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Lasting Connection Retreat

To uplift, unwind, to commune, & embrace your highest calling in. Find your power & believe in yourself.

We will witness the immersion of who you wish to be using your own power.  This will be a deep connection with ourselves, each other and the earth.  You will fearlessly learn to fly with your new found wings as you metamorphosize from your past.  

*We begin Friday evening with a Cacao ceremony under the stars and continue the next day. 

*Through ceremony we will discover and uncover the ancestral gifts bestowed upon us through generations allowing us to find our true selves. 


*Contemporary Shamanic Journeying circle, sound healing, communing with nature, beautiful lunch, meditation theme -journeying for the future, and conclusion ritual. 

"May we walk and trust and love - may we inspire and be inspired by our sister. May all women celebrate one another and the many shades of our share cycles." - Quote from the Moon Deck

Located at Amy Kaufman's Beautiful Backyard in Katonah, NY

Register: Venmo Amy Kaufman

Venmo: @Amy-Axelrodkaufman


7/30 - Evening Cacao Ceremony 6 pm - 9pm

7/31 - Delicious lunch included 10 am - 4pm

Monthly Reiki Shares

Attention All Reiki Practioners

All Levels Welcome

Monday Evenings 

@ Amy Kaufman's house in Katonah, NY 

7pm -8:30 pm

Upcoming shares: 

6/7, 7/12 & 8/2

Register: Venmo Amy Kaufman

@Amy Axelrodkaufman


Email me with Questions: 


Enhance your healing abilities with our Reiki Shares.  This share time helps your spiritual growth which will give you a deeper connection with Reiki resulting in a happier and more balanced life along with the ability to support your own practice and healing.

Topics Reviewed:

*Hands On Share Time Practice

*Time to build your intuition

*Connect with community

*Crystal Bowls Sound Healing

Reiki Certification Class

Join us for a unique & dynamic experience that is sure to spark your inner light.

Saturday, 10/2 & Sunday, 10/3
10 am - 4 pm
Katonah, NY

We are excited to announce that Usui and Karuna Reiki Masters Amy Kaufman and Tesa Baum and are co-teaching Reiki I & Reiki II.

All NY State Guidelines will be followed.

To register for class, venmo Amy Kaufman @Amy-Axelrodkaufman

Day 1
Reiki I
This initiation opens your healing channels. Here, you are now able to pass on Reiki energy to yourself and others, and your hands will becomea sensitive to imbalances in the body. Traditional hand-positions and the chakra system are taught for Reiki treatments on yourself and others. Explanatory hand outs are provided for each student. Steady self practice will help you grow.

Day 2
Reiki II
Involves receiving attunements from Reiki Masters. Your healing ability becomes greatly enhanced after this day. You are initiated (attuned) again and learn some of the sacred symbols. You are taught how to utilize them for long distance, mental-emotional and situational healing. Your own spiritual growth, personal balance and healing will be advanced at this time, and develop even further during the following 21 days of cleansing and integration period. A deeper connection with Reiki is established, which results in a happier and more balanced life along with the ability to support and further your own healing process for yourself and others.

Cacao Ceremonies

Friday, 6/25
6 pm - 9 pm
Imagine Yoga
10 Roberts Lane
Ridgefield, CT

All CT State Guidelines will be followed. 

Register: Venmo Amy Kaufman

Venmo: @Amy-Axelrodkaufman


It is our honor to invite you to a special  Cacao Healing Circle event that will purify the body & mind. We will sit together in a ceremonial circle and drink ceremonial grade cacao. We will be combining the powerful healing benefits of cacao with the contemporary shamanic journey & drumming sound healing. We will transcend the limitations of the mind and create a deeply transformational experience.


-Pathway to the heart

-Opening your heart
-Connecting to the feminine/Mother Earth
-Increasing creativity
-Feeling uplifted
-remembering the divine within you!

About Sacred Cacao: Cacao is the fruit of love; it helps to create a stronger connection with each other, our own heart and the loving energy of Mother Earth. This product is from small groups of family farms in Belize, Ecuador, Guatemala, & Tanzania often living in indigenous communities. Just like organic is an environmental standard, ceremonial is an energetic standard for the quality of cacao. Ceremonial cacao is about respecting cacao as a sacred plant elder.  The cacao is handled from seed to drink with love, respect, and intention.    Each month we are highlighting a new region. 

The Mayan among many other cultures have used sacred Cacao for millennia, to work with the heart's wisdom and to enhance the heart to be open and receptive. Cacao awakens the energy and strength needed to bring alignment between polarities, be more grounded, and opens your heart's wisdom. . 

We are asking you to bring your own mugs for safety. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water. 

Please do not drink alcohol or any stimulants at least three hours before and after the Cacao Circle. 

PLEASE NOTE: The cacao is not a medicinal beverage and is not meant to heal or cure physical ailments.

Limited to 12ppl
@ Amy-AxelrodKaufman