Advanced Reiki Training/Master Level Certification Class

Advanced Reiki Training/Master Level Certification Class

Join us for a unique & dynamic experience that is sure to spark your inner light.

7/19  | 7pm - 9pm ET
7/20  |  10am -4pm ET

7/21  |  10am - 4pm ET

9 Catherine Place
Katonah, NY

Certificates are awarded after class.

*Delicious lunch included both days.

Dates TBD

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Zoom link will be provided

Certificates are awarded after class.

*Delicious lunch included both days.

The class will include:

At Advanced Reiki Training (ART) or Level III you receive advanced Reiki training and tools. At this level you receive the Usui Master Symbol and an attunement to this energy. You will also be given additional tools in Reiki and beyond that you can use while following your Reiki guides in giving your Reiki sessions. At this stage, further change is inevitable and the individual will be well aware of this fact from the changes that have occurred already. You must have completed Level II with Amy Kaufman & Tesa Baum or any Reiki Master.

*Receive the Usui Master attunement
*Become a higher Reiki Channel
*Learn the Master symbols
*Receive other sacred symbols
*Learn to sense your Reiki Guides
*Higher meditations
*Crystal Reiki Grid
*Learn to cut negative psychic chords
*Relieve Core Emotions
*Specific Reiki techniques to enhance psychic eye
*Receive your ART Reiki Certificate Delicious lunch is included both days

Register: Venmo: @Amy-Axelrodkaufman
Payment plan is available

** CLICK HERE to Learn more about Reiki I and Reiki II Certification Class **

Receiving Reiki training through Tesa and Amy was a beautiful experience. We were surrounded by nature and sunlight which infused the day with so much warmth. The meal they served was nourishing on a soul level. And so many upgrades occurred following the Level 2 Attunement. I would recommend this to anyone looking to add Reiki to their healing tool kit.

Jenna Brooke

I have known Amy and Tesa for around two years now, I first met Amy on Facebook through a spiritual group where she posted one of her reiki healing utube video’s which I loved. I then was invited to a cacao ceremony in ridgefield that Amy and Tesa did together and I met them both in person and loved their vibe immediately!! I started reiki sessions twice a month with Amy and worked with Tesa in Akashic healing… my relationship with them gave me the confidence to acknowledge my own healing abilities, and I took Reiki 1 and 2 and earned my certificate with them! I loved it so much that I took it a second time as a refresher and got even more out of it. My plan is to become a reiki master under their guidance.  I cannot recommend both Amy and Tesa more than I do, I hold them to the highest regard and love them both so much! 


I recently took a reiki certification class with Amy and Tesa.  My intent was to learn more about body chakras and the basics of reiki.  This class helped me better understand how to identify areas that need work and how to use our own innate abilities to heal oneself and others.  Amy and Tesa are great teachers that are easy to speak with and feel comfortable with.  Even if you are not looking to become a practitioner, I still highly recommend this class to learn for yourself and family. Thanks again!


Enlightening last two days with you ladies.


My experience this weekend was beautiful - I learned do very much from Tess and Amy. Amazing, caring healers.


This weekend was magical and today is the start of something new.


Feeling so loved and

connected with all of you. Truly grateful and excited for all the spiritual growth and wisdom to come. Ya ya sisterhood