an endless spirit. We’re not just in this one particular life. Understanding how expansive we are, that’s the heart of why I like knowing that there were other lives. We don’t want to, “I agree. I don’t want to get caught up in many other stories because we’re in the here and now.”

It’s another form our ego can get involved with, “I was a prince or princess in my previous life.”

Everyone wants to think that.

To go into past life regression can be a desire of the ego to find some importance in your present life which you do not feel. Therefore, I’m a bit skeptical about it. I don’t advise, but if there is a serious problem, sometimes, the past life regression can help them.

It’s to remove blocks as we go. Another program that I’ve been enjoying offering to people is Akashic field healing. Is there anything you would like to say about the Akashic field?

I am not an expert on Akashic field healing. For me, the Akashic field is the resonance with the Corona around this Earth, which records everything that has happened on planet Earth and also what everybody does on planet Earth. Our soul is not from this Earth, which our soul is a spiritual soul. Anything that our soul learns outside of the realm of the planet Earth is not recorded in the Akashic record. The lesson continues in the spiritual world, which is way beyond our earthly influence. Every time we incarnate, that action and all these things which happen to us are recorded in the Akashic records.

LFL 86 | Laws Of The Universe
Laws Of The Universe: The outside world is only a projection of what goes on within ourselves. When we change ourselves, the world around us changes as well.


I’m glad I asked you that because I do like to look at it as a Sanskrit word for ether. I like to look at it that way. I also like to look at it as a library of knowledge. I like the idea that it stays on the Earth plane and we’re accessing that. For example, Edgar Cayce who has prophesized so much that he was connecting to that field, that’s how the information was streaming to him.

He admitted that.

What I also like to speak to you about is a couple of your videos. I was listening to Do You Follow Your Passion? Getting back to The Zig-Zag of Life theme, the up and the down, often people want to know their purpose and their passion. When they feel they’re on the zig, on the high, they feel that they’re following their passion, and that to me always felt good. I want to know what you have to say about that.

Have you ever had an ego moment and felt great when everybody was applauding and says, “How wonderful Tesa is?” That’s good as well. Do we want it all the time? It is an ego moment, where we feel great and passions can do that too. The origin of the word passion is passio which means suffering and enduring. That’s why there’s the Passion of Christ, which means his walk to the cross, the path of passioning. In all languages, passion is translated. It means suffering. In German, the word is Leidenschaft and Jewish as well, and it means the path of suffering. The moment we give ourselves over to our passion, we want excitement, importance, and to do something special. It’s not necessarily our deeper calling.

Of course, there is something in our deeper calling if it’s done out of love and caring for other people. That kind of passion like Mother Teresa probably did and many others. That’s a different kind of passion and that is great, but most passion is for self-gratification. It does come from our ego. Our ego does want us to be important and follow this high thing. Since you mentioned past life, I remember this man who was not a successful architect, but he always grew up with his passion for architecture and he loved it. He was not doing it well, and then he found out in past life regression that he was a famous architect in Greece.

He got a lot of admiration and he was celebrated everywhere. When his soul came back, “That’s what I want to have again. I want to be this important architect.” If we want to become something where we expect the outside world will recognize and appreciate us and a lot of our passions are that way interesting, then we are on the wrong path because we are feeding our ego. It doesn’t mean you don’t listen to yourself on what you want to do in your life and so on. I followed in a way my passion too, when I became a writer-illustrator for children’s books and so on, but it was because it was one of the few things I could do well.

We follow what we can do well and when it starts to work, then we feel passionate about it. In order to be careful not to be doing it for the ego, the word in your mind is love, compassion, and not seeking that gratification from the outside. It’s fulfilling it from the inside.

It’s an empty hole and you want to fill this empty hole. Often, people who come to you and others who say, “There’s nothing that draws me,” and so on have this deep hole and they believe that this passion will increase. We often forget that we are only guests here on this planet Earth for 25,000 days. That’s the average. We are here only as a student in the Earth school. One of my videos, The Amazing Earth School, explains it in detail. We are here to learn and grow. We are not here to get. That is the main purpose of why we are here and that’s why all these ego manifestations that give us a big car, money, fame, and so on is temporary. It’s not necessarily the path which we have originally signed up for when we incarnated here because we came here to grow.

To get back to the state that we are in or meant to be on the other side, if we break the bonds and attachments and shackles, when we do pass and go to the higher realm, what is your wording for that? Are we raising our frequency? What is happening?

This individual going to school which some people flunk and some people excel. That’s the answer. Some people don’t move at all. We are in a certain vibration reality sphere in the spiritual world before we incarnate. It can be lower or it can be higher. We don’t know where exactly is, but we incarnate on this planet Earth. When we do our class as well, achieve all our goals, and become more loving, then our vibration increases and gets higher vibration. After our death, our soul will be automatically attracted by the Law of Attraction to a sphere, which is higher than it previously was. However, if we have lost ourselves and the world became more drug-addicted or ego-addicted, then our vibration goes lower. When we die, then our soul goes into a lower sphere of realm. It’s always in our hands where we land up on our death.

