About Tesa


I am a holistic wellness practitioner, certified and licensed Hypnotherapy Practitioner, meditation guide, and Reiki Master Healer.  The art of hypnosis and connecting to spirit has always been a part of me.  As a young girl, even at the age of two, I had a sixth sense.  I never explored it or thought much of it.  As a pre-teen at sleep-away camp I created a hypnotic process of relaxation and visualization for my friends.  Without any prior education, knowledge or influence, I built my own “mini practice,” mirroring what I now know is regression therapy, and eventually had a long line of kids waiting to explore their inner mind.

Fast forward to my 25 year-old-self living in New York City in 1995,  I was seeking spiritual support, focus, direction, and a release from my hectic life working in sales and executive recruiting.  While most went the traditional route of seeking therapy for support, I pursued what were then considered “alternative” healing techniques and practices.  My inner explorer hopped on an hour train to Brooklyn (and not the trendy part!) for my first Reiki session. I immediately entered a meditative state, something I was unable to easily achieve before. I felt uplifted and expanded - my life and mind were transformed!

 Despite mockery from those around me, and while still maintaining my corporate job, I fully immersed myself in learning about energy healing, meditation, hypnosis, and shamanistic contemporary healing and Andean mystical healing, the fundamental aspects of Kabbalah mystical healing. I began to be aware of the power of the inner mind and the connection between the mind, body and spirit.

Following my lifelong passion and innate ability, I am now a holistic wellness practitioner as a Reiki Master Healer, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and Contemporary Shamanic Practitioner.  I have been practicing in Fairfield and Westchester Counties for over 10 years.  I work primarily with women of all ages, but also with groups and middle and high school aged kids.  I also host workshops and guided meditations. 

People want to feel good, but getting there is often a struggle. We are living in a very overstimulated world and we all crave more time to enjoy more moments. I believe we need to slow down and take in every second and really use all our senses to help guide us throughout our days. I’m here to help you overcome self-defeating beliefs and fears, and connect you to your highest self, wisdom, and love. We all have a sixth sense of knowing and intuition.  I believe we can all connect to our limitless self and the best essence of ourselves if we take more time listening within.  Whether you’re looking to make small shifts or bigger changes, my goal is to help you feel empowered and find your inner strength. My clients feel my approach is gentle and grounding while they also feel enlightened and connected to their spirit. My goal is to help people strive for optimal health and to experience inner peace, balance, purpose and inspiration.  I am passionate about supporting people to enjoy and love their life. 


Reach out so you can finally shed what hinders you from happiness…you deserve it!

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