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Sunday, 4/2, 12pm - 2pm

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Virtual Class  Zoom link will be sent upon registration *

Sunday, 4/2, 12pm - 2pm

Venmo: @Amy-Axelrodkaufman


Virtual Class 

Zoom link will be sent upon registration *

The MAGIC of raising your vibration

Simple and sustainable ways to raise your vibration and allow more ease, flow, and inspiration into your life. We are energy.

What are you getting out of this class?

You are learning to vibrate higher. When you start to vibrate at higher states you begin to have the feeling that you can seize the day. This class will help you realize how to vibrate higher and activate the part of you that makes your dreams come true. The higher states of consciousness are love and connection to all there is.  Ultimately, we are getting in touch with higher consciousness where wisdom, healing, and an understanding of our true self come into being. We are wakening the capability to commune with the Inner-Self & we will all lovingly send a healing vibration out to the world,

  • Connecting to Living words
  • Energetic Visualizations & Tools
  • Meditation Journey with Drumming
  • Journal

*Featured Event*

Lasting Connections Retreat

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Get ready for our Lasting Connections Retreat @ Amy Kaufman's beautiful home in Katonah, NY. Upcoming Spring Retreat 5/12 evening 6pm - 9pm & 5/13 10am - 4pm.

To uplift, unwind, and commune with like minded women in a safe and supportive environment.

Are you a woman that feels a sensitivity with nature, people, places, and situations? Have you always felt an intuitive knowing? As women we need to know these are our GIFTS & our SUPERPOWER.  

The underlying assumption in our Western Culture seems to be that humans have a developmental trajectory that is linear in nature, moving from lower to higher levels of development.  This assumption is not shared by indigenous worldviews.  We invite you to join us in a new way of looking at yourself and your life span.  Each Lasting Connections weekend retreat we start working with our own Medicine Wheel.  The medicine wheel is a sacred symbol used by ancient and modern indigenous tribes.  The teachings are based on the wisdom of the past, providing stability and continuity, one of the many essential protective factors for positive development. We use the medicine wheel as a self assessment for balance and growth in our lives. Our modern natural world is filled with increasing amount of pressures.  The medicine wheel reminds us that we need to balance all four aspects of our being.  The spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental aspects. 

We have turned to the East this Spring in the medicine wheel. This season represents the childhood stage. It's a time to be connected to your feelings. It's the place of new beginnings, the dawn of the new day, and birth. Many of the  qualities of babies (humans and critters) are echoed in this season.  Innocence, trust, vulnerability, wonder, and curiosity can be found or reclaimed during this season. 

*Think of  each weekend  as a graduation from each phase of your life and the excitement that goes along with the wonderment of the next phase.  Join us this weekend for warmth, love, & nourishment for you body & soul.  

Friday night begins with a cacao ceremony to ignite your heart light. The following day we will tap into the Akashic field house of information for each individual soul. The soul is the keeper of all previous experiences.  The retreat will empower each individual in bringing forth their own truth with greater confidence. Seasons change and so do we. Join us each season Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

* Anyone can come along. You don't have to be trying to fix an area of your life.  We just want people to have FUN!

The practices can greatly improve your overall well-being.  You will awaken with spiritual knowledge and activate the part of you that has always been there.

We love hearing from people after the weekend. Here are some comments:


*Better sleep

*Reduced Anxiety

*More energy

*Healing emotionally 

*Connecting to spirituality

*Enhances creativity and productivity

Spring  Retreat

May 12th,  Friday 6 pm - 9pm & Saturday,

May 13th, 10 am - 4pm

Full Refund if you cancel 2 weeks before. 50 % refund one week before. 
*Please note anytime after 1/7 credit for next Season's Retreat. 

Winter Retreat - May 

Winter Retreat Activities

*Cacao Ceremony, Drumming, Meditation circle, Developing your Extra Sensory Perception, Akashic Field Connection,   Sound Healing, DNA activation, Journaling, Sharing, Delicious Lunch, & continuous support beyond the event.  

"May we walk and trust and love - may we inspire and be inspired by our sister. May all women celebrate one another and the many shades of our share cycles."
- Quote from the Moon Deck

Located at Amy Kaufman's Beautiful home in Katonah, NY (view map)
Register: Venmo Amy Kaufman
Venmo: @Amy-Axelrodkaufman

5/12/23  - Evening Cacao Ceremony 6 pm - 9pm
5/13/23 - Delicious lunch included 10 am -4pm


Individual Weekend Season Retreat


/ season

Full Refund if you cancel 2 weeks before. 50 % refund one week before.
*We begin Friday evening with a Cacao ceremony and resume Saturday morning each season.  
*Delicious lunch and snacks included to reflect the season. 

