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Most, if not all, people look at life, and they’re always striving for the ups but afraid of the downs. Michael Rosenbaum, however, has a whole different way of looking at these zigzags of life. Michael is a transformational hypnotherapist and alternative healer who specializes in a holistic approach, which includes the mind, emotions, and the physical health of the body. Taking some time off his schedule, he chats with Tesa Baum about the different processes and perspectives on life he has learned over the years, one, in particular, being that people are “human beings,” and as such, have both the “human” part where all the zigzag happens and the “being” part which is the constant – and that we should embrace both.

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Cultivating Our Human Beingness With Michael Rosenbaum

In this episode, I’m going to be speaking with Michael Rosenbaum. He has been a transformational hypnotherapist and alternative healer for many years. He specializes in a holistic approach, which includes the mind, emotions, and the physical health of the body. He helps clients unstuck from unhealthy patterns and emotional upsets so they can live life from a sense of wellbeing and higher self. He also does nutritional counseling to help people maximize their physical health naturally. He has been a member of a spiritual Mystery School since 2006 and also teaches spiritual awakening processes with his clients. He has a private practice in Mount Kisco, New York and Danbury, Connecticut. He also works remotely with clients anywhere in the world. I’m excited for you to learn his perspective on the zigzag of life and his story.

I’m happy that you came on. I’m looking forward to chatting with you, knowing your story and your philosophy about life because you always have so much to talk about, teach and explore with people. After any of my sessions or conversations with you, I always see life in a different way. You bring in a different perspective and it’s always new. There’s always something else that you bring up which is wonderful. I’m glad I’ve known you for many years. Michael, I know I spoke to you a little bit about the zigzag of life and I know you have your own feelings about that idea and that theme. I’m excited to know what your thoughts are and any stories you want to share about your own life.

We could go on in a lot of different directions. When we were chatting about this, I had said that people look at life and they’re always striving for the ups, and they’re afraid of the downs. There’s a whole different way of looking at it which is what I have learned over the years. I’ve been in a spiritual Mystery School for many years. We learn all kinds of processes and things in ways of looking at life. One of my favorite authors is Eckhart Tolle. I love his perspective on life. He mentioned this thing and it hit home for me.

He says, “We’re human beings.” Think of the word. They got the human part and the being part. We’re both. The human part is where the zig and zag happen in life. It’s where the ups and downs happen. It’s in a spiritual parlay. It’s the duality nature. In other words, for everything in this direction, there’s something in the other direction. That means for every up, there’s going to be a down. It’s the nature of this world. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s just the way it is. If you’re hanging one of your holds on this world, then you’re on a roller coaster ride. You’re going to have ups and downs.

Let’s look at this being part. The being part is completely different. It’s not in this world, not in duality, and always constant. It’s always okay. It doesn’t matter if something is up or down. One of the problems that people have is when things are “going their way,” they’re attached to it like, “This is what I want in life.” It changes and then you’re bummed out, “It doesn’t work.” If you cultivate that inner part, that beingness, it never has ups and downs. It is a beautiful place where new things arise inside of you and all of it is great.

When I’ve done past life regression with you, I understand that concept more. When we understand what we are. We are an endless being. We are eternity. Understanding that we’re more than our personalities and I’m more than Tess. I always wanted to explore that. At this moment I am me, but what is me?

People think that life is supposed to give them happiness. That is not the purpose of life on this planet. It’s not about happiness. It’s about awakening. Life is supposed to awaken you. What is it supposed to awaken you to? This being part and inner part. Life happens and I believe our consciousness, we live many lifetimes on this planet. I also think we live on other planets too. We have lots of different experiences and even in different levels of self, not just in the physical body. All of that is an exercise in awakening and evolution until we completely land into the being that’s part of ourselves.

When something difficult happens, you can use it as a way to awaken you. Life is always challenging us to awaken. The more we can be in the beingness place, the more joy you have in life. I differentiate joy and happiness. Happiness comes from getting something. It’s assigned to something. It’s a person, relationship, job, money, taking a vacation. It’s a thing that makes you happy. My definition of joy is it flows from inside and has nothing to do with whatever is happening outside.

