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Do you believe in having a past life? Do you believe that the lives you lived before have an impact on the one you’re living now? Did you know there’s a way to find out if it does? Here to talk about past life therapy is Saundra Cindy Blum. Saundra is the co-founder of Katonah Study Group for Integrative Medicine and the founder of the Global Community for Integrative Medicine. She’s certified in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and brief psychotherapy. Saundra is filled with so many stories and helps us see life in a way by allowing us to look into our past lives. In this episode, she chats with host Tesa Baum about how this process of regression becomes an important factor in our progression and helps us move forward to living our present lives to the fullest. There’s a lot of insight and interesting information in this episode. Don’t miss out!

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Past Life Therapy: Remembering The Past To Live The Present With Saundra Cindy Blum

I’m so excited for you to check out my conversation with Saundra Blum. Saundra has been practicing past life therapy for years. She is filled with so many stories and helps us see life in a new way. Saundra has a Master’s in Special Education and Counseling. She’s certified in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and brief psychotherapy. She was also on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, the Advisory Board for Holistic Health at Western Connecticut State University, and the Patient Advisory Board for Northern Westchester Hospital.

She’s the Cofounder of Katonah Study Group for Integrative Medicine and also the Founder of the Global Community for Integrative Medicine. She is the author of two books, Synchronicity Through Divine Intervention and Footsteps Through the Sands of Time: Past Life Dramas Present Life Lessons. She also has a CD called Footsteps Through the Sands of Time: A Guided Journey for Relaxation, Regression and Meditation. You can find it on Amazon. Enjoy this episode.

Saundra, I’m so excited to have you on and know your story. I ask everyone if they can share their Zig-Zag story in this life, but you have many lives to talk about. Wherever you want to start, I would love to know your story.

I started as a teacher. I went from there into the insurance business. It’s a non-coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences. It was wonderful until I gave birth to my son. I stayed at home and started a hobby of making jewelry. People wanted to buy that. I was doing that for a while until he was four years old. I had a near-death experience at eight years old from almost drowning in a camp pool.

We can go into that at another time. That’s what, in retrospect, woke me up and set me on my path. I’m always interested in seeing things differently. I’m always very perceptive of people, their emotions, how people are, and the nature outside being connected to nature and everything, which I didn’t realize and thought everybody was until much later.

In college, I read Raymond Moody’s book Life After Life. That was a big suck-in because I realized what I had in the pool was a near-death experience. Different pieces set me on my journey. When my son was four years old, Shirley MacLaine’s movie came on, Out on a Limb, while we were watching TV. It was like someone had reached in, pulled me in, and said, “This is what you have to do.” She had spontaneous past lives.

It’s so interesting where our curiosity starts. Curiosity is knowing, and then the urge is to take action. My mother must have been telling me that because I remember her reading those books. That had to be the start of my curiosity as well.

I’ve never had anything that consumed me like that feeling that I have to do this work. There was no question about it. My husband was very good about it. When my son was four years old, I went down to take my certification at Maryland in Ericksonian hypnosis and brief psychotherapy. It was a three-month period but not straight through. I could come home and certainly be with my child at the time. I started practicing on anyone and everyone who would let me, like family and friends, and immediately saw the deep healing and connection for everybody.

This was Ericksonian hypnosis. It’s interesting because he speaks in a story. I love that.

That’s what this is. They’re all stories. They’re people’s stories that come up. I was so blown away that there was such deep healing so quickly. The universe set it up that way for me that my first five clients were the most difficult ones I probably ever had. It was to say, “If you could do this, you can do any of it.”

May I ask how they were difficult?

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I had a mother who called me that her daughter was dying from anorexia and that they had tried everything from hospitals, psychologists, and psychiatrists. They went to a neurologist and nutritionist. Nothing was helping. The mom was very intuitive. She said, “I know that you can help her. You’re my last resort.”

This is before you were doing the past life regression.

This was for past life.

You started with past life regression, not as a typical standard hypnotherapist.

I’ve been interested in doing any of that. I wanted to learn hypnosis to learn how I could bring people back to their past lives.

I relate. That’s exactly how I feel. It’s so nice. It’s a validation that you felt the same thing.

My instructor was appalled. He said, “Erickson would roll over his grave if he knew you were using hypnosis for that.” I said, “I don’t think so.” He was angry at me that that’s why I was taking this course, but it helped. You do use a lot of the hypnotic techniques for different things, but I use progressive relaxation in terms of hypnosis because I like people to finally have an opportunity to let their bodies go into relaxation. I don’t usually use a rapid induction.

