In many ways, the zigzags of life are a wake-up call for us to reconnect to the spiritual and embark on a soul-healing journey. We are connected to the Earth in so many ways, and the way we treat ourselves affects the planet more than we could ever imagine. In this conversation with Tesa Baum, Dr. Eilis Philpott, a Reiki master, master healer and teacher at Soul Healing Journey and founder of the Academy for Soul Healing, shares how her zigzags in life brought her to spiritual healing, which remains her passion to this day. Dr. Eilis helps people understand who they are at the soul level – something that she did for herself when she found herself in one of those difficult situations that make or break a person. Join in and be inspired by her powerful zigzag story!

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The Zig-Zag Of Life

Your Flash of Inspiration

I’m excited to introduce you to Eilis Philpott. She is the Owner of the Soul Healing Journey and the Founder of Academy for Soul Healing. Eilis is down to earth and one of the most evolved humans I know. She wears no masks and is a wonderful and gifted healer and teacher. She helps people understand who they are at a soul level. Provision for the Academy for Soul Healing is the integration of many modalities in their purest form to support the growth and expansion of humanity, individually, and on a global scale. Enjoy reading while Eilis tells us about her most impactful zigzag story. Eilis, how are you?

I’m good. How are you?

I’m good. I am happy to be speaking to you and I appreciate you coming on. Where are you?

I’m at home in my home office, which is in Fairfield, Connecticut.

I know we’ve talked about it a little bit, what was your most impactful zigzag story that you would like to share?

When you suggested the topic of zigzag, I was like, “I have many zigzag moments and topics.” It was half a day where the whole course of my life completely changed. I grew up in Ireland. I moved to London to be with my then fiancé now husband and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for the second time with severe depression and anxiety. I was not in a good space. I was vacillating back and forth between, “Will I stay here? Will I go back to Ireland? Is this worth it?” I started seeing a therapist in the hospital while I was there. I’ve been seeing her for maybe a month. One day, I came in and I was still like, “I don’t know whether I should go back to Ireland.” She said to me, “You have until 1:00 PM to decide if you are staying here or if you are going back to Ireland. Once that decision is made, that’s what you’re doing.” My mind was completely blown and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I knew that if I stayed in London, it was going to be hard because I had all this work to do. I didn’t know when I was going to get better. That was reality. I also knew that if I went back to Ireland, I was never leaving Ireland again. I was going back to my family and I was going to be the old spinster Irish landlady. I decided to stay and haven’t looked back since.

How long were you there in the hospital?

A few months. That one was a day hospital so it was like I was going to work every day and I slept at home. I went in there March and it was around September when I started going part-time.

Everyone that I’m speaking to, they have a different perspective. When I asked the question, it was like a flash of inspiration. Often people have been starting their stories with the zig and they stop. I do hear that you’re starting with the zag. You were at this point and you did make a decision and feel things start to energize for you. When did you begin to put things in perspective or feel mobilized that things were pivoting for you? Was there a moment?

There wasn’t a moment unless I look back. When I look back, I see that making that decision was a huge pivotal moment for me.

You didn’t have a choice to wobble back and forth anymore.

It was years later she told me, “Should I feel guilty saying that to you?” I said, “No, I needed you to say that to me so that I would stand in my knowledge of the decision that I made and move forward.” I wasn’t able to move forward until I chose.

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Sometimes we need some tough love because sometimes when things are easy and nice, there’s not going to be any movement with that. We needed something forceful to get going. You have such a broad perspective on the world. You see things that most people don’t. Any hidden gems that you can share with us? Did you always see things in your way?

Yes and no. My father was very narcissistic. When I left Ireland and had started in therapy in England, I didn’t know who I was because everything I thought I was was his opinion. I didn’t know who I was or what my perspective was for anything down to even how I dressed. Was I dressing because I liked these coats or was I dressed that way because it pissed him off? That period of my life was a whole new waking up to who I was. I was fortunate that my husband was someone that I was able to sound off. I could say to him, “Is this guy red or is it blue? I think it’s blue, but my father said it was red and I’m not sure.” He could say, “No, this is the reality.” That was valuable support for me to get to know who I was on that whole other level. To answer your question, have I always thought differently? Probably I have, but it’s the way I’ve always thought.