If you think about the words because words have feeling to it. Happy could be forced. Sometimes we don’t feel it inside and we want to portray that we’re happy because we want everything to go smoothly. We want that zig and that upper. You’re talking yourself into it like the old phrase, “Fake it until you make it.” Often you are looking like, “I’m happy.” That’s a manic behavior. Joy feels more like a release. It feels more like we can ease into ourselves and our own being.

It’s effortless. Joy flows and you’re not doing anything. It’s not a doing this process. Joy is more of beingness process. The big question is, “How do you get there?” If you buy into this idea, you’re reading and because it came out of my mouth, it doesn’t make it the truth. You have to resonate and decide what feels right to you. If you buy into that concept and idea, the question becomes, “How do I cultivate that? What do I need to do to do that?” There are lots of answers to that question. I can tell you what I’ve done that’s helped me.

The parts that get caught up in the zig and zag and the up and down in life, those are little programs in your mind that you end up defaulting to when they get triggered. Something happens in life and all of a sudden you have a response to it. The response from my experience is usually not so much in what happened but it goes back to something else in your life whether it’s in this lifetime or it could even be other lifetimes. Something gets triggered by a belief system or a point of view of the way you look at life. It’s coming back to the surface. In order to be free of that, you have to be able to look at that in a different way. You have to be able to confront that and realize, not let your history run. You have to get back into the present time. I have lots of processes. We’ve done some of them to help you to shift your history or the way you look at it and come from a new point of view. That allows you to be freer and in the moment.

What came to my mind, and we are all following our intuition more and more. I love the idea of intuition but there could be a fine line between an intuitive hit and a trigger.

Here’s my take on intuition and this is from my spiritual studies. I look at the energy chakras and how things work. People say, “I have a gut feeling about something.” That’s an expression. Where is your gut? It is right in your solar plexus area. That’s the third chakra. The third chakra is your conscious mind. The part of you that wants to figure out and manipulate life, that’s part of what the third chakra does. If I’m healing somebody’s third chakra, we want to get to a place of letting go and allowing. The third chakra is the part that wants to try to get stuff.

It is the center of power and self-confidence.

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It is, but the heart chakra is where your intuition is. The heart chakra has a direct connection to your soul and your higher wisdom, but the third chakra doesn’t. There are a lot of processes I do with people that want to do spiritual development, where we’re working in the third chakra and what blocks your heart from being open. You’re connecting to your intuition and then building a bridge to the soul. Having a gut feeling about something is telling you some information. It’s almost like your reactive self that knows if there’s some danger there, where this is a good thing, but intuition is something different. It has the wisdom to it. Intuition comes from a different place. It comes more from that beingness place that I was talking about.

I’m feeling like the connection is the higher heart, the higher self. There is a connection and you feel the difference. The gut, you didn’t feel the power there. It’s wonderful to feel grounded, but I do hear what you’re saying. That’s brilliant and it’s a good way to start practicing.

I love meditation. I’ve been meditating for many years. To me, meditation is what helped me know the beingness place. It allows me to quiet the beingness place inside of me, quiet my thoughts in my mind and feel the beingness place in me, and anchor that experience inside of me, then I can take that experience and bring it into my life more and come from that beingness place. I had some experience behind it. I can focus on it and it begins to build a pathway in my mind that I can get back to.

I love the meditations for spirituality because that’s how we also build our intuition or connecting to that Akashic field, or the idea that we are connecting to something bigger than us.

Also, to know it. It’s not just as an idea or an experience. That’s the key. You have to know it as an experience. Once you do, it is so joyful. Once you get into this deeper meditation stage, it’s like, “What else do you need? There’s nothing else. Why do I care what’s happening?” I care. I’m in my life, I try to do the best I can.

We’re not being pushed or pulled. We’re not so affected by the zigzag of life, because hearing everyone’s story, they feel their life is going on the right track, they’re zigging and feeling great, and then things are pausing. It’s an emotional roller coaster that we all often go through, but if we can be in that state of being, and things are working out on the outside, that’s great. If something stops, then understand there is a bigger reason why it stopped, and not having such a reaction to when we consider things not to be going our way because it’s all coming from the light and that divine space. I do feel everything that happens is a gift.