I never connected to that.

That’s for kids who do have ADHD. It’s still for something lengthier. It was the first five. This beautiful young girl came to me. She was nineteen. I asked her what her words were for what was going on for her. She said she gets terrified when people focus on her. She had to drop out of school because a teacher would focus on her. She wanted to disappear. She kept using the word disappear. You listen for little red flags.

ZZL S3 2 Saundra | Past Life Therapy
Past Life Therapy: The most important part of our life and our death is our last thoughts. Those last thoughts summarize what we went through with regrets, “I wish I had done this.”


When she goes out to eat, and the waiter comes over to ask her what she wants, she wants to disappear because he’s focusing on her. I said, “Let’s use those words.” Instead of saying, “Let’s go back to the root of your anorexia,” I said, “Let’s go back to the root of your fears around people focusing on you.” She did go back to a lifetime in the 1930s.

Her father was a big Hollywood producer. He knew everybody. As a child, he had always asked her to perform in front of people, “Show them how you tap dance and sing.” She hated it, and then she went off to a boarding school, never wanting to get into that business. However, when she came home, she decided she would go to acting school. She met her later husband there.

She came into the regression. She was walking down this beautiful staircase with this beautiful gown on at a party that was for her. She was the Best Supporting Actress, but I don’t think they had that back then but in that vein. She and her husband, even though they loved each other, he was very jealous because her career was taking off and he wasn’t.

He was abusive to her. She came down the stairs in her beautiful gown. They went out on their balcony and got into a fight again. As he hit her, she fell off the balcony. She died. That was it, “If people focus on me, I’m going to die.” She was dying the other way by trying to disappear and not eat. It was causing her to die. It was amazing.

There’s instantaneous spontaneity, but they heal immediately once the awareness is there.

There are different levels. She also started channeling. I asked her at the end of regression to go to the spirit side so we could communicate with our guides to help us answer questions. One of the important things for me is always about lessons. What are you here to learn through this? What was she there to learn? She went right into the light and was channeling. You can heal by taking the focus off of yourself by teaching and working with children and putting your focus on those children. That one progression did it.

It’s the whole process of regression.

She went back to college. She was training to be a teacher.

It gave her direction in life also. I have had a few past life regressions, but one specifically that stood out for me was my vow. I knew I had a vow at the end of my life. It was to take things lightly because I may have been burdened in that life emotionally or financially. That was what I got from it. That lightness was something I always sought. With our vows, we take them too seriously.

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Energetically, vows are probably the most powerful parts of our past lives. The most important part of our life and death is our last thoughts. Those last thoughts summarize what we went through with regrets, “I wish I had done this.” Many times we will take that last thought into the present life as our whole lifetime to work on or be a part of it. It could be a physical malady or a physical issue.

When I give past life regressions, the information pours in for people or myself and how the information poured when I experienced past life regression. There’s this knowing that this is true. I didn’t know that I was loved even though I had stress. I knew that I had one child, and I was married. I was a male. Those were the good parts of it. I also love daydreaming. Daydreaming gave me such calmness. I am a dreamer. I, too, like to dream in this life. It’s like, “What soothes you?” There are similarities because we are one soul. We have all these different incarnations, but we are who we are.

We are who we have been. I like to say that more. We’re all of who we have been. We carry a lot of those personality traits with us but not everything because we have so many lifetimes. Some very dominant parts of ourselves are who we are now.

Have you read The Oversoul Seven?


What I loved about this is the idea that time is not what we think it is. There’s this oversoul. The oversoul had seven different lives occurring simultaneously. Future lives and past lives were blurring into each other. It gave us an understanding of what reality is. When it blurs, we can all move forward together when we heal and also come back, but it’s that inner knowing when the soul comes into the body. When does the soul come into the body? Is that before you’re born? It implants at a certain point. It’s different for everybody.

My belief is that it does come and go during pregnancy. It knows everything we’re saying and doing. Ladies out there, be careful what you say because it does pick up everything. The final implant is before they’re ready to come in. There are a lot of pieces around that too. I’ve brought people back to certain routes of things. They went back to being in utero and hearing the mothers say, “I can’t have one more child. I don’t want this child.”

That affects the soul.

The soul took that information coming forward, always felt unwanted and all of that, and didn’t know why because the mother tried to act as she wanted her when she was born. She went back and heard her mother saying she didn’t want her at that time. We did a piece around that.

ZZL S3 2 Saundra | Past Life Therapy
Past Life Therapy: The one that was the most incredible, beautiful, and daunting for me always was the Essene lifetime because there was no question that there was a higher power.