You have embraced it and it’s empowered. You may think, “I have an intuitive feeling about this or maybe I’m looking at it this way, but no one’s going to listen to my silliness and my nonsense.” Now, you see how effective it is and how you’ve helped many people. Now you’re zigging.

I never knew there was a differentiation between zigging and zagging. I’ve learned something new.

It’s all in the perspective. I was having a conversation about messages come to us and information. When I was young, I had an intuitive way. I believe that I was telepathic. I had a connection with my mother. That information comes to me when I was young and I was open to it and I wasn’t scared of it. Everyone embraced it. People thought it was cool that I had this. Later on, I had an experience when I was a teenager and I was in Israel. Something happened where I was channeling some words. I’m learning a little bit more about Hebrew so I know what the word is. I was saying this word over and over again and every time I did, whatever I was thinking started to happen. It was like a premonition. We’re open to much and much consciousness and we don’t know how to stop it. It’s scary.

I felt at that moment I was out of touch. In a sense, I’m relating to your story like when we feel off-balance or out of our body. One of the guides, the counselors on my trip, she sweetly said to me, “Tes, put it on perspective.” With that, I remember being on a bus and everything balanced out and I was comfortable again. That feeling of complete openness was scary. It relates to a lot of this conversation because when we all feel out of sorts or off-balance, how do we get ourselves in line and pass the intuitive path? Anything else you want to share about that point in your life? You were there and things began to come in perspective for you.

It was a slow process because we’re talking like many years ago at this stage. Talking about time, what I’ve seen shift is in doing all this work. I started working on myself back then and then came over to America, I was doing lots of alternative healing modalities. Knowing that I was doing a lot of good high, powerful work, but it didn’t happen as quickly. The shifts didn’t happen as quickly in those days. Whereas now, I’m seeing shifts happening fast for everybody. It has the energy. The shifts have increased exponentially.

That makes sense to me because everything is going faster in a day like the world is shifting. I understand what you’re saying. You probably started a little bit before me and I was becoming more aware of everything in the mid-90s.

I did my first training for a rebirthing in ‘96. I’ve done reiki before that.

It was an interesting time and then all the books like The Celestine Prophecy coming out. Everyone began awakening but still, people didn’t feel as light.

In this area as well, the energy was dark and intense. I took a break from it for several years in 2011 and then came back in 2016. The energy had shifted in those four years.

In terms of looking at the world and looking at the work that you do, anything that you’re seeing on a deeper level? I know that you’re not a political person. You don’t look at the story. I’m talking about energy in general. We’re moving a lot back and forth. There’s much going on and I would love your wisdom here. Anything you would like to share that you see.

ZZL 1 | Soul Healing Journey
Soul Healing Journey: If you’re grounded to the planet Earth, you’re going to feel those feelings that are relevant to the moment.


The only big thing I always see in these kinds of situations and it’s bigger at the moment is we don’t know the bigger picture. What we’re living is only a small portion of what’s going on, where we’re working towards, and where we’ve come from. We don’t know what the final outcome is going to be. In a thousand years, they’ll look back and say, “I remember when so-and-so happens and this was the reason why?” Fifty million years in the future look back and say, “That was the period of whatever it was and it impacted us.” We don’t know. It is hard and intense, and all you can do is do your work. Unless you’re a front liner in which case your work is in the front line. I would never say don’t do that if that’s what you’re called to do, but that’s not what I’m called to do.

My one question for you that I’ve been doing, a lot of people are talking about spiritual bypassing. I enjoy speaking to people that have humanness to them and that are in tune with what’s going on. It’s okay to be emotional. It’s also like an energetic level. If we’re all at a point where we’re fearful or apathetic, we can’t be at a thousand where Mother Teresa was fasting or sitting on the top of a mountain. To help us all feel interconnected, any ideas about that? I know you’re noticing that as well.

I always say when I’m teaching, I am a human being, I have feelings, I process things, I go through stuff. I am not a teacher who says, “I’ve got all the answers.” I may have a little more intuition or I may have tapped into some more or a bit more experienced. We are humans and we’re here having a human experience and it means feeling feelings. That’s what we came here for. Whether we judge those feelings as good or bad is irrelevant because they are feelings, which is energy and emotions. The spiritual bypassing that you refer to is what used to be referred to as the reading woo-woo, hippy-dippy energy, where they were floating around in the clouds, but they weren’t grounded.

