From an early age, Lisa Rolleri always knew she had the gift of communication with crossed over loved ones, angels, and the Blessed Mother. Starting when she was a teen, she has been giving messages and predictions. As an adult, she felt the need to understand and share her gift with more than her friends and pursued a study of her gifts. For several years, she worked to hone and understand her work and develop her abilities. On today’s podcast, Lisa joins Tesa Baum to share the most impactful zigzag story in her life and how connecting with our higher energies can help us evolve to another level.

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Connecting With Higher Energies With Lisa Rolleri

I’m excited for you to know my next guest, Lisa Rolleri. Lisa grew up in New York and has lived in seven countries and now is settled in Fairfield, Connecticut, where she intends to live out her days. As a trained chef and certified wine expert, she teaches cooking and wine pairing when she isn’t giving medium or angel readings. From an early age, she had the gift of communication with crossed over loved ones, angels and the Blessed Mother, and has been giving messages and predictions since she was a teen. As an adult, she felt the need to understand and share her gift with more than her friends and pursued a study of her gifts. For several years, she worked to hone and understand her work and developed her abilities. She became certified as a Master Color, Aura Healer, offers EFT tapping, and conducts private and group readings, home clearings and blessings in the greater New York and Fairfield area. I’m excited for you to know her success story.

Lisa, how are you?

It’s good to be here with you.

I’m thrilled that you’re here and I’m happy we have this moment together. I appreciate you coming on. It’s such a crazy time. Everything is unknown and I want to bring in some love in this conversation for us and the world. Where are you now? I love to ask people exactly where they’re sitting in their home or anywhere in the world.

I am sitting in my beautiful breakfast room. I have the sunshine coming in through the windows and looking at the beautiful colors of the trees as we settled down into autumn.

I’m happy it’s sunny. I feel the light coming in too. I want to start off by asking you, what was the most impactful zig-zag story in your life or anything that you want to share?

I would have to say that when I was very ill with MRSAmany years ago and I started to cross over, I got the message from spirit that it was not my time and I needed to go back, and that I still had work to do. When I came through the illness and started to heal, I realized that my gifts as a medium had become very strong. I ended up becoming a medium and also started to communicate through the angelic realm. That was probably the biggest turning point in my life.

This was many years ago when this started to sprout?

Yes, it got stronger and stronger.

You always had this throughout your life?

I did. I had a lot of intuition. I did feel when somebody was going to cross over prior to their leaving and they always had a strong connection with the Blessed Mother. I thought everybody could see her. I didn’t realize that was a special gift I had. I also knew when birth was coming. It felt like that was a special gift.

It’s a cycle of life. You were tapped into it. I have a couple of questions. I do want to go back to when you said you were crossing over. I find that to be incredible to hear a little more about that because I do feel we have an endless consciousness and we’re not just physical beings. Hearing your story pretty much begins to validate that. Explain it a little bit more for us.

I knew that the infection had gone into my eyes and my ears and it was going into my brain, but it had started to go down into my heart. At that point, my body was shutting down. I went into this amazing bright light. I remember seeing my uncle putting his hand out to help me come through. I heard a strong voice telling me, “It’s not your time. You need to go back and you still have work to do.” About a year later, I realized that voice was Michael the Archangel and he has been one of my guardians and guides ever since.

Did you visually see him?

It’s funny because for a long time, I couldn’t figure out who it was. I knew there was somebody that was close to me. One day, I heard a line from the movie, Michael, with John Travolta and he said, “I’m not that kind of angel.” He does have a sense of humor and he makes me laugh.

I love your knowledge about this because I’ve explored this for so long. I haven’t built my relationship with the angels and the archangels a bit. I have started more and more in 2020 especially. I do find it to be interesting. Even my studies in Kabbalah, it spans every religion. It goes back for thousands and thousands of years. It’s been written and orally shared. Any insight to explain what this is? Is this in your imagination that you’re feeling, seeing and hearing?

ZZL 7 | Connecting With Higher Energies
Connecting With Higher Energies: Our energy never dies. It transforms into something with a higher vibration, and then we eventually learn a new lesson.


Originally, I thought I had lost my mind. I had no idea what was going on and I don’t want to call it fearful, but had some remorse for having, in my mind, gone crazy.

I am happy we’re talking about this because that’s something to touch on.