I have to read the book again. Jane Roberts is the author. I remember there was one part where there was a little three-year-old. The oversoul was channeling into the three-year-old and who they are through a loving lullaby and how the child then got more into the life. Sometimes we can space out and probably want to escape or go back to heaven. Are we committed to being in the body and the story? There are times when the little person may or may not be there at first. It was interesting when it’s like, “Your soul is here in the body, loving your family and being in this moment,” which is such a great lesson. We need to be in the here and now.

We are getting that lesson big time with COVID. Nothing has ever put us in that moment like that. We couldn’t go back, and we didn’t know what was coming forward. You have to stay at that moment. We get these kinds of things that come along like COVID. I had about ten people who were returnees from the Holocaust. After the regression where I asked questions, one of my questions to all of them was, “Why did you choose that lifetime knowing how difficult that was going to be to come in like that and go through that?”

They all answered the same thing. It was a group agreement before they came in that they were here to come and teach us about tolerance. We never learned it, unfortunately, but sometimes that happens. A group for humanitarian lessons will come and go through things, or we will go through things like COVID and what’s going on as a wake-up call to put us in the moment. There are so many pieces of it that we could be learning from in terms of coming together and uniting, not dividing like what has been happening.

With what’s happening in Ukraine, our hearts are going there.

Look how many people have opened their hearts to them.

That polarity, at least in our country, is coming smaller. It’s not about your political preference. It’s the humanitarian side.

There will always be people who won’t get it. It has implications because we’re all in that consciousness.

There’s also the conflict. I always believe we’re evolving and moving more towards this collaborative way. We are not enemies. We’re one. We have to get that shadow out of us, move our vibration up, and not fight one another for humanity. I am praying for us.

We were talking before about the Essenes. For me, it’s all my regressions. I’ve done about 36 or more for myself. The one that was the most incredible, beautiful, and daunting for me always was the Essene lifetime because there was no question that there was a higher power. We called God at the time too. It was in each of us. It was a sin to be ego, but we called it self to be in self. We knew without a question that we were all one, that we were all part of God, and that he was in all of us.

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There was no one better than anyone else. I was a donkey packer in the high time it did start. She said, “You’re a donkey packer.” I was so offended. I could still date her. I said, “It’s as important as all the other roles here because we couldn’t go out and get water unless I ride a donkey. We all do what we’re best at. I’m good at packing people’s donkeys for traveling.”

Can you share it with everyone? I’m familiar with the Essenes. I started reading about them. I had a couple of books come to me. You are mentioning that you were an Essene in a past life. The truth here is so wild to me, but I would love to learn more about them. I started a book about them. I understand they were even before Jesus Christ. That was before his time.

When I came up in that lifetime, I was a little boy. I was drawing in the sand with this stick. She said, “What are you drawing?” I was drawing the Christian symbol of the fish. She said to me, “Why are you drawing that?” I was like, “Don’t you know this? The fish has come here in unconditional love and sacrifice for us all.” That’s what we’re supposed to be hearing. We’re supposed to be taught like the fish.

I was drawing a symbol and thought it was a letter from the alphabet. She was like, “Do you speak Hebrew?” I said, “We speak Aramaic.” The nice thing for me with all of this is I had no idea what these things were and no information about them. Later, I was able to find this information corroborating what I said. I loved it because it was almost a fantasy of love, kindness, and working together.

You felt that.

I tried to look at the Aramaic alphabet, and I did not see it. Only years later, I did see it. I pulled the book out in Awakenings, the little bookstore. I pulled a book off the shelf, and on the back was the symbol. I was so excited. I said, “This is it.” I brought it up to the front. One of the women who were there was an astrologist. I said, “I had been looking for this.” She says, “That’s the symbol for Jupiter.” I told her, and she said, “This part of it is about the soul. It’s all about reincarnation.” I was so blown away that the Essenes knew about that. They believed that we got reincarnated. There were so many pieces around that.

I have been grabbing the information from Dolores Cannon, who regressed someone. It’s so intriguing to me. I want to read more. I’m only at the beginning of this book, but I understood. Do we know the whole story? No.

There’s a lot of this information out there. I went to Israel. They showed where the Essenes lived. They were the ones who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were the words of God, supposedly, that we were following at the time. We never questioned the words of God. Everything was to the T. Part of my regression was that when it came time for us to leave, they said they didn’t know where the Essenes had gone.