Let me tell a story in my life to illustrate that because you would ask me to think about stories in my life. When I think back to my twenties, I had a situation where I was engaged to be married, not to the woman I’m married to now. It’s a long story. It was in a group. I met somebody. They push people to be in couples and that’s what I did at the time. Two months before the marriage, my fiancé broke off the marriage. It was because of some pressure that was happening in the group we were in. I had invitations printed up.

It all went away and the group went away too. I freaked out. That’s the lowest point in my life if I think about ups and downs. I was in a complete daze. I was walking around in a daze. I didn’t know what to do. My older sister helped me out a little bit by being there for me. Because this happened to me, I was in this daze and in this difficult place, it made me look for some help. I discovered another group called EST. I know it’s not even around anymore. It was a self-help group. I took their training. There are a lot of things about that group that I don’t like, but what it did for me, what was perfect for me was it taught me how to honor myself. I realized what I was doing at the time, I was looking outside of myself to other people’s opinions about what’s right for me rather than looking inside myself and knowing what’s right for me.

Even feeling okay that somebody else’s opinion is different than mine, it’s all right. It doesn’t matter. I can still have my own opinion. I can still honor myself. The other thing that they taught me in this group was they had a little saying that says, “There are two things you can be in life. You can be right or make your point of view right or you could be alive. Which one do you want to choose?” They taught me that. That changed my whole trajectory of life. I worked for the organization for a year, but then I left it and went on. The people that I met in the organization is where I met somebody. He’s the person who taught me how to meditate.

I became interested in spirituality. The group wasn’t spiritual, but somehow that shift in consciousness created a new trajectory for me. It’s changed my whole life. A traumatic, difficult thing you wouldn’t wish on anybody became a turning point in my life for something great. Life always does that for us. We’re going in the direction away from beingness, away from evolution, and more into doing this, more into duality, and getting away from who we are. Life shows up in some way and challenges us. It challenged me with breaking off my engagement two months before. It might challenge somebody else with a disease. It might challenge somebody else with all of a sudden losing their money. Something that shakes us and we can use that to wake up.

We may not be able to see it in our everyday life. It’s difficult to see the big picture or get the messages when you’re emotionally charged and feeling sad that you can’t pay the bills or you have a breakup. It’s emotional. People want a quick fix like, “Help me.” As a support person and healer, we assist people to feel supported. There’s no quick fix and you much have to find it on your own. When we’re relaxed, when we’re in that place of receiving, then we could be open to seeing the message because when we’re emotional, it’s difficult.

One of the things when I began to study spirituality, I’m a transformational hypnotherapist. I do regression therapy to help people get back to the root cause, how they put it together in the first place to change it. All my processes are designed to empower you, for you to get the answer and for you to find the solution. I’m asking a lot of questions and I’m helping you make a change that you say you want but you’re making the change. It’s empowering. It’s not me doing it to you. It’s you doing it to you. That I find as a much more lasting effect for changing those programs so that you don’t get caught up in that zigzag of life.

A lot of times when I come in, in the past when we’ve had sessions, what I would leave with is completely different than what I thought I came with. It has nothing to do with where you think it’s going. You can’t do it with your conscious mind. You can’t do it in basic talk therapy. You have to go within. You have to go into that deep, relaxed place. That’s what is so wonderful because we have it in us. As much as people think, “I can’t do it,” or whatever the self-taught thought is, they feel they can’t get there. Do you feel we all can?

ZZL 1 | Human Beingness
Human Beingness: There are two things you can be in life. You can be right or make your point of view right, or you could be alive. Which one do you want to choose?


Absolutely. There’s nothing special about me. I’m like you. It’s just my journey and what I chose to focus on. If I can do it, you can do it. Even Jesus said that, “If you can do it. I can do and more.” He’s right because we’re all that beingness, we’re all connected with God. We all have that thing. You made a point, you said people are looking for a quick fix and that’s true. It’s not a quick fix, but with the processes I use, it can happen faster than you think. This is my point of view. We’re all programmed with this beingness or this God-consciousness. The center of God-consciousness to me is unconditional love.