Part of being a spiritual worker is that you are living in your body connected to the higher realms, but grounded to the planet Earth as well. If you’re grounded to the planet Earth, you’re going to feel those feelings that are relevant to the moment. Feel scared if these protests are happening on your street. Feel scared if you have to wear a mask whenever you go inside to do some shopping. They are relevant and appropriate feelings. Part of our healing work as humans is to heal the stuff that has been held on a subconscious level in the planets, in the energy field, in the cultural systems. It’s like we’re healing on many levels and part of healing is feeling.

Sometimes you can speak to people that are looking at everything in such a positive way when someone is not feeling as happy or good. It’s difficult to relate to someone that’s like, “We’re in a better place. Everything is going to be fine.” I also do think a conversation is coming up a lot about the dark and the light of things in general. Interestingly, it’s practical but the darkness is coming in. I do look at it as regardless, the divine is here and that’s where it’s starting from and then the darkness is not being fully in the light. Any wisdom that you would love to share about that idea?

The first thing that one of my teachers told me years ago is if you ask God, what was the single thing that served the light the most? God would say the dark because the dark is what gets people to the place of saying, “I can’t take this one minute more.” We’ll then go to trying to figure it out and do the work.

Those are the lessons. I feel that when something’s happening that you feel is a conflict or you feel is a huge challenge, it’s a gift because it’s showing up for me for a reason. I’m charged for a reason. I’m human, I’m feeling it. I know there’s a bigger lesson here. It does take the pain away a bit.

There can be different layers of what’s going on. If you look into those on a simplistic level, is the pain you’re feeling an old pain from an inner child that hasn’t been healed? In that case, then you do that inner child work, love that inner child. Is it a pain that you’re feeling from the mass consciousness? That’s a different level of healing that’s happening. Is it a cultural one where you grew up in a culture where women were considered second class citizens? There are many different layers to what you can be feeling. The first place to start is always with yourself because what’s going on in yourself is a reflection of what’s going on in the world. You’re healing yourself every time. Even if you do bodywork, every time you heal your body, each part of your body reflects different parts of the world or different parts of the planet.

It’s such a beautiful concept and I always believe it but we always hear things differently. We are all connected. I believe that wholeheartedly. We do feel that whomever you’re speaking to, it’s a mirror of yourself in many ways. When we were going over this, there was something I wanted to ask you in terms of the ancestors. You mentioned personally your inner child. You mentioned society and I also wanted to touch on the DNA memory. We did a DNA activation with you and it was an incredible experience. I felt energized and I was shocked by how many visualizations I had during it. I would love to hear from you on what you have to say about this because I learned many different ways.

The specific DNA activation that you’re part of is a yearlong program once a month. That program is geared towards activating the junk DNA that’s in our two strands of DNA. They’re the two strands that scientists know about. A lot of scientists say that 80% to 90% of it is junk. It’s being suppressed. It’s being reactivated. That’s the physical DNA, but we also have strands of DNA that are in other dimensions. They’re made of light. We’re not aware of them in the physical body and those strands of DNA are being activated in this process as well.

As below and as above, that type of philosophy. Whatever’s happening here is happening in many different realms. We’re connected to other layers or dimensions.

When I started doing this work and people were talking about multidimensionality and it’s like, I knew what the word meant, but I couldn’t grasp the concept of it.

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It’s also such a beautiful word because we are multidimensional people. We are a full spectrum. That also goes back to the idea of the dark and the light. We are a full spectrum and when we start looking at it that way, the more people and our minds can understand it, but we’re polarized. You always teach the polarity traps that we get in. I think it is important to see that.

The other important thing to remember is I remember back when The Celestine Prophecy and all those books were coming out way back when. One of the books that came out was What the Bleep Do We Know!? and the video. I was getting a lot of clients in those days saying, “I’ve read the book. I’ve watched the video. I’m thinking positive, but my life is still awful.” I would explain that the thoughts that are impacting your life are your subconscious thoughts so you’re not aware of them. To uncover the subconscious thoughts, you look at what’s happening in your life to see what’s being reflected back at you. Your conscious mind is a small percentage, 20% then the other 80% is subconscious. What’s going on in your mind, we don’t have conscious awareness of it. Our thought processes do dictate our lives and how we live our lives, but it’s not our conscious thoughts. That’s why we need to do healing work, to delve into what’s in our subconscious and there are many different ways of doing that.