We were meditating at such a high level with God that it was like oneness. We went right back into that oneness. The feeling of it was gorgeous. I had to donkey-pack my wife out of the community because she was too much into herself. I was warned not to marry her, but I did, and somebody that I know now. It’s a funny thing, but I won’t go into that. I would feel bad about it. I was a male. He was the female. I had a lot of trouble with him here because he was in his ego too.

ZZL S3 2 Saundra | Past Life Therapy
Past Life Therapy: Not everybody has a dramatic past life where you see that dramatic healing happen right away but you can see it has changed their lives. You can see that certain seeds are planted. They’re looking at life differently.


In the end, what happened was we had enemies who would come. The Assyrians were trying to snuff us out. We would go into caves. That’s where we would meditate. There was some kind of a vortex in these caves. It was so powerful to create that oneness with God. We all full-body ascended and left in that way. That’s such a hard thing to wrap our heads around. It’s like, “How did you do that?” It was that pureness of connecting.

To your understanding, you all did pass on at that moment at the same time.

We all left. Most of us did. That’s how they disappeared.

I was wondering if they were hidden because it didn’t go along exactly with how the Bible remembered it.

That’s what I wanted to say. There were women in Essenes too. Jesus went to study with the Essenes, and so did his mother and sister. The village that he grew up in was Essene-oriented. They believe they were Essenes, and they tried to carry through the same understandings and learnings that they met.

It’s so pure. That’s why I am intrigued with the connection to spirituality, nature, and the lack of competition because our culture has so much hate. There’s the feeling of love and how it’s so important for us to survive and learn from ancient civilizations. They do have it right whether or not it’s an indigenous culture in South America.

We’re talking about going even way back to the Essenes. I’m always intrigued by learning from these ancient cultures because we have gone a little off with our materialism and ego, hoping for personal growth but forgetting about how we’re all connected. Self-care and personal growth are wonderful things, but we’re all in it together. We are all connected.

That’s only what’s going to save our planet. We come together in love. We have lost caring for the planet and nature. Thank God there are a lot of people out there who do, but as a whole, we don’t. We have to go back to those ways, like the Native Americans who understood and studied the animals and trees. I read this incredible article because I love trees. That’s where I feel my fullest connection with nature.

I had read this article about the research they were doing with these trees. They have intelligence. They take care of each other and communicate. If a tree is dying or has some infection, the roots send fluids to the tree that’s going. They try to take care of it. Do you ever see when a tree falls? Another tree catches it. All those things are intentional. It’s not by mistake that a lot of those things happen.

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It’s interesting that you’re saying this because I ended a lot of my past life regression sessions with the visualization of a tree, noticing if it’s still slanting to one side, and looking at the branches. It’s healing to see how these are the roots. Different lives are going off with different branches. I’m looking at that perspective to say goodbye to the lives, look at the tree, and see how the tree is doing.

Trees are like animals. There’s unconditional love. There’s no ego there. That’s why I love so much being around them because you can feel that. I can feel that most people can feel that energy. It’s why most people like being in nature and the forest and communicating with them. If you send them that love energy, they can feel that and send it right back to you. That is such a beautiful space to be in.

As a little girl, I used to daydream. I remember that in my backyard, I could talk to the trees. It’s funny because my last name is Baum from my husband’s family. In German, it means tree. I love this too. It’s so cool. Getting back to your Zig-Zag story, you pursued this. This has been your lifelong path. As you went along with each person, it was so interesting learning about people’s stories and having them understand them themselves.

My clients have been my greatest teachers over the years. They have taught me so much about lessons, life, karma, bad deaths, where we go, how we come back, and our last thoughts. I’m so grateful every day. My husband is partially retired. He wanted me to retire. I said no. I still love doing this work. It feeds me in so many ways. It’s to see how many people this work has helped deeply and on a lot of different levels. Not everybody has a dramatic past life where you see that dramatic healing happen right away, but you can see it has changed their lives. You can see that certain seeds are planted. They’re looking at life differently.

That’s why I have a whole conversation to me that’s as important before we do the regression about the philosophy of life and how all this works because we take so much so personally. Separate from it to say, “Why did I choose this?” This work helps us answer all the why questions. Why did I choose those parents who were so abusive to me here? Why have I had terrible relationships while I’m here? That’s life. Why have I been in poverty? This helps answer all those questions.

Why do I feel lonely? I find people to feel that they are loved more. It clicks in understanding maybe why they react so strongly to certain situations. It helps them understand how they tick. It’s such a beautiful thing.