It’s always moving in that direction. We are pre-programmed to be in balance to move in that direction. You cannot mess it up. It might take longer depending on what you do, but you will get there. Everybody will get there. I don’t care who they are. You can’t mess it up. The metaphor I like to use that people understand is with the physical body. If you get a splinter in your finger, if you put a Band-Aid on it, the finger never heals itself. You have to take the splinter out. When you take the splinter out, the body knows what to do. It’s programmed to heal itself. Your mental and emotional you is the same way. You’ve got to remove the mental and emotional splinters, and then it knows what to do to heal itself and it doesn’t take a long time.

Whatever we’re held up with, whether or not it’s trauma from this life or another life, it’s not so big. Often, it’s very gentle and it’s this little tweak that we have to make. It’s an understanding and an awareness.

The funny thing is you put the splinter in, so you can take it out.

It’s our thought that puts it in. It’s that simple.

To get to that place, you have to do some kind of process. I do the ones I know, but there are lots of great things you can do, but that’s the idea of being. I want to be the being part of the human being so I can enjoy the human part.

We have a good story to tell. It is fun to tell the success that we go through, but it would be nice if we maintain that beingness throughout. I have a question for you because we are talking about where we came from. I want to touch on the star seeds and there are lots of thoughts about different stars. I know you have something to say because I’m intrigued in that.

I’ll give you my point of view about it. I think we’re interconnected. The earth like human beings have trillions of cells. They conform to us that the earth is a living being and our body is part of the body of the earth and it has consciousness. Also, the sun and solar system, and the galaxy have consciousness. It’s all part of the same thing. In my Mystery School, we’ve done lots of different processes. There was one year where we had an assignment to go to all the planets, meditation, and learn what the consciousness of them and what they’re about.

I would love it if you would teach a class like this.

We had another entire year where she did our astrological chart from an esoteric perspective. There were lots of star systems that came up in our chart. Our assignment was to visit those star systems and see what the consciousness was there and our connection with it. As a result of that, I discovered that I live on different stars. I live in different places. There’s a part of me that lives in Venus. Venus is ahead of our evolution as a planet. The planets are living beings and they’re in different levels of evolution. Venus is ahead of the Earth. There’s a part of me that lived on and understands that. There’s another part of me that lives in the Pleiades star system. We had a process we did in our Mystery School. It was breaking down the wall of communication to allow communication to open up and also taught us how to read the Akashic Records. When I did that process, all of a sudden, I heard a message from the Pleiades. I’m like, “What is that?”

Brilliance is coming through now. I do feel when I’ve heard about that star system and the people, the first thing out of my mouth was communication with that star system. I feel those people that are connected to that are extremely fluent, articulate, are able to give this higher consciousness of voice in such ease. There’s something similar about people. I hear all walks of life. I say, “I can now take out who is connected to that star system,” because there is a characteristic. It’s interesting that you are feeling a connection, and you’re saying the communication.

I listen to the Pleiades. It’s such a great experience. If you travel there in your meditation, I can talk about that for hours. It’s my belief, and I’ve studied this a little bit, that the Pleiades are part of the consciousness that are helping the Earth evolve. They are here. There’s a grid around the Earth that they partake in to help shift the consciousness of the Earth. They are playing a role in that. There are some authors who’ve talked about that. In ancient Egypt, there was that energy of the Pleiades bringing in as well as other star systems, and also the American Indians would pray to the Pleiades system and they had a whole thing doing that. I know it firsthand because in my spiritual studies, I’ve had a look at a lot of past lives of mine.

I must have lived 100 past lives or more. One of them that I remember clearly was an American Indian Shaman. I can remember that connection and experience. We can pull all these parts of ourselves to use them in our consciousness. Don’t think of yourself as this little being, this little person in this little body. You have way more to you, and if you can clear the noise, you can access those parts. Your beingness lives in all those places. You can access them and have many levels of self that you can access, and that wisdom can come in. That’s what I love to teach people how to do. To me, there’s nothing greater than that.