As I explored it more and more, and I finally met with somebody who was a medium and had a better grasp on what it was that had happened to me, that I was more open to receiving the messages from spirit but also, I learned how to close it off. It wasn’t on all the time. During my studies, I went to a bookstore close by and went to look for books on mediumship. In the course of being in the bookstore, I picked up some angel cards and the voice came back and said, “Buy them.” I’m like, “You’re here in the store too?” I was like, “I don’t know what to do with them.” They said, “We’ll show you.” I brought them home and it changed everything. When I work with a client, it validated everything that I had felt and heard, but still had skepticism of my own abilities.

Being in this work for many years now, as a little girl, I did start off always having intuitive insight. I also did seem to have some clairvoyance with my mom, so I relate to this, but a lot of things are fleeting. They come in and then you feel you have a sense of things, but then you get back to every day. I wasn’t scared of it. It felt good, but I didn’t get into it until my adulthood. I find this to be interesting because for many people who have had near-death experiences, it’s much more substantial. It’s grounded and anchored into you in a different way. I’m noticing that in people that I have been meeting over the years that it’s not even fleeting anymore, it’s transforming. It’s not the answer is to die and to come back. What a blessing that you have experienced that. You do understand the cycle of life and you always did, but you had this incredible experience.

It’s been transformative for me to be able to understand consciousness and that as an energetic deem, our energy never dies. It transforms into something with a higher vibration and then we eventually come to learn a new lesson.

I’ve been feeling so much and looking into all that’s been written in quantum physics and the idea that we’re blending mysticism and science. The more science advances, it’s wrapping around full circle to a lot of ancient wisdom. In our day, the last 20 to 30 years, there’s been such an awakening. People are beginning to communicate and articulate this in a much more understanding and grounded way. It’s not out there or rules instead of the alternative, it’s natural. I love listening to you. I am curious because I’ve had a past life regression, I’ve worked on people and I’ve received it. What I found to be the most enjoyable was when my consciousness went in between the lives. I was sitting in the light. I had an experience where I had some memories and images of a past life.

The scenes came through like a dream and didn’t understand exactly why I was always seeing this. I understood it more after the experience. After in my dreamlike state, in this past life regression experience, I did pass on. Being in that moment, in that light, it made me feel we don’t need to do anything. We just need to show up and the light is here. That was my message. I’m like, “It’s all here.” All I have to do is be. After hearing that, it sounds like we’ve heard that line so often, “All you have to do is be,” but that is the message. We’re all working hard to get to that goal and something outside of ourselves when to enjoy, be with nature, with each other and to sink back into it. That’s my lesson that I’ve been learning all these years.

It’s amazing when we finally connect with our own soul, listen to our hearts, and get out of our head that we find who we are and that is yourself.

I feel that many people are busy and they feel they don’t have time to sit, center and listen. For some reason, we were born and treated by this. There are a lot of people out there that don’t have patience or interest in being with themselves sitting into it and understanding what a blessing it is to be alive.

I always say meditation can be three deep breaths. The time to connect with your own breath and take three deep breaths, you are in a sense of meditation. It doesn’t have to be hours of sitting in silence. It can be just connecting with that breath and knowing that you are out of your head and in your heart, and you will find the center and yourself. It’s such a simple way to reconnect.

There’s an organization called Aniwa. It’s a gathering for many indigenous cultures and a lot of the elders do the ceremony. Because of COVID, they are allowing the cameras into their ceremony. I was watching it. It was such a blessing and I was able to witness this because I wouldn’t have the time to go to that retreat over the weekend and it was a fortune over the years. I could sit at home, listen and watch. One of the Q’ero elders was talking about laying on the earth, that we need to lay on the earth. In the wintertime, we’re not going to do that as much. Even for an hour laying on your back and then closing your eyes and breathing. The appreciation of nature like honoring each element.

This tradition is in every religion, honoring the elements but taking the time to drop in and think about the air that we’re breathing and the earth. Wherever you are in the world, take some earth, pick it up and your hands, appreciate it, breathe it in. Take the oxygen and appreciate the breath. I love that you’re saying breath because more and more, people can do that in our busy modern life. People say, “That I can do. I can take the time to consciously breathe.” That doesn’t take so long.

When you think about the earth, since the beginning of time, man has connected with rocks, crystals and we all use them in our practice. They do hold the energies of this ancient wisdom that the planet offers to us. Even holding a piece of crystal or even a rock in your hand, you’ll feel the vibration if you take the time to stop and feel it. It will help you to ground, to feel more centered and to be more connected. We all vibrate at different levels.

I’m always interested in vibrating at a higher level because life gets you down, things get heavy. We don’t want to bypass that feeling of like, “What’s going on?” You have to feel the emotions to process it and not avoid emotions. There is something about breathing through it, letting it come into your heart, and processing in your heart versus being stuck. We honor mental health so much in this world that people seek out mental health, but we’re not seeking out that heart intelligence enough. That’s coming more to the forefront in science, and that is a wonderful organization if anybody wants to look more into this. I’ve been working on that more and more, breathing into the heart.