I’m enjoying this. In terms of, do you follow your passion, I was thinking of art. I know you mentioned architecture, but an artist. When they are painting, not for the gratification, not to sell the painting, and not for the applause of the piece, but for the pure beauty of it and creating beauty on this planet. To me, that is opening our sense of love, internal love, self-love for ourselves, and appreciation of the world. That is a passion. It’s your suggestion. Let’s cut that word out for a little while.

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If it’s based on love, that passion is rare but it’s true. I’ve made a movie called Art and Spirituality where I explained the different artists, how they work, when they do not work for their passions, when they work their own unresolved problems, and those who create out of love. The difference in vibration is interesting to see there. What you explained is exactly expressing yourself. If you don’t do that for the approval of other people but only because you are a channel of this light coming through to you and you draw the picture and this is a picture of what you want to express, that is a perfect expression of love. If you want to call that passion, great. If you say, “I want to paint a picture to become famous and if nobody likes it, I will be upset. If no gallery accepts me as an artist, I will be upset,” then it’s on the wrong path.

You’re running after the passion and ego.

Not only that. You’re also not communicating because if you are communicating, love communicates. You’re showing on your own personal issues and people don’t want to know your personal issues. This is what a lot of modern art is. The person is used to the unresolved problems of artists. There’s no question about it. We know that all the different artists do this and people do not necessarily react to that positively. If you do something loving like music or something, etc., you bring people into a higher vibration. The power you have as an artist to bring yourself into the higher vibration, as well as your audience, is amazing. It’s probably the most powerful way to express love.

That’s why music is so transcending. To be in a room at a live performance and the feeling in the room where people come together is high spirited and it is beautiful. You’re heading upon what music you like. It doesn’t matter. It’s just that feeling of love in a massive way. I love when that comes in. Yes, you have the applause.

That’s a byproduct. There’s nothing wrong with making money and being famous on whatever it is. If it’s your main goal, then it’s run by your ego. If it’s a byproduct, take it, etc.

I appreciate you clarifying all this because it is to me a beautiful way to look at things and keep us back on track. As life does take that zig-zag path, it’s good to have your feet strongly on the ground, connecting to your authentic self at all times, and getting us back to that state of love because we could lose our way often. It’s a wonderful way to clear everything when things get stuck for you. Lastly, I want to ask about another title because I enjoyed watching the video, and it was Recognize Yourself. It wraps up our conversation. I would love to know a little bit about what you drew and what you discussed in that episode.

For your readers, what I do in my videos are visual videos. I connect the dots of spiritual laws. When you see how it all works, it suddenly makes total sense. I do it largely for myself to understand all this law and learn about them, and then I share that in my videos. The Law of Projection is the way of how we recognize ourselves. It says whatever goes on within yourself, you see in the outside world. The outside world is nothing but a gigantic mirror of ourselves. Wherever we look, we only see ourselves. Even if a person comes into our lives and he upsets us, that is something which we see in him is in ourselves as well. Whatever box us in the other also is in us. You spot it, you got it.

The person who upsets us is reflecting something back to us that is in us. Before we curse and condemn the outside world or the president or whatever it is on television, etc., how bad this is, let’s look at ourselves and say, “What goes on in me that this vibrates in me as well?” It’s a Law of Resonance and the Law of Reflection as well. This happens in us, then this is something which is not loving. Every time we do have an emotional response to anything, it shows us that it’s an area where we are not using love. Love wouldn’t do that. Love just loves. Love is not an emotion. Love is what everything is.

When we have an emotion, it can be even an extreme elation like you get applause and your ego gets high and so on. That’s not love either. Whenever we have an emotional reaction, that is something we can look at and assess, “Why does this person bother me? Why am I upset about this email which I just got?” In all cases, it is something in me that has attracted it to me. We shouldn’t go into self-blaming. We should be self-recognizing. Self-recognizing is something different that says, “I’m bad.” Look at it, why is it, and then we can do some work with it.

It’s awareness like an a-ha moment. I know you’ve illustrated a lot of books for Byron Katie and working with Penny Cohen. We talked a lot about that work. I always go back to where I feel it in my body. I found that to be helpful. When we do get a charge in our body, where is it? That has helped me a lot. Figuring out those core feelings could help clear things as well.

LFL 86 | Laws Of The Universe
Laws Of The Universe: Your passion is not necessarily your deeper calling. Most passion is for self-gratification. It comes from our ego.


It’s a story in our head that needs to be changed.

Hans, thank you for all of this beautiful wisdom. I feel enlightened after talking to you. It’s fun. I love your drawings and I want to continue seeing more of your work as you go along. Anything you would like to share with the audience? Anything that you’re up to during COVID? I know you’re not doing a lot of live events.

If you want a lovely story, go back to my website, LifeExplained.com or go to YouTube and search for Hans Wilhelm, and there you’ll see all my videos. Enjoy them because they are visual. You’re listening and you see it as well happening. That’s the excitement and that’s why it has many viewers. Thank you, Tesa. It was a great honor and pleasure to be with you and I hope I see you soon again.

Enjoy the day. Take care.

Thank you. You, too.


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His work can be found in the permanent collections of the Mazza Museum of Art, Dodd Center at the University of Connecticut, Kerlan Collection at the University of Minnesota, de Grummond Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi.

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