My philosophy is that before we come here, we life script and set up a blueprint for many things in our life to experience, including traumas. We do that because we know what we need to learn. An example is someone who may have been physically or sexually abused in this lifetime. It’s a horrific act, but they think it’s a random act of God and blame him, “Why did you make me go through this?” They feel very victimized by it. When we go back to our past lives, we find out that they have been victimized in many lifetimes, but in those lifetimes, we could never speak up because if we did, we would get put to death.

You weren’t allowed. It wasn’t a place that a woman had. We agreed to come back to go through the abuse again and reincarnate in the United States, where we have the freedom to speak our voice finally and not be put to death. It’s not because we were bad that we had to go through it. It’s not because God was unmerciful. It was because we needed to go through it so we could finally break that chain, speak up, and say, “You can’t do this to me anymore.” There are many ways that we can do that.

I had one woman who was a singer. She wrote all these CDs and music about breaking free and not allowing people to hurt her anymore and all that. The person who abused her in this life had passed. We wrote a letter to them and said, “What you did was not acceptable. However, I forgive you.” Forgiveness is not that we condone the act but that we release them and ourselves from having to play that role together any longer.

ZZL S3 2 Saundra | Past Life Therapy
Past Life Therapy: We’re here to learn many lessons but there’s one dominant lesson we come in needing to learn. For more than 50% of people who come here, the main lesson is self-love. It’s the hardest lesson to learn.


That stops attracting other negative relationships in the future and the pattern.

They have an understanding that they made this choice to go through it so they could break it. It wasn’t about blaming someone.

I’m curious about what your philosophy is. I mentioned Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins. I’m looking forward to you reading his book. It’s the question of free will and how everything comes from the divine. There’s Tosha Silver, for example. I don’t know if you’ve read one of the books that I loved that she wrote. It is all happening. Life is happening or universe, God, or whatever you want to call it.

A lot of times, we have to get out of the way. Sometimes we do have these traumas or core beliefs that are stopping us. My question to you is this. How much is predestined in your mind? How much is free will? Are we controlling our lives? Is it already written? It’s interesting to look at life and how it goes because there is a God factor as much as our life scripts.

When we life script, I believe we do it within the presence of God and with guides that he has put together to help us script what we’re supposed to do. We’re here to learn many lessons, but there’s one dominant lesson we come in needing to learn. For more than 50% of people who come here, the main lesson is self-love. It’s the hardest lesson to learn. You would think that would be the easiest. We do have free will here. We can change that life script at any given time.

It’s to help us and put us on the track of learning what we need to through specific events in our life. I know that it can be offensive to certain people’s religious beliefs, but I believe that God is more a spectator of this than a participant. I believe he’s in all of us so that we are part of God. When he’s giving us that choice, it’s also him choosing for us because he’s in us.

This is where I find this to be an interesting conversation in asking everybody their beliefs. After you read the book, let’s talk about it. When I was reading this latest book, Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins, he was saying, “It’s all coming from the divine.” Every moment is like these sparks. He had a lot of incredible spiritual awakenings throughout his life. It’s truly being connected to all there was.

It was a beautifully written book. I was very inspired after reading it. He even said that there was a moment in time when he was a teenager. He was driving, and a little bunny went in front of the car. He believes that he didn’t go on the brake. There was another force that stopped it, and then he reacted and pressed the brake. He had a sense of the slowing down of time that he didn’t even do that. His ego was gone completely. He was just riding with it. It’s an interesting concept.

I have had many divinely guided moments. For me, it’s a slight line of distinction. I agree with all that in terms of what God is controlling, what we’re connected to, and all that. He’s in everything. This beautiful energy is in everything. It’s in all of us and nature. It’s always around us. Even though he can be everywhere all at once, I believe there are also helpers who are part of God. God is in them as well. Our angels and guides are also around us. God is always affecting us then because he’s in everything.

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The more we talk about it, the more connected I feel. It’s more of a feeling of presence and love. Even talking, my hands are starting to tingle because we’re in the sacred moment talking about it. When we step out of it in life, and life happens, then we get frustrated with things, or emotions take over. To me, it’s like getting distracted. That’s why I love prayer, censoring ourselves, and connecting to a higher power.

It’s beautiful. It’s an acknowledgment of what we are. That was the thing about the Essene lifetime. We are part of God. We all knew that. We knew we were all part of each other. There was no room for better, worse, ego, or anything. It was all luck.

It’s not easy to say, but we’re going through hard times when our loved ones are suffering, not even when we suffer. I feel like when something happens to us personally, we can handle it more because we’re experiencing it, but we feel powerless. For me, losing my parents or my children hurting could kill me.