It’s amazing what science has come across because now they’re finding out that we always say it’s our gut instinct, and they’re finding out there’s a lot of serotonin in the intestines and in the stomach, just like there is in the brain. They’re saying it is another brain. When you look at the two organs and their shape, they’re similar. They’re finding out that there is a reason we get gut instincts because it is like a second brain for us.

In the Q’ero tradition, they talk about connecting your four centers, not chakras. I find that to be interesting. It’s more of like just connecting to your center. That stomach area is powerful. The hearts, your lower root and your head. We have to take the time to focus, align and connect those centers, then to connect out there to nature, to the cosmos. That work is simple, but in our tradition and our world, we don’t take the time to do this.

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I find that prior to every single reading I do, I always do a grounding. We are connecting to the center of Mother Earth before we open the crown chakra and send that energy up into the etheric world. It allows us to connect the two together. It keeps us grounded, but it also raises the vibration and gives us the opportunity to connect to that higher vibration and the higher beings that are always around us. We tend to forget that because we do get too muddy in the middle. We forget to ground and to open up to the information that’s available to us at all times.

I’m feeling the movement as we speak. I want to continue talking, but I’m called to ask you if you could give us a short exercise or meditation, like a short moving through grounding and what you described. We could all love that and maybe we’ll do that towards the end because that’s such a gift.

I’ll be honored to do that for you.

Thank you because I’m feeling it’s so powerful right now at this time. It’s turbulent and I want to keep the thread that we’re all connected. There’s so much tearing us apart. This is necessary. The other thing I want to go into, I know we had a conversation once about the study that you did at Yale. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

I was contacted by Yale University by its spiritual wellness center. They did a study of the brains of mediums, unfortunately, people with schizophrenia and people with what I call “the normal brain.” I went through a series of tests and then they did MRIs and MREs. During those processes, they also gave us a lot of questions and processes to go through to see what happens to the brain of somebody who is connecting to the unseen that can still function in this world. Unfortunately, somebody with schizophrenia tends to not be able to function, but sees things that others can’t.

In the end, they came to the conclusions that the brain of a medium, there’s a part of it that almost flatlines. It disconnects from this world that allows the higher energies to come through. I find in my practice that if I finish a conversation with a client, if they called me the next day and asked me what I told them, I have no clue, which is a form of protection that this is the way the brain protects us from holding other people’s energy at all times.

That’s interesting because I have to say, other people that I’ve spoken to that channel don’t remember the conversation. They could have been given me some wisdom and it’s out, it’s gone and that is protection.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times where it’s bizarre, it does stick with me because even I go, “What?”

With a traditional therapist, everything’s written down, so they begin to know your story. What I find to be powerful when you mentioned this, life keeps on moving. We’re always creating a newness for us. We’re pretty much a new creation every morning. The limits that we had yesterday should not at all be limiting us now. There is something about being born again every single morning. The fact that you’re giving somebody information from the past, “Let it recycle, let it go. There’s no need to hold them to that story the next day.”

The friendships that I love and I feel are healthy are ones that never remind me of my mistakes, that never remind me of my faults, and that are always open to me being the best could be now. Those friends along the way are always tripping us up and they were like, “You’re this way.” There is something wonderful about somebody wanting to hold you in the best light. If we could always do that for one another and it’s knowing that anything is possible, we’re unlimited.

We are limitless energy and we absolutely can let go of the energy of yesterday because it is old energy and we don’t want to hold on to old energy because there’s always new around us.

I started out learning about Reiki in the beginning and I thought that was such great energy to learn and to heal others. There’s much more over the last 30 years. There’s much information and a lot of it is reinvented and recycled. I always love to feel it. It’s not even about a different language. There are always new energies of light coming into the world. As humans, we have developed different practices and systems, so we can tap into that. There are many powerful healings out there now. I love finding out authentic ways to connect. Sometimes a lot of these practices or systems to me seem to be a little bitlikethey’re looking to make money, but there are some more practices that’s why I call the indigenous because I find that to be ancient.

They’re now starting to integrate a lot of the ancient practices of healing in modern medicine. They’re finding that they did work and that it’s okay to blend the two and not being just all one way because it is a science, it’s just a different form of science.