I have been feeling over the years that it doesn’t have to be as deep as you think. You don’t need to be in such a trance-like state to get there. We’re able to tap into ourselves easier and faster. Similar to what we’re discussing, like a silver disco bowl, like whatever we’re doing, it’s bouncing up there and reflecting back. It’s going out into the ethers but it’s coming right back.

That’s part of the speeding up. Back in the day, when people woke up, and start calling it these days. It could take years to get to the stage where people move through in a month.

I feel like the conversations that used to be woo-woo are becoming much more mainstream and people are understanding it now. When we started, people thought we were out there. For me, it was a passion of mine to discuss this and to seek it out. I know that we’re more than our physical and look at how many people are connected to this.

I grew up in Ireland, spiritual, holy Ireland, Catholic Ireland. I went to mass every week. I remember as a little girl sitting in mass and I didn’t know what it was but I wanted to get the connection. It wasn’t happening for me so I gave up. When I moved to America, I discovered this whole new concept, this whole new world of spirituality, which I had no exposure to before. It was like this whole world opened up for me of what it was that I’d been looking for all these years and I didn’t even know.

I relate to that because as much as I had a little clairvoyance when I was younger, in my twenties, I wasn’t able to meditate. I didn’t understand what everyone was doing and it was like five minutes of Shavasana in a yoga class at that point. I’m like, “I’m not letting go.” When I discovered energy work, I was able to and that was a tremendous excitement to understand how expansive we are. I felt all the concepts that I was reading about. You have to live it and feel it. I have a question for you about the zigzag because a lot of people are hoping or striving and creating goals in their life and things are changing. It’s all about the movement of it or the excitement when you’re onto something. When you figure it out that you knew you were going to stay where you are going to stay. It took over. It’s not a matter of the destination, it’s the journey. You are experienced in this because it’s more fun living and experiencing it when you get to whatever you think is your goal or you’re striving for.

I’ll give you an example of this experience with the Coronavirus. The last few years for me have been successful. My classes have grown. I’ve had a lot of people coming. I did a whole year of healing. I was in the middle of the second year of healing and Coronavirus hit. I was like, “I thought I had this down,” and then I had to cancel everything and completely reassessed how I do my work. I allowed myself a time of being bombed and disappointed. My husband would say, “You can always do Zoom.” I was like, “You can’t do this on Zoom.” I have to process to all of that stuff and then one day I said, “I can do this on Zoom.” It took me a period of time to work through the feelings and to get to the other side of it and say, “This is how I can shift things.”

That’s what I’m doing is I’m shifting and repositioning. I’m changing how I do things given that we don’t know what the future holds. Maybe one day, I’ll get back to doing classes the way I did and maybe I won’t, maybe I have to rechange the whole thing. Everything’s on Zoom, more one-on-one training, a few group classes. I have to do those for the first time. That will be a new experience and then I’ll assess based on that experience.

We’re all in that pause, in a sense, but there’s a new movement coming. I’ve been enjoying the pause to a point. We’re all understanding that more. That may be a grand lesson in this. People had hated the pause. Thank you so much, Eilis. Anything that is popping into your mind before we close? People are going to read about you in this show. Anything else that you want to share? Words of wisdom or inspiration for anyone sitting at home that may be feeling much.

My thought regarding zigzag is that we’re always zigzagging. If you weren’t zigzagging, you wouldn’t be living. Some zigs and zags are more intense than others, but you get through them and you learn from them. If you need help and support, that’s okay.

There are always helpers. You just have to ask.

ZZL 1 | Soul Healing Journey
Soul Healing Journey: Always start with yourself because what’s going on inside of you is a reflection of what’s going on in the world.


I probably would have gotten better all those years ago, but I had a good therapist. I had a supportive husband that got me through it quicker and easier than if I tried to do it on my own.

I have friends that are single and they are not feeling such support, or friends that aren’t working now and have this isolated feeling. That’s why I have always loved spirituality because if people are necessarily there physically with you, there is still support. You are one of them. I am happy that you are on the show. I love you. I’m looking forward to chatting soon. 

Goodbye, Tesa.

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Dr. Eilis Philpott is the owner of Soul Healing Journey, LLC and has been a healing practitioner for 20+ years.​​​

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