Reiki is an ancient Japanese/Tibetan hands-on healing technique that balances the body, mind and spirit. It restores a natural sense of harmony and well-being to your life and enhances your own self-healing abilities. Reiki can be combined safely with medical and alternative treatments.  

REI = Spirit of Creation   KI= Energy

REIKI = Universal Life Force

My healing sessions are unique for each client. The positive energy I channel flows into the body, creating a sense of complete relaxation while helping to ease emotional, physical and spiritual tensions. There is a natural process of renewal as the body more easily rids itself of toxins, ultimately opening up more the body to life energy.

Many clients have never experience Reiki before. Below, are several frequently asked questions that will help to demystify the treatments and help to uncover the healing power that it may hold for you.

What Is Reiki? 

Reiki is a method of natural healing based on the use of Universal Life Force.  It is channeled through the practitioner's/master's hands and into the patient.  It was rediscovered by Dr. Usui in the 19th century.

What Can Reiki Do For You?

Reiki energy brings deep relaxation, soothing emotions and reduces negative feelings.  Reiki can help you be the best you can be.  It can help unlock your natural creativity allowing you to reach your full potential.  It brings clarity, focus and sense of purpose back into your life.  It enhances the benefits of all other therapies.  One treatment is physiologically equivalent to 3 to 4 hours of deep sleep.  It helps you find true peace of mind and brings positivity to help you cope with life's daily challenges.  Reiki helps you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Physically, people report better digestion, less pain and sleep better.  Emotionally, people feel less anxious, less depressed, and less angry.  Mentally people feel more focused, not as scattered or irritable.  They find it easier to pay attention.  Spiritually people feel a deeper connection to themselves and to everyone around them.  People feel that life has more value and they feel more valued.  

What Happens in a  Reiki Session? 

Reiki energy healing clears and rebalances the energy points (chakras) across the body and restores the flow of energy and wellness with light touch.  

How Does Reiki Feel?

Everyone experiences Reiki differently.  Some feel a slight tingling or sensations of warmth, others just a deep relaxation. Some find themselves in a deep meditative state and leave feeling rejuvenated and energized.  Some even fall into a deep and refreshing sleep, some people have a release of emotions that have been locked away for years. 



Core Shamanistic Energy Healing

40,000 years ago the magic of shamanism was a global practice and it is still alive and vibrant today.  These contemporary shamanistic healing tools are mostly drawn from the ancient practices of indigenous cultures from the Andes in Peru and other ancient traditions.  All indigenous cultures view dis-ease or affliction of the mental, emotional, or physical body as a symptom of an energetic mis-alignment or imbalance.  During your session,  I often use a combination of approaches with these shamanic healing techniques including reiki energy or hypnosis in order to provide a holistic approach to life management.  These basic Andean and core shamanistic rituals from ancient traditions helps us utilize them in our modern times.  The treatment introduces a client to the sacred ancient traditions of acknowledging and respecting the earth, spirit and all things living within our planet.  Many of these traditions include honoring and understand the meaning of the four directions (North, South, East, & West) and all the elements of the earth.  The session includes using crystals, stones, smudging (to cleanse the aura),  drumming music, and imagery to enhance and restore a person's energy and spirit. 

Are you ready to explore how reiki, hypnosis or contemporary shamanistic healing practices can help to make positive changes in your life?

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