It is medicine. Energy medicine is medicine. There are some cultures that like to take plant medicine. There are other cultures that don’t need plant medicine to find the healing energy. They can find the healing energy and messages from nature. That’s why I love the Q’ero tribe because they connect to the Apu, they connect to the earth, the feminine earth, and the Pachumama. When they receive these codes, they can tap into the healing, but what I love to learn about is we all have it. We all have our own energy signature. We can all tap into our own way. Even if we learn different practices, we all have our own basic energy medicine. I love your teachings and your connection because I feel more connected to myself when I hear you speak. That’s what I look for.

It is interesting though I feel like the veil is lifted and there’s much more awareness of the higher energies, and that we’re starting to connect with them more readily.

ZZL 7 | Connecting With Higher Energies
Connecting With Higher Energies: Holding a piece of crystal or a rock in your hand will help you ground, feel more centered, and be more connected.


The veil is lifting or thinning. How would you describe it?

This moon opened up portals and allowed the veil to lift even higher and giving us more connections with higher energies. I don’t know how many of you felt it from Friday morning right through until Sunday midday.

Everyone who’s reading, we’re discussing the full moon on Halloween.

It was incredible. It had such high energy and it did give off a vibration that was much higher than normal. I teased, “I felt like I had too much coffee,” because I was vibrating so high. It does give you clarity. These are the things that I say you take those three deep breaths, you’ll connect with it. Now, it’s easy to do that, given the atmosphere the way it is. Instead of focusing on all this negative that’s going on in the world, if we connect our breath with the higher energies, it’s giving us an opportunity to be much more connected and giving us the lightness that we need now.

Anything else you want to share about the near-death experience again or you pretty much touched on it, just to get a sense of this? I believe I tapped into it in a past life regression. In hypnosis, I had a sense of it, which was powerful.

It does take away any fear of crossing over. I didn’t even call it death because we’re not dying. We’re just evolving into another level.

That’s what I had a conversation with my daughter. I told her when we were talking and I wanted her to understand. She said, “You don’t think we ever die?” I said, “No, it’s just a changing.” Would you give the same analogy as changing elements or it’s different like when some solid goes to a liquid or when things evaporate?

I called the body the renter center, and only if we keep it 90 to 100 years, we’re fortunate. Even going back to old scriptures, they say we turn to dust, but the soul evolves. The soul goes on and it gives an opportunity for new lessons. When we incarnate back into a being again, it’s giving the soul another opportunity to be able to evolve and to go to a higher level. Energy can’t be destroyed. Energy, it’s going to a new form. When I connect to crossed over loved ones, I’m raising my vibration and then allowing them to sit in that energy so they can communicate and to be able to give a message. When I let go, I come back into my own world and let them go and they go back into theirs, but they’re always around us. When somebody says, “I sense or feel my mom or my grandpa or whatever it is around me,” they are there, their energy is with us and it never leaves.

Do they keep on moving and evolving also? Are they hovering near us since we’re still alive?

Sometimes the soul will have been here enough times that it goes to a higher level and then I am not able to connect with them. Sometimes I won’t be able to connect with somebody that somebody wants to speak with because they have moved on. They are at a higher level. Generally, I’ll say they were an old soul, they have already moved on. I always get the agreement like, “Yes, everybody always said this person was an old soul.” It’s a soul that has evolved enough to be able to move to a higher level because the whole process of the soul is to become a more loving being. In most Christian rites, we talk about being made in the image of God, Divine spirit, whatever you refer to the highest being, he’s the purest form of love.

Would that be the source? We are that divine spark?

We are part of that, but we’re just not as pure in our loving spirits. As we evolve and as we become more loving beings, we get closer and closer to the source. Even though we’re a part of it and we’re all connected, we’re not all on the same level at the same time.

In Kabbalah, we talk about to be like the creator, and to be like a creator is that giving. We feel a satisfaction or we feel more expanded when we give. If I am feeding my child, I’m feeling satisfied that my child is eating my food, or if you have guests come to the house, when people are eating your food, there’s a reciprocal exchange. It’s always in that sense.

When you think about it and when we do the giving, we are doing it from a place of love and that raises our vibration and gives us the opportunity to be more loving beings.

What if somebody isn’t going to receive it? That’s when a lot of people get constrict or feel resentful because if you’re giving to another and they don’t receive it, that’s when conflict starts.

That’s one of the harder things for people that are giving souls to receive. At times, we feel we don’t deserve to receive, but we did because it’s an energetic exchange. Being energy, we always have to have that reciprocation, that constant evolvement of giving and receiving. If we’re not receiving, then we drain ourselves. Receiving is giving the other person the opportunity to have that loving feel of it.