It’s more difficult to be connected to that higher knowing that everything is happening for a reason. We’re learning. That’s where, as a mother, I keep on reminding myself that they have their storyline and they have to go through pain. Emotional pain is a lot easier to deal with than physical pain. Having your children in physical pain is a very difficult test. I don’t wish that for any parent to have to experience.

There are always two stories. There is this story that we’re living and then the spiritual story. I’ll share this story because this is one of the most beautiful stories that I’ve heard. Our closest friends who live in Florence, Italy, had a daughter first. She gave birth to a little boy. At six months old, they found out that he had an inoperable brain tumor. They wanted to take him home and surround him with love instead of having him hooked up to all these different things, and they did.

We went to visit them. I said to my husband after we left, “I don’t think he’s going to make it through the week.” He looked so peaceful but fragile. Sure enough, the next year, we went to visit them. His head was growing. He’s becoming a little more hydrocephalic. He could only lie down. Each year, they had a child after that because he was leaving. They wanted to keep holding onto birth. Long story short, he lived for six years at home, where he wasn’t supposed to make it past that first year.

He had a Vietnamese born in Florence military person come and take care of him every day. He was doing a civic duty thing even when he started to become blind and couldn’t see. When this person would come in the door, he would get all excited. She could see him get excited by feeling his energy and all that, which was very sweet. She’s a psychotherapist. Finally, when he passed, she said, “Where does he go? Is someone there to take care of him?” As a mother, she would worry. Her husband started pointing to God and saying, “I don’t believe in God anymore. How could God take a baby and give him a brain tumor?”

“God has failed me.”

“God failed this child. Why not me? Why a little baby?” They wanted me to do a regression, which we can also use to see why they had to walk through that with the little boy and what was the karma involved there. I didn’t have time yet to do the regression with them, but I told him when I got home that I would try to make touch with a medium to make touch with him and see if he was okay. It was the first time I used a medium for that purpose. I was living in New York at the time. When I came to visit, she was very much into that. She had someone for me to call. Her name is Rebecca Fearing.

ZZL S3 2 Saundra | Past Life Therapy
Past Life Therapy: Sometimes we’re very attracted to people. Usually, it’s because we have known them in the past. Sometimes we’re repulsed by people because we have known them in the past.


I said to Rebecca, “My friend lost her son. His name is Dondy. Do you think you can make touch with him?” She waited and started laughing. I was very offended that she was laughing. I was so upset that he had passed. I said, “Why are you laughing?” She said, “He’s talking to me in Italian. Was he Italian? Did he live in Italy?” I almost fell off my chair at that point. I was like, “He lived in Italy. He was Italian. What’s he saying?” She would speak Italian. He was saying, “Bella illuminare.” He wanted his family to live life in a beautiful light.

“Please tell them. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. Thank my sister for rubbing my feet. That contact meant so much to me. Thank my mother for always being there and leaving the windows open so I could hear the children playing. Thank my comrade, who used to come to take care of me because we have been comrades for many lifetimes. I don’t want my family to be sad because I agreed to come in so that I could come in for a short time with love and be released with love. I could evolve to the next plane.”

She even said to me, “How old was he?” I said, “He was only six years old when he passed.” She said, “He sounds like he’s in his twenties. He’s very mature. They usually go to the age that they’re most comfortable at.” Maybe from other lifetimes, he loved being that age. She said, “He is wise and all that.” I ran home to call my friend and tell her what the message was. She felt comforted by it. She agreed with all those things about the comrade and told me all those things. That’s the other story. Isn’t that beautiful? Our souls will want to come sometimes for a short while.

It is looking from this perspective always. It’s a bigger reason we are an endless consciousness. We have a soul. We keep on coming into different bodies and love. I’m sure that you feel the same way. We travel together. Our souls are family.

There are even people in our periphery. My daughter’s pediatrician was my husband in a lifetime. I had to laugh. We loved him, but there was nothing romantic there. It happened to pop up. I was worried about my daughter about something. I did a regression around it. He was there as my husband. It was during the Wild West days. She had fallen down the well. When he pulled her out, he was trying to resuscitate her, and he could not. He had been through a terrible depression and died young because of the depression.

When I gave birth, I had a C-section. The pediatricians needed to be present when you were having a C-section. When she was born, the machine that sucks the fluid out of the lungs had broken, and they couldn’t use it. He manually put down a soft straw into her lungs, sucked out the fluid, and saved her life. It was karmic. He needed to save her in this lifetime. I believe that’s why he became a pediatrician. It’s to save children after he couldn’t save them.

