Spring Into Intention

Here in the Northeast, there has never been a more welcome Spring. Sunshine, budding trees, and warm breezes surround. Positive energy, friendliness, and optimism abound. There is no season where people are more ripe to believe that anything is possible. So, let’s ride this wave of rebirth and set our intention on something amazing.

Hypnotherapy in Ridgefield, Mt. Kisco & Westport from Tesa Baum can help you set your intentions!

The act of setting an intention is simple. You determine a desired state and with your heart and soul and might, you put it out to the Universe / God / the Collective Consciousness —whatever is meaningful to you, personally. Then you wait for it to come back to you.

However, the act of sticking an intention—well—that can be challenging. Truth is, when it comes to setting our sights on something we truly desire, our minds often trend to doubt and fear. And, even when we believe in our hearts the premise of hypnotherapy—what we imagine, becomes—our heads will often trip us up.

Below, are three of the most common pitfalls to setting an intention, and strategies to overcome. It doesn’t take a lot of energy or effort. The most important step is simply recognizing the mental hiccups and working around them.

Wanting it too much
This may seem a little counter intuitive. Isn’t desiring something and setting an intention, by definition, a positive act? Yes! But, be passionate, not obsessive. Strike a balance. Set your intention, and then let it go. 

Talking yourself out of it
We all know how quickly we can talk ourselves out of something. What about this? What about that?  Bypass the critical thought patterns. Be smart about setting your desires, but don’t spend time ruminating over every “What if” scenario.

Being controlling
Set your intention from a place of Flow, not Force. When we truly desire something, we often have the urge to control all the variables that surround it. When you set an intention, do it in a relaxed and open state. This will clear the path for the synchronicities beyond your reach that will enable your intention.

Now that we have the pitfalls out of the way, go ahead set your intention! And remember to say it out loud to yourself in a calm and comforting voice. Your subconscious mind defaults to the strongest impression. So give it trusting voice to remember.

If you would like some assistance setting intentions and realizing positive change this Spring, give me a call, 203.364.4084, or send me an email to set up a hypnotherapy session. I am looking forward to hearing from you! Tesa