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When you start that practice because some days you can wake up and say, “It’s safer to give in a sense.” If you’re waiting to receive, you may be disappointed. It could be a protection from a lot of healers. They’ll begin to feel good if they can be giving, but then what if nobody gives back? There’s a protection to only be a giver.

We do need to receive too because the heart needs to be loved and the heart means to receive as much as it gives.

There’s a balance and then there’s a harmony and that’s how things work when it’s a back and forth. All of these words of wisdom are beautiful and helpful. I love experiencing your circle years ago, I had it on the anniversary of my mom passed July 11th, and it may have been four years ago that you came to my house and you shared much. You touched many people. It’s not easy sharing with people because there are a lot of people that are closed off and do not have faith or belief that this is real. To hold yourself in that light for that amount of time, that was incredible.

I always say I’m humbled and I’m blessed to be able to give the gifts that I received and to share it with others.

It’s fun in a circle, but I would like to have a private with you too. My mom and my grandparents all passed, and I get a lot of connection and dreams on my own. A lot is answered for me or I feel that they visit in my dreams. I love those experiences. It’s nice to experience it firsthand. A lot of times when people seek out mediums, especially tragic deaths, people are feeling desperate for the connection. I’m not sad anymore. As you say, we’re all energy and I don’t feel that my loved ones are gone. I have that faith, but there are times, we want to pick up the phone and have a conversation with them.

That’s where I try to fill in some of the light.

You’re like the operator, “Can I call my mom?” Lisa, I don’t want to put you on the spot, but as you described your meditation, it felt good.

Do you want to do a little grounding?

I would love a little grounding, yes.

We’ll close with that. I always start with a little invocation. I’m going to call in the divine spirit, all the angels, archangels, all the saints, the holy ones, and the Ascended Masters and any guides across the loved ones to give us guidance, peace, love and grace. Take a deep breath in. I always start with seeing the chalkboard because this is the energy of everything that we put into our day. We want to pick up that eraser and just wipe it clean and clear everything off. On the next breath, imagine a beautiful root growing down from your spine, traveling down your legs, and extending out through the bottoms of the feet.

As it descends, it sends out holding roots, feeler roots and the tiny hairs. It goes into the warmth of the soil, finds its way through the crevices of the rock bed, and enters the nourishing cool water deep within Mother Earth. As it gets into the core, there’s a beautiful ball of light energy. It’s the purest form and the most healing form. We’re going to draw that up into our roots, filling each root, each tiny hair. As it descends, it comes back up through the bottoms of the feet. You may feel a tingle. It’s filling each and every cell clearing and detoxifying as it comes up.

Coming up to the legs to the knees, into the thighs. As it enters the seat bones, it allows you to sit a little deeper in your seat. Traveling up the spine, it builds each and every organ, making each organ healthy and bright. Coming into the shoulders that allows them to drop a little deeper, go into the elbows, the wrists, and each and every fingertip. As it travels up the neck, it fills the head, allowing the jaw to relax and the backs of the eye sockets. It opens up the crown, allowing the beautiful column of white light to ascend into the heavens and meet the etheric world, seeing the two swirling together. On your next breath, remember that you can only stay grounded and stay connected. As we come back into this world, we do it with a sense of gratitude and love. Namaste.

Thank you, Lisa. It’s gentle and beautiful. I appreciate it. I appreciate you talking. Enjoy the rest of the day. Anything you want to share of anything you’re offering? I’m sure a lot is on Zoom.

I would love to connect with any of your readers and know that I’m doing Zoom, I’m doing Skype and I am doing a safe one-on-one. We’re wearing masks and taking precautions, given the situation. I would love to say I’m still doing my angels in the garden, but as the year comes to an end, it’s a little chilly.

I can’t wait to experience that in the spring and summer for sure, outside or when this passes inside. Where are you located? You’re in Fairfield?

I’m in Fairfield, Connecticut and I offer my readings worldwide. I have clients around the world. I’m always happy to receive messages and guide you in any way I can.

ZZL 7 | Connecting With Higher Energies
Connecting With Higher Energies: We don’t want to hold on to old energy because there’s always new around us.


Thank you. Such a blessing. Enjoy. I will talk to you soon.

Have a great day.

You too.

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From a very early age, she had the gift of communication with crossed-over loved ones, angels and the Blessed Mother and has been giving messages and predictions since she was a teen, as an adult, she felt the need to understand and share her gift with more than her friends and pursued a study of her gifts. For several years, she worked to hone and understand her work and develop her abilities. She became certified as a Color, Aura Healer and the study of EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and conducts private and group readings in the greater New York and Fairfield area. She can also be accessed by phone and by Skype.


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