It doesn’t stop. Everything has a meaning and a purpose. Everyone that we meet in our life, even if people don’t necessarily know about past lives, we all do get a sense that there are certain people that are important to us. There are certain familiar people along the path.

Sometimes we’re very attracted to people. Usually, it’s because we have known them in the past. Sometimes we’re repulsed by people because we have known them in the past. I’ve been attracted to people who were repulsive in my past too. It’s a karmic thing that we need to come together for.

Since you’ve regressed so many times, as your curiosity goes in life, you want to know the full story. You must have found out so many things, “Why do I feel this with this person?” You seem to be getting a lot of answers this way.

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I love it because I’m a why person to begin with. That’s why I love doing this work because it does answer why questions to everything, “Why am I with this person? Why is my karma with them?” I recommend to people before they get married to do this and see what their karma is together before they step into that vow. Sometimes it’s to walk away from them. It’s not always about coming together to stay together for the rest of your life.

I love talking to you. I could talk to you for hours, Saundra. You are a natural storyteller. I would like to ask about ethics and morals. I’m speaking to certain people about this because this is such important knowledge. It’s sacred. It should be looked at as sacred. It’s telling a child this information. It is important to have a conversation before this because it could not necessarily harm somebody. What are your feelings about safety protocol and disclosing this true information that comes in for adults? You may find out information about your children, but we don’t want to tell those too young who don’t understand this yet.

Children are pretty resilient. I work with children a lot. One of the first ones was my daughter, who came back from the Holocaust lifetime. The reason I wanted to work with her was when she was an infant, I couldn’t even put her down in her crib. She would cry. I would have to put her to sleep in my arms first and then put her down in the crib.

As she got a little older and was a toddler, she would cry every night, “Mommy, don’t go. Something’s going to happen to you.” Usually, kids are more worried about something that’s going to happen to them, like the boogeyman. I asked her, “Brianna, who were you when you were big?” They’re open still when they’re young and toddlers.

This is not even in a regression. You were able to ask.

These kids go into a trance easily. Their memories are very fresh, usually at that age still from their lifetimes before. She said, “They took me away from my mommy.” I said, “Who did?” She said, “I don’t know.” She was three. When she said that, I thought I hit the Holocaust, but I’m not going to regress a three-year-old to the Holocaust. What it did for me was give me the patience. I would put down a little sleeping bag in her room. She would come there, worry, and see that we were there on the floor next to her sleeping bag.

That answers a lot of questions for mothers whose children are very attached to them.

They have fears of things. It’s not always that boogeyman that we think that they worry about.

It’s making me think about my niece, who’s a teenager. It’s very important for her to say goodnight to my sister. She’s terrified that she will die if they don’t say I love you and hug her every single night.

ZZL S3 2 Saundra | Past Life Therapy
Past Life Therapy: It’s our cellular memory and DNA that holds onto these memories even though our conscious mind doesn’t understand them or remember them.


It probably did happen in some lifetime.

I would like her to go to you. My children and I have love, but we have more independence. It’s like, “Goodnight.” We’re not clingy. It’s very interesting because we all need clearing. We need to live this life in the healthiest way. This is so important. It’s beautiful work.

When she was eight years old, it manifested in different ways. Sometimes at night, she would pull back her covers. If there was one hair, I would have to redo all her sheets.

Do you think there’s something to do with OCD as well?

It can. Finally, when she was eight, I asked her if she would want to do the regression to see why she always worried something would happen to mommy. She was so excited. I took her to my office or my study. She doesn’t mind me sharing this. It’s in my book too. She went right in. She was on the train on the way to Auschwitz. She’s telling me that she didn’t have any knowledge of the Holocaust whatsoever before.

She said that she and her mom were on the train. When they got there, they took them off to a dormitory and shaved their hair off. When they went in, her mom wanted to do suicide. That’s the way she put it. Every night, she tried to stay up so her mom would. Finally, on the third night, she was so tired that she couldn’t stay up any longer. When she fell asleep, her mom ran out and was shot on the fence trying to escape. There it was, “If I go to sleep, something is going to happen to my mom.”

It’s our cellular memory and DNA that holds onto these memories even though our conscious mind doesn’t understand them or remember them. I thought, “This is heavy.” When she came, and I brought her around, she popped up in her seat and said, “I understand why I’m so worried about you.” She jumped up and skipped out the door. I was like, “Thank you, God. I worried it would be traumatic for her.”

It was healing.

She never came to my room again. She was healed by it, but she started to stall at nighttime when I wanted to put her to bed. She started with, “Can I have a drink of water? Can I go to the bathroom?” It’s the typical stuff. We were changing the furniture in her room, taking out the bunk beds, and putting in a double bed. As soon as I did it, the stalling stopped. I realized she was still remembering the bunk beds and holding onto those memories.

