Wishing you a Happy [and not-so-Happy] Holiday Season!

What? Yup, you read it right. Here’s the scoop.

From the Thanksgiving week through the New Year, our world pushes on all of us a super-happy script. There are the advertisements that paint idyllic holiday scenes, the perfect party pleasantries, and the canned Facebook shares touting unrealistic bliss originated by Hallmark Greeting Cards of Christmas past. 

For many of us, this wave of wonderfulness translates into a permission slip to flee from everything negative. Widely-held routines (Dare I say, traditions!) of over-gifting, over-consuming, and seemingly endless over-the-topping are convenient means for pretending that negative thoughts and emotions simply do not exist at the end of the year.

But, actually harmony and discord coexist—no matter how much we want it, we simply cannot have one without the other. And, in fact, there is no more important time of the year to have a healthy relationship with both these energies than during the holiday season. To achieve balance and peace, it is essential that we embrace all the joys as well as our personal pains, such as unappreciative children, the loss of a loved one, and money distress.

Tesa’s Tactic: Sitting in Stillness

The good news is that you are strong enough to hold close both positive and negative energies. You are very aware that we live in a world that is neither black nor white. All coexist. So, let’s get comfortable with it! Here is what I suggest.

  • Find five morning minutes and a quiet place.

  • Think about the day ahead. Identify one joyful thought and one negative thought.

  • Imagine you are holding one thought in each hand.

  • Sit in the stillness.

  • Allow, accept, and get comfortable with their duality.

Now, through the end of the year, take each day in stride. Experience and embrace the pleasure and the pain. I promise that this authentic approach will help you enter into the New Year more connected to the earth, closer to the people in your life, and more in touch with your personal truths.