The Cree Medicine Wheel

Cree Medicine Wheel

Cacao Ceremonies at Each Lasting Connections Retreat weekend

Upcoming ceremony: 

Friday, 5/12

6pm - 9pm

9 Catherine Place

Katonah, NY


It is our honor to invite you to a special  Cacao Healing Circle during our spring retreat where we will uplift, unwind, and commune with like minded women in a safe and supportive environment.  

The Cacao Healing Circle event  will help ease your body & mind. We will sit together in a ceremonial circle and drink ceremonial grade cacao. We will be combining the powerful healing benefits of cacao with the contemporary shamanic journey & drumming sound healing. We will transcend the limitations of the mind and create a deeply transformational experience.


-Pathway to the heart

-Opening your heart
-Connecting to the feminine/Mother Earth
-Increasing creativity
-Feeling uplifted
-remembering the divine within you!

About Sacred CacaoCacao is the fruit of love; it helps to create a stronger connection with each other, our own heart and the loving energy of Mother Earth. This product is from small groups of family farms in Belize, Ecuador, Guatemala, & Tanzania often living in indigenous communities. Just like organic is an environmental standard, ceremonial is an energetic standard for the quality of cacao. Ceremonial cacao is about respecting cacao as a sacred plant elder.  The cacao is handled from seed to drink with love, respect, and intention.    Each month we are highlighting a new region. 

The Mayan among many other cultures have used sacred Cacao for millennia, to work with the heart's wisdom and to enhance the heart to be open and receptive. Cacao awakens the energy and strength needed to bring alignment between polarities, be more grounded, and opens your heart's wisdom. . 

Please do not drink alcohol or any stimulants at least three hours before and after the Medicine Circle. 

PLEASE NOTE: The cacao is not a medicinal beverage and is not meant to heal or cure physical ailments.

Tickets: @ Amy-AxelrodKaufman

Monthly Reiki Shares

Attention All Reiki Practioners

All Levels Welcome

In person Reiki Share

Medicinal Skin

80 Grove Street, suite 1A:

Upcoming Share 

Monday 2/6

7pm- 8:30 pm

Register: Venmo Amy Kaufman



Email me with Questions: 


Enhance your healing abilities with our Reiki Shares.  This share time helps your spiritual growth which will give you a deeper connection with Reiki resulting in a happier and more balanced life along with the ability to support your own practice and healing.

Topics Reviewed:

*Hands On Share Time Practice

*Time to build your intuition

*Connect with community

*Crystal Bowls Sound Healing

Reiki III Certification Class

Join us for a unique & dynamic experience that is sure to spark your inner light.

✨ Saturday, 2/11 & Sunday, 2/12 ✨

10:00 am - 4:00 pm 

9 Catherine Place

Katonah, NY

Certificates are awarded after class.

* Delicious lunch included both days

The class will include:

At Advanced Reiki Training (ART) or Level III you receive advanced Reiki training and tools. At this level you receive the Usui Master Symbol and an attunement to this energy. You will also be given additional tools in Reiki and beyond that you can use while following your Reiki guides in giving your Reiki sessions.  At this stage, further change is inevitable and the individual will be well aware of this fact from the changes that have occurred already. You must have completed Level II with Amy Kaufman & Tesa Baum or any Reiki Master. 


*Receive the Usui Master attunement

*Become a higher Reiki Channel

*Learn the Master symbols 

*Receive other sacred symbols

*Learn to sense your Reiki Guides

*Higher meditations

*Crystal Reiki Grid

*Learn to cut negative psychic chords

*Relieve Core Emotions

*Specific Reiki techniques to enhance psychic eye

*Receive your ART Reiki Certificate

  • Delicious lunch is included both days

Payment plan is available

$425 Register:

Venmo:  @Amy-Axelrodkaufman

Day 1
Reiki I
This initiation opens your healing channels. Here, you are now able to pass on Reiki energy to yourself and others, and your hands will become sensitive to imbalances in the body. Traditional hand-positions and the chakra system are taught for Reiki treatments on yourself and others. Explanatory hand outs are provided for each student. Steady self practice will help you grow.

Next Reiki I class TBD

Day 2
Reiki II
Involves receiving attunements from Reiki Masters. Your healing ability becomes greatly enhanced after this day. You are initiated (attuned) again and learn some of the sacred symbols. You are taught how to utilize them for long-distance, mental-emotional and situational healing. Your own spiritual growth, personal balance and healing will be advanced at this time, and develop even further during the following 21 days of cleansing and integration period. A deeper connection with Reiki is established, which results in a happier and more balanced life along with the ability to support and further your own healing process for yourself and others.

Next Reiki II class TBD