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It’s interesting because we can go to these other places. Even in technology, the idea of beaming to another place, that’s what you’re doing. Your consciousness is able to go anywhere and you don’t physically have it. Physically, are we there too? That’s an interesting concept. You physically seem to be here.

You have to define physical, what that means. You have a body that’s there. A physical body is against the emanation of who you are, but you have an astral body, mental body, booted body. You have many bodies that have a consciousness that is even more highly sensitive and aware than your physical body. The physical body is a small part of you. You’re going to be able to access these other bodies. Those other bodies travel all over the place. You can travel in them.

Part of us can be here and another part of us can be elsewhere.

That can be and you are. You’re just not aware of it.

We want to be in the present moment. We want to be here and now. Do you feel connecting too much in different places can distract us?

There’s nothing but the present moment. You can’t help but be in the present moment. The question is where are your awareness and consciousness in that present moment so you have choices? Maybe you can develop yourself to be omnipresent and be in multiple places all at once. That’s a high level of consciousness. Though there are beings, there are people in the world that talked about that, that do that. To me, you are God. That’s who you are. God is omnipresent. You can be omnipresent. I’m not, but you can.

I love this conversation. It piques us and helps us look at everything in a different way because we are always expanding and we’re always learning. I think that we understand a little bit of what we’re capable of.

If you want to be godlike or as Jesus said, “Me and the father are one,” then start focusing more and more on the beingness place. That’s where the entrance is into those experiences.

This is such a beautiful conversation. To finish up, I would love to know if there’s anything coming up in the near future that you wanted to discuss or any offerings?

I started a meditation group on Mondays from 8:30 to 9:15. It’s a way to feel that beingness. It’s to raise your vibration. It’s also using that to help clear the collective unconscious of the planet to help it evolve faster. It’s free. You’re welcome to come. Contact me. I have a Facebook group and it is called Path To Enlightenment. It has a Zoom link in there to it. All you have to do is friend me on Facebook and I’ll invite you. You come into that group. I post things on that group. I also have a podcast that I started that my guys told me to start called Path To Enlightenment. I’m talking a lot about all these spiritual concepts that we touched on about the different levels of self and who you are and how to begin to manage that.

ZZL 1 | Human Beingness
Human Beingness: Don’t think of yourself as this little person in this little body. You have way more to you, and if you can clear the noise, you can access your beingness.


You can get that podcast on wherever you get a podcast. I know it’s on Apple Podcasts and on Spotify. Another project I’m working on, if you join my Facebook group or come to my meditations, you’ll be part of my group so you will learn about these things. I’m working with someone and I’m going to start putting together spiritual courses online. I’m going to have a course. The first one we’re going to do is Different Levels of Self. It’s going to be like an online university. I’m going to begin to teach some of these things online. I have someone I work with who knows how to do that. I have a place that hosts those things. That’s a project I’m working on.

It’s such a pleasure. It’s enlightening. That is always how I feel after we start to talk.

I have a website, AlternativeChoices.org. You can see all the work. We talked a little bit about shifting and taking those splinters out. I do a lot of work. You need to work on the ego-personality. If you want to develop spiritually, you’ve got to deal with your stuff. I’m a big proponent of that. Feel free to visit my website and see how I deal with that. I always offer a 15 to 20-minute free consult with anybody to talk about how I might be able to help them. If it resonates with them, then we can do something together.

Thank you. Enjoy the rest of the day, Michael.

It was a nice talk.

It’s great talking to you.


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ZZL 1 | Human BeingnessI have been an alternative healer, advanced Hypnotherapist, regression and past-life regression therapist and meditation teacher for over 20 years. I have a private practice in Katonah, Goldens Bridge, and Mt. Kisco. I specialize in helping people discover the underlying causes of negative patterns, emotional upsets, fears, and phobias and shift them so they are free to express their true, loving self. His approach is to create an environment where people can have a personal experience and discover their own answers to problems.

My holistic mind/body approach helps people with a wide variety of problems including relationship struggles, sleep problems, negative self-talk, stress reduction, traumas, weight issues, complimentary medicine to help people through illnesses, fear of flying and other phobias, and spiritual training.


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