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Isn’t that interesting? Not everyone has bunk beds.

We have different triggers of memories. That’s what happens to us in this life. It could be an age that triggers us to have a memory of a terrible lifetime. It could be a bed or a piece of furniture that triggers that.

It’s a memory. This is so intriguing to me because there’s so much we could learn about ourselves and who we are. People are accepting it more and don’t feel like it’s so woo-woo. I can’t imagine somebody not believing any of this. Read up on it for those that are reading because there is truth. We know it and feel it. It heals. I love learning about this.

I do have a book out, not to tap that. It’s Footsteps Through the Sands of Time: Past Life Dramas Present Life Lessons. It has ten chapters about why people have come to see me for different things. There’s a chapter on children, one on feelings of unworthiness, and one on relationships. They all are different chapters.

There are eight prime experiences per chapter of why they came in to see me, what the intention was, what the past life story was, what the main lesson was they needed to learn through it, and how they healed through that session. You don’t have to read it from cover to cover. You can pick what resonates with you or something you would like to know, but it helps us understand, “Maybe that’s my lesson here. Maybe I can look at my story in that frame. Maybe it’s not so personal. Maybe it is something I agreed to come here to do.”

I have to read your book. Thank you, Saundra. Are there any last words that you would like to share? Thank you for sharing this book. You’ve written other books. Is there anything you want to share? You’re living in California. You’re not here originally. You were living in the tri-state area.

I was in Westchester in the summers. I’m in LA. I do miss it. I’m going to also put a shout-out to the Katonah Study Group, which I also co-founded when I was there. It’s great if you want to feel connected in the community, learn more about all different modalities, and share. I understand that they’re on Zoom because of COVID. It’s a wonderful group of people who are very welcoming and loving.

Thank you. I’m assuming you’re a part of it. Maybe you’re opening up other groups out where you are now.

I started a Meetup group. I have to finish completing it. What I’m missing here is this spiritual community. California was such a spiritual place. Their pockets are not like you think they are.

ZZL S3 2 Saundra | Past Life TherapyZZL S3 2 Saundra | Past Life Therapy
Footsteps Through the Sands of Time: Past Life Dramas, Present Life Lessons

I’m in Ridgefield, Connecticut. You were living in New York. In this area, we have so many. We have a nice spiritual community here for sure.

I miss that desperately.

You’re meant to start things. That’s why you’re there. You initiate. You are the founder. You were one of the first regressionists. You are in that area to help people. You are going to put your stake all over.

I do Zooms all over the United States. I got two that came. One came in from New Zealand, and one came in from England. This will be my first time doing international ones as well. We will see how that works out.

That’s so cool because they’re in a different time zone. Thank you. It was such a pleasure.

Thank you, Tesa. I appreciate it. It’s a pleasure meeting you and sharing with you. Thank you for inviting me.

You are welcome. To be continued.


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About Saundra Cindy Blum

ZZL S3 2 Saundra | Past Life TherapyIn private practice since 1989, Saundra C. Blum is a certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist. Her formal education consists of a Masters of Science degree in Special Education and Counseling and a Bachelors of Science degree in English and Education.

Saundra C. Blum was on the Advisory Board for Western Connecticut State University’s Institute for Holistic Health. She taught a certification course in the fall of 2014 for Past Life Regression Therapy at the University.

From 1998 to 2019, she co-founded the Katonah Study Group for Integrative Medicine with well-known psychiatrist and author Dr. Mark Banschick. Approximately 400 members have gathered to explore the most current modalities and techniques in integrative medicine, Allopathically and Holistically as well as other, more esoteric fields.

From 2007-2009, Blum was on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Research and Regression Therapy (“IARRT”), which was her Past Life professional organization and helped put together many conferences in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Virginia. She was also a group leader for IARRT holding monthly experiential workshops and trainings in addition to managing her private practice that was in Somers, NY. at the time. Between her workshops and private practice, Ms. Blum has seen more than 8,000 clients over the past 35 years.

Ms. Blum has participated in advanced workshops and seminars with top Regressionists such as Brian Weiss, Roger Wolger, Edith Fiore, Winifred Lucas and Joseph Casta. She has lectured to a plethora of colleagues in the mental health field and medical community. She also trains and certifies Past Life Regressionists in northern Westchester County, NY, Moorpark, Ca. as well as internationally in mind-body-spirit-centered cultures such as India and Italy.


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